3- Alpha vibes

1659 Words
Yura’s Pov Never has, doing the wrong thing ever worked for me. I couldn’t get away with it. Sneaking into my house in my pack resident area worked, I was not seen by others. Only for me to shut the door of my house when I was inside to see my father already looking up at me with a cup of coffee in his hands and another cup by his side waiting for me. “Dad.” I started but he cut me short. “I figured since you would be home soon it would be better for me to have some hot chocolate waiting for you. The woods are cold in the morning I heard.” “How did you…” “Your principal’s secretary called me. You must have golden luck or something. Have a seat.” My father said. He still was looking at me with warm eyes, no pity in sight and that was when I remembered that I shoved my beanie on my head. I am always with one whenever I am not at home. The hair always attract others to look at me. I have tried dying it but my father refused. The caps were the only thing he allowed me to use to hide it. I sat down by his side and reached for the cup. “So what did the girls do to you, you are not damp and your eyes have redness which meant that you must have cried, their verbal barbs usually don’t touch you anymore.” My father stated as his eyes moved over my body, trying to ascertain what would have happened. I should have known that he would have wanted me to come closer all of my own will so that he could try to assess the damage without fighting my refusal every step of the way. “Maybe it did this time.” I argued but my father shook his head. “Then you would not have added the maybe in front of it. You would have been very angry or defensive. So what did they do this time?” He asked and I shook my head tired. The hot chocolate which usually made me feel better didn’t even work this time. “You know, I am not in the mood to be psycho-analyzed this morning, but maybe I would be in the afternoon. Then we can try again.” I slid out of my chair, already moving towards my room when he placed his hand on my hand. “Wait… sorry for acting like a shrink, calm down. We can discuss… what is this?” He asked as he removed a strand he must have felt between my arm and his hand which he reached out to touch me. “Nothing.” I rushed out as I tried to move hurriedly to my room but this was my father. Just as I am a young pup, he was an older one with a wealth of experience of how to deal with my evasive techniques, mostly because he was there when I formed them. Before I could reach the stairs that leads to my room, he was already there and his hands gripped my shoulders so I would not try to run towards another direction. “Yura, what’s going on?” His eyes were soft and worried and I knew he would be thinking a whole lot of things, so to prevent his thoughts from running too wild, I reached up slowly and removed my cap from my head, my tears were already running down my face. “Yura.” His voice contain so much pain, He knew how much I wanted my hair to grow, how much I had suffered for it and it was gone. All the efforts made. “Apparently, another pack is sending their teens to my school, I don’t know why but Casey and her clique decided that my hair would make me too visible for them so they took care of that problem.” I tried to explain what happened in a neutral tone but by the time I was done, my voice already had a bitter edge to it. “This has gone on for way too long. This has to stop and it will stop now.” My father vowed but I shook my head. “Daddy, I am tired and all I want is to rest, not to give my bullies a tangible reason to hate me.” I sighed heavily. “If you do nothing, it is going to escalate. How much longer do you think it would take for them to hold you down and cut your clothes off your body at the beginning of a school day?” He growled. “Not long at all if I get them in trouble with the Alpha.” I replied drily. “Well, it is a good thing that you are still under aged and I am your father and legal guardian. We are going to the Alpha tonight to put a stop to this and I will be speaking with their parents. With all the adults. This has gone on for way too long.” My father had an angry look in his eyes but that was not what sent fear down my spine. What sent fear was that his voice had some Alpha strength to it? Like he lost control during his tirade. Of course, the alpha strength and presence disappeared when he took a calming breathe but it doesn’t change the fact that I saw it. I wondered what it would mean even after I shrugged off my father’s hold and climbed the stairs two at a time to escape to my room. Wondering for a second there if my father really did gave off Alpha vibes? ********************* Later in the afternoon when I was very hungry, I left my room after my self-imposed hunger strike to move to the kitchen to get something to eat and of course it was not as easy as that. My sister was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with her laptop in front of her and in her tiny shorts. We looked so alike that the only difference between the two of us was our hair and my slightly smaller frame, not like she was not petite too. “What did you do to make dad spitting mad? He refused to calm down since. I had to chase him away from the house with talks about female reproducing patterns and how childbirth really works.” “Why do you think that I did something?” I mumbled under my breath as I shuffled past her and moved to the kitchen. Of course, she just followed, abandoning her laptop on the ground where she was lying. “So something was done to you instead?” Hazel asked as she mumbled under her breathe that it was time she taught our generation a lesson or two in relation to our family. And that was something else which I noticed about her and father, they were both strong and not easily cowed. They met any opposition head on and they usually win. I on the other hand run from confrontation and still end up being steamrolled by it and then my family would be there to pick me up. I was getting tired of it all. “Something was done.” I stated blandly as I moved to the freezer to take out some containers of premade food then stuck them in the microwave to thaw. “What was done?” She asked in a deceptive calm voice after she used her eyes to rake my body and then didn’t see anything strange. “They cut my hair.” I said simply, trying to ignore the hurt that comes with those words. “What the f**k do you mean they cut our hair?” She yelled. I almost cracked a smile at the silliness of her words but they were true. She had always kept her hair the same length as mine, no matter how short it was or how she regularly had to go to the salon to trim it to remain that way. And now, learning that she was going to have to reduce her hair length again… “Hey…” I complained but she had already snatched off my beanie and was whimpering around my head while assessing the damage that was done. “We can fix this, we would have to reduce your hair to a bob, a very short one but still… We can still do this today.” “We are not doing anything in regards to her hair today. The Alpha and others will see what their spawns did and punish them according to the standards I want then we can correct this mess which they created.” “They will make school even more unbearable for me.” I complained once more but this time my sister and my father were not paying me any attention. “Yes, they will pay for it. We can go to the salon early tomorrow and then I will take her to school with strict warnings to all her teachers. Yes, I can do that.” “Do anybody want to hear my input about what I want to happen in my life?” I asked sarcastically. “Yes.” Hazel replied. “What do you want to wear to the gathering this evening?” She asked. I groaned in anger as I yanked the microwave open and took out my plate, I used a kitchen rag to hold the plate and then marched to my room with my head raised. These two were about to increase the stress in my life and they were not even concerned. Nothing was going to change better for me. They would only be worse from now on.
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