His Priceless Blind Wife


"Lola, are you insane?"

"No! Blake, help!!! You don't have to come, just call the police for me, please!" She begged desperately.

"You know my engagement party is about to begin. We are already divorced. I can't believe you would have found such a lame excuse to keep me from marrying her!" Blake hung up angrily.

At the same time, a stranger was getting closer and closer to the blind Lola.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Lola screamed.

“Miss Bowen, you'd better stop struggling. If you make me feel good, I may make your death less painful.”


A car accident left Lola blind and bereft of her family. When she was in despair, Blake appeared in her life. She trusted him and married him without hesitation. But three years later when she found out that he was actually a liar and had been taking advantage of her, she asked for a divorce.

Blake signed the divorce agreement, but he was confident that Lola would regret it and come back to him one day.

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1 Let's Divorce
“Blake, is that you?” she turned to the door and asked tentatively, her beautiful eyes bleak. She could see nothing because she lost her sight in a car accident three years ago, which also took her father away forever. The door was pushed open and a chill mixed up with snowflakes poured in. Lola shivered, not only because she felt cold deep to the bones, but also because she was in agony now. Blake walked up to her and asked indifferently, his handsome face icy cold, “Why did you get me back? I’m busy. ” Lola was so heartbroken at his impatience. He’s obviously sick of me. Why did I not find it out before? At the thought of this, she felt an indescribable pain rippling in her chest. Biting her lip, she continued after hesitating for a while, “Blake, let’s divorce.” Blake looked at her in shock, his lips compressed. “Lola, take back what you said, and I’ll pretend that nothing has happened.” Burning with anger, Lola shouted as she stretched her arms out from under the blanket, “You think I’m trying to make trouble for no reason? Look!” Her tender skin was so pale that it turned even a bit bluish, and her arms were dotted with holes that needles had left. “Blake, you keep taking me to the hospital to have my blood drawn over the years. I thought it was just for check-ups and I even suspected that I got some blood disease. I kept telling myself that you were doing this for the sake of my health because you loved me, but you’ve been lying. I just found out that my blood was actually transfused to your ex-girlfriend! It’s been three years. Is that Dani so important to you?” Lola’s lips trembled as she spoke. Blake felt a twinge in his heart as if it was penetrated by countless needles as well when he saw her bruised arms, but he tried to suppress his feelings for her the next second. He looked away and asked, “How did you know that?” “It doesn’t matter.” Lola took out a document from her pocket and flung it onto the table. “Here’s the divorce agreement. Sign it!” Blake flipped through the agreement and saw in it that she was willing to leave without taking a penny from him. Seems like she can’t wait to get rid of me! Thinking of this, he said with a sneer, “I’ve been hiding it from you. Don't you want to know why I’m doing this.” With that, he suddenly walked a step further and drew her into his arms. Looking at her beautiful face and bleak eyes, he continued, “Your drunk dad hit Dani while driving and turned her into a vegetable. She hasn’t woken up yet after staying in the hospital for three years! Your family owes her. Isn’t it just fair for you to give her blood?” Lola stiffened at his words. “No! My dad didn’t drink before driving!” she said chokingly and trembled all over, her face ghastly pale. Blake glared furiously at her even though he knew she couldn't see it, “Drop the act! If he didn’t drink, why was there so much alcohol detected in his blood after his death? I can’t believe you’re still defending your alcoholic dad now! Where’s your conscience? If it weren’t for your blood type matching Dani’s, I wouldn’t even want to take a glance at you! I married you simply because I wanted to get back at you!” Lola couldn’t believe that he would have said something so heartless. She stumbled a few steps backward in a trance, feeling like she had just been stabbed in the heart. As she couldn’t see, she tripped over the chair behind her and fell to the floor. Her body ached, but not as much as her heart hurt. Blake looked coldly at her, showing no intention of giving her a hand. “So Lola, you are not qualified to ask me for a divorce. To pay what your dad owes Dani, you’ll have to keep giving her blood until she wakes up. And you can’t leave me until I agree to let you go!” Lola’s eyes turned red. Only then did she realize that Blake was even more merciless than she thought. Holding against the chair, she managed to rise to her feet. Even though she couldn’t see anything, she could tell she must look a total mess. In spite of the tears on her face, she said stubbornly, “No, Blake, I will give my blood to her only if you agree to divorce.”

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