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Lavi Amidis, The leader of the Legendary Demon Lord Subjugation Party called 10 Harbingers. After he and his party finished their task killing the Demon Lord, They were splitting up and going back to their own stuff.

But is it really over? After knowing that Demon Lord influence is still big. They once again decided to destroy everything that still left.

Regrouping once again to put an end to what seem an everlasting journey together. But what await Lavi after that is something that he can't even fathom. It's something so unbelievable that he thought he was going crazy.

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Chapter 1: A Certain Leader.
In the world of Vantage. There's a certain Party that have received a blessing from the Goddess Althea. Those who received that blessing. Have a certain mark on the back of their left hand. And that party is called '10 Harbingers.' They were given the task to kill the Demon Lord. After they kill the Demon Lord. Everyone dispersed while still keeping contact with each other. After all, They're the direct descendant from Althea. Because of their mark. Everyone knows where each other was. And they can communicate. And the Leader of that party is a really good looking young man called Lavi Amidis. "Ah! Drinking Water from the source is the best!" Lavi said as he drink the water from the river. He's covered in brown mantle that are really old. He open the hood of his mantle and his lush Bluish Silver hair was revealed. He wash his hair and look at the map. The same colored eyes look at the map. "So, There's only 2 More days before I arrived at Euriana Kingdom. Ah well! Let's just resume our journey!" After Lavi wash his face, He cover his arm in a Silver Gloves. With his sword on his side, He was ready if somehow he encounter monster. After all, He's in the middle of the forest. "It's been 2 Years since I last come to Euriana Kingdom. And I just turn 16 Too. I guess I can join the Academy after a long time!" Despite being so young, Lavi received the honor of being the leader of his party at the age of 14! Even though there's a bunch of people that are older than him on the party. And then. Lavi sense detected something really dangerous moving in the forest. Lavi immediately open his map again. "So, There's a small village near Euriana. Is this dangerous aura come from that? Let's check it out." For Lavi, He can't leave something dangerous roaming around. He's not hesitant to kill fellow human if it's necessary. Lavi immediately take his mantle out and store it in his Storage Magic. As he was running in a very high speed, Lavi immediately use another skill. 'Aura Read.' And in an instant, Lavi know everything around him. His Aura Read enable him to read certain Aura. Green Colored Aura is something Neutral. Blue Colored Aura is something Good. And Red Colored Aura is something Evil. Most things he's seen is Green and Blue. He doesn't see any Red yet. But then. After 10 Minutes of running. He see a Giant Army of Orc heading to that Village. 'Hm... This is bad. If only Leon is here. He can just burn that suckers down. Oh well! I can't really call him for something this easy. Let's take care of them before they reach the Village! I hate dealing with Villager~' Lavi immediately jumped and spin around beautifully in the air. The Orc notices him. Lavi with his Aura read, See that Red spots in front of him. He landed on the Orc Club and slide down to his arm. Lavi quickly draw his sword. In a swift yet beautiful motion. Lavi slice the orc arm off in just a single swing. His beautiful Silver Sword was covered with blood. The rest of the orc notices him and they immediately become hostile. A bunch of Red Spots appear on his vision. Lavi immediately swing his sword down and clean it off any blood. Lavi look at them with disgust. He's wearing silver everything. He's also wearing a silver coat. And that's one of the reason Lavi is called the 'Silver Annihilation.' There's total 30 Orcs and 1 Orc General. Orcs are notorious of their big vitality. They have a really great pain resistance and they can stop their blood from going off. "So It's almost impossible to Kill Orcs if you don't attack their vitals." Once again. Lavi swing his Silver Sword horizontally. The orcs Legs was cut off. And for the finishing attack. Lavi just swing his sword to their neck and slice it off. Lavi immediately splurted with their blood. Lavi was disgusted by them. "Ew. Monster Blood." Lavi immediately clean himself off with his Magic called Clean. And he was cleanse immediately. There's 30 More orcs to play with. Lavi immediately charged forward. He suddenly appear right behind all the orcs. And he just swing his sword down to clean the blood. With cold eyes. He turn around and put the sword back on the scabbard. Lavi then smiled. He wear his worn out mantle again and start on his journey again. And while he was taking a step toward the orcs. The orcs still doesn't know what happening. So they swing their club at Lavi. But as soon as they rise their club up. They were cut in half. Every single one of them. Lavi just calmly walk off and the mantle protect him from a single grain of blood. "Ew... Why do I keep doing this." Lavi throw the mantle away instead of washing it. He take another one out and this one, It's new. "Ah well, Time to wear a new one." Lavi continue his journey back to Euriana Kingdom. And 2 days have passed. Lavi is waiting in line for the Guards to check their identity. Lavi give them his ID Card to show them that he's a citizen from Euriana Kingdom and he was given the opportunity to come inside. He walk into the wall of protection. "Uwaah!!! How I miss this city!" The capital of Euriana Kingdom is called Euriana. Just like the name of the Kingdom. They were called the Lake Country because the Castle of Euriana Royal Family is located in the middle of the Lake! So if you want to visit it, You must cross a really big bridge. With happy face. Lavi immediately go to an inn called the 'Dreadful Oak' where's everyone is always drinking. But the Inn itself is nice. Everyone is polite and sometime, They do a friendly match of arm wrestling. So the people there were buff and big. "Hey Aunty. I want to sleep for a week. How much is it?" Lavi asked. He took off his mantle and asked the Receptionist. The Receptionist answered. "It's 2 Silver coin for 1 week boy." "Okay! This is 2 Silver coin." Lavi was given the key to his room and he immediately went into his room. He inserted the key to his door and twist it. He open the handle and went inside. He lock the door from the inside and sit down on the bed. "Haah! What a long month! 1 Whole Month from me to go back from the Hollis Kingdom to Euriana. And it's on foot too! Those old geezers should've just let me use their carriage like my mates..." Lavi immediately throw a tantrum on how he was treated. The rest of his party went with a really fast carriage. While Lavi. The leader of that party. Was forced to walk all the way back. Because he lost the bet. "Oops. Now is not the time to slack around. I need to go to the Red Rose Academy." Lavi smiled and he stretches. He look around in his storage for a more appropriate clothing for school. 'I really like my outfit of Silvers. But that's too monotone. I need to wear the set that Gwen Sis make for me.' Lavi wear the outfit that one of his big sister from his party. Everyone think of Lavi as a reliable Little Brother because Lavi is acting like a proper leader. He prioritize his Party safety first instead of his own safety. He was in the brink of death a lot of the time. And Gwen. The saint of the party. Always heal him to the full health. And she's also a really big fashion fan. Everyone in the party sometimes become her own model. Lavi is wearing a really simple brown jacket with gray shirt underneath. He wear a Cream colored pants and black shoes. He left the inn and went to the Center of the City. A giant Academy is standing tall. Lavi come at the perfect time to actually enrolled in that academy. He went to the front gate. He walk inside the academy. There's trees and bushes surrounding the paved road. It's really clean and everyone is walking in and out. Lavi arrived at the front table and there's 3 woman sitting there. "Yes! How may I help you?" They were wearing an office lady suit. Lavi immediately asked for their registration form. "I want to join the academy test." Lavi said. One of the lady pick a form up and give it to Lavi. Lavi write everything on that information. 'Lavi Amidis. 16 Years old. 181 cm, 81 kg. Hobby: Adventuring, Fighting, Cooking.' He gave it back to the lady and then she gives Lavi a badge. "This badge, Make sure to bring it tomorrow. The test is going to start tomorrow morning." "Yes! Thank you so much!" Lavi thanked them with proper attitude and immediately left. People were amazed by Lavi attitude. He's proper, clean, and really polite. And because he doesn't have his sword with him. He doesn't give an unapproachable aura. That's why he left his sword in his Storage magic. He greeted the security to make them feels better. And then, He went back to the inn. As soon as he arrived at the inn, He just strip down. "Ah! Naked feels the best for sleeping. Let's lock the door and go to sleep. Tomorrow is quite an exciting day for me." Lavi said. He was grinning and smiling. Even when he's asleep. He was giving a grinned to the ceiling. He's like a crazy person who's smiled everyday, any day. And the next day. Lavi badge number was called to the arena. He come inside the arena with his Silver sword. "Oh? A sword wielder? That's rare! Why are you using that knife?" Lavi immediately get mocked by his opponent. Lavi just smile. "Well, I could also say the same thing for you. Why are you fighting with a half shovel?" The opponent that Lavi face is holding a black axe that have a red pattern. And hearing Lavi mockery, He get pissed. "Oh well, You're going to regret saying that." Lavi just smiled looking at his pissed off opponent. 'If you're going to get pissed off by your opponent who you try to pissed off. You're not going to win your match. This is mine. Guaranteed.' Lavi thought. And the bell rang. "Listen here! I'm Karoshi the Destroyer! You're going to regret calling my trusty axe a half shovel!" It's true that not many people rely on sword anymore. Because people are going for something more long range and stronger. Like Halberd, Spear, Axe, Mace everything. But Lavi. Who's known for his sword, Is pissed off when someone say that. Karoshi leap toward Lavi and swing his axe down. Lavi stare the axe down. And before it could hit Lavi face. Lavi immediately use his right leg to jump as well as spin around. Instantly, Lavi gain the sky. He swing his sword down and was blocked by Karoshi Axe. 'Hm? This guy is quite good. I know I use only 1% of my power. But for him to block my sword, He must've been at least an Orc Level.' Lavi make his judgement. He still holding his sword on his right hand. With his left hand being free, Lavi just punch Karoshi in the face and the ground shattered. "Oh well. Not worth my time anyway." Lavi immediately left the arena.  "The winner are!!! Lavi Amidis!!!" As Lavi left. His badge change from number to 'Succeeded.' "Oh! I got in Red Rose Academy! That's exciting! I wonder if I can find someone pretty in there." Yes. The reason why Lavi join the Academy is not for the actual lessons. Lavi is already strong. He just want a girlfriend. He already confessed to everyone in his party. And everyone still think Lavi as a Child. So Lavi try to find someone his age. To break his curse as a lonely boy. 'There's still a week before I can move into the dorm and join classes. For now, I really need money for the uniform and the books. I have a lot of money already. But, I feel like I want to earn more.' 'Well, I just want to adventure for a bit. So, Let's just do that!' Lavi smiled and he went to the Guild. He hide his face using mask and he reveal his identity. No one know the 10 Harbinger real names. They only use Alias. And Lavi Alias is 'Ace'. Everyone immediately treat him nicely. "Sir Ace. There's a Request that just come in from His Highness. It seems like a juvenile Dragon has been sighted near the west plains. Reports also say that they're burning the forest. So, If you want, You can accept this one." Lavi immediately get interested. It's been a while since he fight Dragons. "What's the reward?" Lavi asked. They immediately said. "The reward is 3 Platinum coin." '3 Platinum Coin. I only need 1 Gold Coin for my stuff. So I get 2 Platinum coin and 9 Gold Coin extra.' Lavi immediately accepted that quest by nodding. "Ah Thank god! Please come immediately!" Lavi nodded. He left the guild and charged toward the West Plains. He arrived about 1 Hour later and see that the royal knights is fighting the young dragon. 'Not good. If they keep that up, They're going to die. I need to help them.' Lavi immediately wear his Silver equipment and take his gloves on. He jumped from the back of the Royal Knights. The Dragon is ready to unleash It's Fire Breaths. The Royal knight immediately put their Shields up. But Lavi arrived. "What?! Who are you?!" The Captain asked. Lavi immediately pull his Left hands up. And everyone fell into a sense of security. Seeing one of the Goddess Descendant arrived to help them. With his sword, Lavi swing it really hard. It blow the Breath away from them. And his left hand shines. "Shackles." A Chains made out of a light, appear out of nowhere and it chains the Dragon down. Lavi turn around and asked. "Is everyone alright?" Lavi asked. Everyone nodded. Some of them surely get a burn wound. "Well, Healer, Go heal the injured. I'm going to take care of this wild fellow for a bit." Lavi said. He turn around and look at the Dragon square in his eyes. The Dragon shuddered. He was scared from just seeing Lavi eyes. "Come on Little Guy? You scared now? Where's that high pride you usually got? Is it vanished from seeing my power? Of course you are." With Mercy. Lavi swing his sword down and kill the dragon without letting it feel any pain. Which is usually, Decapitating it in an instant. "So, Is everyone alright with me taking the corpse?" Lavi asked. Everyone nodded and they bowed to Lavi. Lavi smiled behind his mask. He store it all in his Storage magic. He got free meat. The Dragon meat is very very delicious. To have a bunch of it stocked in his storage. It just mean he have a supply of great food 'Aura Read.' Lavi immediately check their Intention. Everyone is Green. Lavi is happy with the results. Meaning that no one is holding a grudge with Lavi taking everything for himself. If there's a red spots, Lavi will try to negotiate with them. After that, Everyone thanked Lavi for his help and Lavi left again. He come back to the guild and receives his 3 Platinum Coin. The next day. There's a big news. "Ace, The Leader of the 10 Harbinger is in Euriana!" Lavi muttered. He face palmed his own face and sighed. He doesn't think that the impact would be this big. So he felt a little bit worried that his identity will be reveal. "I want a girl who loves me because I'm me. Not because I'm Ace. Let's hope that my identity would never get revealed." And, while Lavi is thinking about that. A telepathy comes from Gwen. 'Lavi!! My cute little brother! Are you okay in Euriana? Want big sister to come there and snuggle with you?!' Gwen excited voice can be heard. Lavi chuckled and smiled. 'To be honest, I would love for you to snuggle with me Sis. But, I'm joining the Academy. So, I don't think we can meet easily.' Lavi replied. From the tone of Gwen voice, Lavi can feel that Gwen is pouting. 'Buu... Little brother should listen to the Big sister more... Anyway... Good luck in your academy! I will come to check on you in a couple of day!' Lavi immediately said. 'I would prefer if you not. I'm in a quest for searching a girlfriend too!' 'Eeh?! Why?! Don't you have me?!' Lavi sighed again. 'Gwen Sister... You just declined my confession... You can't say that...' 'Eh?! Did I Really?! I'm sorry Lavi!!! I probably didn't mean any of that!!!' 'Well it's too late now. If you want to apologize, you can come.' Gwen immediately get excited again. 'So I can come! Wait for me you cutie!!!' 'Yes yes. I will wait for you.' 'See you later!' 'See you.' Lavi smiled big when he finished calling Gwen. It's been a couple of weeks since he talk to Gwen. Because Lavi is in constant state of moving. They can't really communicate with one another because, Sometimes Lavi is fighting. Sometime Lavi is resting. Same goes to Gwen. Sometimes she's healing, Sometime she's resting. They can't really know each other free time. And then, Lavi get called from another person. 'Hey Lavi! I heard you're in Euriana! Are you safe in there?' Leon gentle voice can be heard. 'Oh Leon! Yes, I'm fine! How about you?' 'I'm fine too. Be safe in there you hear me? I don't want to hear you getting hurt.' 'Yes Leon! Take care!' And Leon end their telepathy there. Lavi smiled again. "Leon... He's such a gentle person. I'm proud to have someone like him on my life." And then, The rest of the party call Lavi. They were really glad to hear Lavi condition after a month since last time they meet. They thought Lavi might get lost and they never meet him again. And for a party to lost their Leader forever. It's such a big hit. Especially if everyone is close with each other. As an older siblings to lost their younger sibling. It's going to leave a really deep void in their heart. Thinking 'He's always risking his life for us! And how are we not there to at least see his last moment?!' And it's going to make a giant crack on their relationship. So Lavi is really glad that he have someone like them all. "Oh boy. This is going to be fun!"

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