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arranged marriage

" I am not so sure of that idea. " she mumbled and that brought him out of his state. No, she has to be sure of everything. He didn't want to lose her.

" what's not to be sure about. You get a lot of wealth but you just have to leave this kingdom. You could be an elite in another kingdom. "

" you are asking me to leave my roots. " she said and her eyes flashed. Now Ken knew that he will always try to anger her so that he could see that flash in her


" if you stay here, your roots won't matter anymore. You know that. " Jared said and she close her eyes but not quickly enough not to see the flash of pain there. All of a sudden he wanted to hit his friend for causing her pain.

" fine I will do it. I will be your fake love. " Annabell said resigned and with that Jared and Ken whisk her off into a fairy tale that will end happily for every one but her.


Prince Ken life was once again decided without his consent, the council decided that he needs to get married and they had the perfect bride.

The perfect bride for their needs not his, all their actions proved was that they wanted him to be miserable all his life.

They didn't put it in those terms, they just said that he will get married to a woman who will drive him to an early grave because that is exactly what princess Fallon will do. Prince Ken refuse to take that lying down so instead he told his father that he was in love with a girl now his father wants to meet the girl. How will he provide a girl who will be prefect enough to be his princess but undesirable enough that his father will not want her ?

He found the perfect girl in Annabelle but then the reason why he wanted such a girl is so that he won't be bothered with marriage but now he wants the girl to be his in every sense of the word. Why is he so drawn to her...

Fallon refuse to let an usurper take the position she spent years crafting for herself... The position that is finally within her grasp. She will do anything possible to keep the position... Anything at all.

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One. " score. " the marksman yelled from his direction as prince Ken just sighed again. He hated his conversation with his father and he didn't know when their relationship went wrong. He was extremely close to his father when he was younger but now he can barely stand his father especially when his father starts to order him about. " your Highness. " his best friend and captain to his private guard said as he bows to him. " drop the royal family respect act Jared. I need my best friend now. " prince Ken said as he glanced at his friend who was at the edge of his vision then focus back on his task. Shooting arrows. " we are not alone, your highness. " Jared said cautiously as he took in the mood of the crown prince. " I know that. I already told them to call me by my name but all they did was kneel and beg for my mercy for what ever wrong they did. " " well, that is the right response based on the fact that any disrespect or disobedience to the royal family means five years of hard labour or banishment. " Jared said in a joking tone but he was completely serious. " I don't need your jokes today. I already in a bad mood as it is. " Ken snapped at Jared as he released the arrow from his hand and it flew across the field, although he was distracted he knew that it would still hit the target. He was extremely gifted when it comes to archery, he was proven right when the marksman loud voice carried across the field " score" " it is a good thing that my friend doesn't appreciate my methods to cheer him up, I swear each year, it seems like they add an inch to the stick that is permanently shoved up his ass. " Jared said in a pitiful tone while Ken froze then turned to him. Not believing his friend tone, he c****d one of his perfectly eyebrow up as he asks " five years hard labour huh? " " yes but that rule doesn't apply to me. " Jared informed the prince. " and why is that? " " because I am the crown prince best friend. Who will put up with his grumpy personality if I am not there. " " if I tell him, I am sure that he will banish you himself and he won't go through his father. " " he won't, he loves me too much and if not for his occasionally dalliances with maidens. People who think he likes men in general and me in particular. " Jared stated in such a firm tone that surprise Ken to release the arrow he had just strung and choke on his breathe. " your royal highness. " some servant cried and offered water but Jared waved him off. " if you keep babying him like this how do you expect him to rule when the time comes. " Jared said as he slaps Ken on the back. " be a man. " " score. " the marksman said unaware of what was happening. "how did I get you as a friend. " Ken asked Jared when he was through hackling. " I was the only one with enough spirit to stand up to you during combat training when we were young then I beat you senseless for ordering my sister about like she is your personal maid. " Ken nodded his head " what happened Ken. " Jared asked in a serious tone, all traces that he was joking around a few seconds ago completely disappeared from his face and voice. " hmm. " Ken breathed * earlier that day. * Ken was in his study attending to the issues that requires pressing actions. A few years ago his father gave him reins over some of the duties he was suppose to do when he takes over the position in an effort to make him adapt to the position when his father steps down. A knock sounded then the door opened as his manservant bowed to him. " your highness. Your father requires your attendance at his study. " Ken stood up and walked to his father study wondering what is going wrong this time. Could it be that his father had discovered about last week when he and Jared went to the town in disguise to wrestle with street champions. No, he couldn't have figured it out, they were very careful and the they didn't tell anyone of their plans, unless Jared told his sister, even then jasmine would not betray them, she would rather be tortured than betray her elder brother. Their relationship is enviable and made him wish at times that he had a younger sister until jasmine would play a prank on her brother and he would be thanking the gods that he was an only child. " son, come in. " the king ordered, Ken realised that is all his father does with him these days, he orders him. " you called for me sire. " Ken said after bowing to his father then holding himself stiff as a board awaiting what his father want to say. " yes, I did. Princess Fallon is arriving soon. " he said jumping straight to the point. Ken body relaxed only to stiffen again. It is not about the wrestling, it is about something more worse. Fallon, that girl was nothing but a slut, w***e and a b***h. He guess he has to pretend he will be civil towards her. " okay sire. " he nodded. " she is coming here and a week after her arrival, you two will announce your engagement. " the king continued but Ken brain had trouble fixing the words together but when he did and he realized what it means he ears started to ring. " I won't. " he said suddenly cutting his father on the middle of his dictation " I won't marry a girl that I cannot stand. I will not betray my heart. " " you don't have a choice son. " the king ordered. " everybody get a choice when it concerns their life making decisions. She is not in my future and you and that council cannot force her there. " Ken yelled disobeying his father order for the first time. " son, be reasonable. " the king said going through another route when he realised that he cannot make Ken accept the decision. " I am, if I get married to her, I will simply kill her or myself. " Ken replied. " prince Ken. " the king yelled bit Ken just bowed to his father and left the room as quickly as he could before he would anger his father more or say something that will land him in trouble. **** " Wow, that is a lot. " Jared said after a while of being quiet when Ken finished his tale. " I know. " Ken nodded. " I am surprised that you didn't take it out on the guards or the maids. " Jared added. " if I went close to them in this state at least one of them would be dead. " Ken explained and Jared nodded. " I hope you have the strength for what I am about to tell you then. " Jared said looking queasy. " what" Ken asked as he snapped his head to his friend direction. " Flynn just arrived. " Jared said looking close to bolting from Ken presence. " please tell me that it is Flynn the merchant. " Ken pleaded with his friend. Jared just shook his head. " no, it is prince Flynn the brother to Fallon. The princess you are supposed to be engaged to. "

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