Falling for Mr Smith

second chance
enimies to lovers
love at the first sight

Valentina Turner's life changes the moment she met Eric Smith, the billionaire of a large company. Her plan all along was to trap the elder Smith in a marriage has been her plan all along, that is untill Eric Smith came in spoiling her plan with a pregnancy she didn't plan for. What will she do?

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Four months ago Valentina POV "What the hell do you mean asshole, are you talking to me like that?!" A females voice shouted in a very annoying way. "Yes I am b***h now suck it up and shut up your voice is blocking my ear!" Another spoke out aggressively but at the tone it was a male. I heard the sound of something breaking from below. I could only guess from my kitchen and that the sound it must be one of my chinaware It certainly who it was 'MY PARENT' not a new thing. A sigh escaped my lips as I climb down from my king-size bed. Tying my robe together I head down to the source of noise. Cautiously. "Are you talking to me?! Did you just call me a f*****g b***h?! Oh I will show you what a b***h can f*****g do!" the female shouted. "Woman you're crazy" He respond back this time sounding tried, probably from their argument. "Yes I am, am f*****g crazy, and let me tell you, you married this crazy woman now shut the f*****g up dickhole!" Okay I have had enough of this two, why can't they for once shut the f**k up. I made it to the kitchen yet those two still yelling at each other. I rolled my eyes mentally avoiding them from seeing it or else am in deep s**t. I sigh "Mom, dad can you please stop" I felt tired. I used my hands to rub my two eyes am such my hair is a mess and am still in my shorts and sweat shirt, my mouth is also smelling 'morning breath'. "So you lady decided to come down stairs" My mom Margo said deviating her anger towards me. Fear is what I felt at this moment I hate when she does that it ends up with her questioning me and that lead to things I fear or could it be 'someone' I fear. I shivered thinking about him but I refuse to the pains I feel every time I think of him is still there. "S-Sorry I w-was sleeping" I stammered with fear which was so unlike me. "Of course you were asleep we came to your house shouting and it took you long to get down here!" My father James yelled at me hitting the island with his palm hard. I flinched "A-Am sorry" I stammered again but this time shaking hard "Just shut up now listen to us" My mom shifted a chair to sit on and face me "Now tell me is there any rich guy you are shagged?" She lifted her brow. Oh my here comes the trouble have been avoiding "No" I whispered quietly but she still heard me. "What the f**k do you mean 'No' why haven't you shagged one?" She shouted throwing an apple at me aiming it on my head but I manage to dodge it. "I haven't seen one" I hesitantly scared of what she will do. "You haven't seen or you are to lazy to find one?" My dad said glaring at me "What of the man what his name again" She pause to think for a while "Yes! Justin Smith why haven't you shagged him? Ehm?" She snapped her finger demanding answer. "He is married" I pointed out. My mom spread her arms and look at me like am stupid "So?" I was short of word but she still continued "Even if he is married don't that make you not able to shag him listen lady use you weapon ,your lady weapon men likes it and can't resist it, use your brain. You saw one of the richest man in the world and you still can get him. You know.." She come down from her chair and stood in front of me I almost moved backward, ohh how I hated this "...that why I prefer your sister Rafela more than you she knows what she does more than you" She put her finger on my temple "You are nothing but an empty skull" she snarled on my face. I imputed every she said like I have always done 'am nothing but an empty skull' she managed to get in my head again like always. My father spoke up "It either you go to him since he is the heir because what we want is heir and their money or you go back to Xander" The mention of his name only brought fear to me, I knew they will end up calling his name out. "No, no please i...i will get Justin please I don't want to go back to him you don't know the things he did to me" I begged "Those it look like we care it either Justin or him get that?" He said I nodded "Even if he has done something to you did it not make you live in luxury, your elder sister Vivian and Rafela aren't you all in money, one married to a rich guy, the other dating a rich guy and one still here growing soft" He frown. "Valentina you end up thanking us in the future" My mom gave me a fake smile "Now we going and make sure you transfer money into our account today bye" They both left the kitchen leaving me with my thought, like always they have managed to succeed in getting in my head. All because of Lisa is refused to dupe her brother, she is the only friend I have and I felt happy with her but to avoid my parent wrath and from going back to Xander i have to get Justin but that will only cost me my friend. Fuck now I need a drink, I plan on going to a club get drunk and find a hot guy who will f**k away my worries . ★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★†★ Present The sound of a voice speaking through a speaker buzzed me off my vivid memory "We about to land can everyone please be seated and kindly put on your seatbelt" Seating up straightening my back I yawn out feeling drain from the long hours journey. Technically am on the run to Texas. Yes! Texas, running away from my family and those important to me 'Lisa' I regretted what I did and am trying to get away from them. I hurt Lisa the most and the guilt alone kills me, for that one of her fear being friendly to her just to be with one of her brothers and that what I had plan on doing taking use of her weak point, but it later became a genuine friendship that I choose to drop my plans I had for Justin but the pressure of my parent made me had s*x with him 'which was once at the ball' and made my plan on destroying his marriage with Victoria. Oh I sounded like a b***h and feel like one with I am. Am one hell of a wicked b***h and I regretted it. There are lot of things I regret, I regret been born in my family cause they turned the good innocent and pure girl to a selfish wicked b***h, I regret what I did to Lisa, I regret having two wicked sisters, I regret what I did to Justin and Victoria or should I say the Smith's family I brought my f**ked up life to their family, I regret been born, I regret lot of things but I don't think I'll regret ever getting pregnant. The baby in my womb gave me hope gave me life, gave me faith that there is still lots more joy in life outside my troubles, I felt joy in me since--forever Well partially that not the only why I left. Eric is one of the reasons. It was one hell of a work trying to escape the guards he had put in charge of my every moment probably to prevent me from running away. You can see as that turned out to be. Thou, I know what am doing is wrong taking his child away from him I know he will be pissed but I don't want to get married for a baby's sake I have seen how it always turns out to be in the end. I don't want to use the baby to pull Eric down, he is a playboy and am pretty sure all his life he has always run away from commitment all and him proposing a marriage will be like tying him down, even if am a b***h I can't do that it will not only hurt the both of us but also the baby and I can't cause my baby harm. The walls I built around me helps a lot I shields my heart and mind from people not making them take any advantage of me, I toughened myself from the wicked even if I were to ever see my parent I won't let them get to my head ever again because there is hope for me, my baby. There is more. I hope there is and at that. 'I'm sorry Eric' Tears ran down my cheek as I stare out the little window watch as we land, all these while my hands never leaving me stomach.

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