Alpha's Hybrid Mate

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Alpha Liam Stanford- High Alpha of the largest and strongest pack in both North and South American continent. At the age of 28 , he hasn't found his mate yet. He's a player and he's losing his hope in finding her. That was until Camilla Castillejo came to town.

Camilla Castillejo- the new girl in town. Unknown to everyone, she's not new in town. She lived in that town way before the wolf pack resided there. the truth is, she's a 900 year old vampire, but a pure blood vampire-lycan hybrid. The strongest of her kind.

Now that Camilla and Liam found each other , will they be happy? What if threats arises and come between them?

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Coming Home
CAMILLA 400 years, since I left this town called Stone Castle. It is somewhere in Oregon, and now I'm back. I'm back in this town, I'm back home. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Camilla Castillejo-Wulfric, I'm a vampire-lycan hybrid. I've been living for almost a millennium. Old huh? But my body's appearance was stuck as a 22 year old woman with a long dark hair and hazel green eyes. When I still live in this town, my home was an ancient stone castle in the middle of the forest. My family was noble pure bloods. We're the royal vampire coven, and my mother was their queen. Long before my time, Lycans co-exist with vampires. The Lycan's alpha king, Lucian Wulfric turned out to be my mother's beloved. It was the first and only cross-species union. Then afterwards, they had me. The first and only vampire-lycan hybrid. Life was perfect for me when I was growing up. I had the best parents a kid can ask for. But that was until I turned 18 and hunters begun to exterminate the Lycan race. It includes my father and his pack. We grieve with such loss and my mother decided to hide my true identity for I was the last lycan. At the age of 22, I ascended and found out about my gift. I have the ability to make myself look and smell like human. It gave me the opportunity to live among the humans. And I forgot to mention that I was the only vampire that can walk in broad daylight. When I reached my 5th century, my mother was killed by slayers, as well as the other coven members. Those who survived fled the town and left me, with other loyal servants. That's when I decided to leave. For 400 years, I lived all over the world. During those times, I found out that I have another gift. it's called 'STEAL'. I have the ability to copy other vampire's gift just by watching them use it. I also realized that I have all the strengths of both vampires and lycans, but none of their weaknesses. I am even immune to silver, wolfs bane, sunlight, wooden stake and even blood thirst is not a problem. I'm pretty much invincible. I may have enjoyed living a careless life, but I still miss my home. The place where I was born and where I grew up. And that made me go back. Now I'm standing in front of my family's stone castle's front door. I knocked thrice before the door opened, and I was greeted by Lucas. My most trusted man. He was a human before, during one attack in our coven. He saved me from my attacker that endangered his own life. As a sign of gratitude, my mother changed him into a vampire. He became our fledgling and trusted friend. He eventually became our adviser and the coven's artillery guy. He's like a family to me actually. His gift is the shield. He used it to protect him from the sun, making him able to walk on daylight. He smiled at me and pulled me into a bear hug. “It's good to have you back, my lady. “he said. "It's good to be back” I said and pulled away from him. He pulled me inside while my luggage were taken by the servants and brought to my room upstairs. When we were in the living room, I looked around and smiled. Nothing's changed in this place since I left. I walked towards Lucas and wrapped my arms around his torso. “I missed you Lucas.” I whispered as I buried my face into his chest, and I felt his arms wrapped around me. “I missed you too.” Then he kissed the top of my head. Lucas and I are very close, like best friends. But he's actually my first boyfriend. We broke up when he found his beloved. I still care for him a lot. I pulled away from him and smiled. “Now fill me all the necessary things I need to know about this town within the centuries I was away. " I told him. We took a seat on the couch and he told me every single detail that I need to know. To my surprise, a lot has really happened. One is that the whole town is now the Blood Moon Pack territory. They have taken over my land. Werewolves are somewhat like lycans. Both have the lycanthrope genes, but lycans were stronger, faster and our senses were 10 times heightened than werewolves. It's like a werewolf alpha is equivalent to a lycan's omega. Our lycan wolves were mainly colored white and black, and twice larger than a werewolf alpha. After Lucas filled me with this vital information, I decided to hunt, so I went to the forest. I've been living with deer's blood ever since and I only have human's blood once in a while. When I found a possible target, I crept towards it. But I was distracted by the most delicious and intoxicating scent I ever smelled. It smelled like freshly mowed grass with the hint of mint and chocolate. My mouth begun to water. When the deer ran, I was pulled from my thoughts and ran after my prey. What was that amazing scent? *O*

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