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"Please leave me alone! I didn't do anything", the man begs in front of me. I laugh loudly as if it is the funniest thing I have ever heard but it soon turns into a malicious smile.

"You didn't?!", I scream in his face and enjoy the fear in his voice and eyes.

"Who are you?", he asks as he takes steps back as I close in on him. I show him my dagger that is specially designed for me.

"Bloody valentine", he whispers and I smirk at his reaction. The man's eyes are wide like saucers and his forehead is drenched in sweat.

"I am going to take my sweet time torturing you, love", I whisper in his ear and he trembles like a leaf while I circle him like a lioness ready to devour her meal.

Bloody Valentine, is a woman who has suffered a lot in her life but now, she makes others suffer worse. She has endured a lot of hardships since her childhood but the worst was to see her sister being killed in front of her eyes. Now, she is out for revenge and someone just made it easier for her but at what cost?

Mariano Russo is the one person you don't want to be crossed with. He is the king of the underworld and the most feared person to walk the face of the earth. He has a lot of men and women under him but he just wants one, Bloody Valentine. He knows everything there is to know about her except her real name and anything else which concerns her childhood.

What will happen when he finally gets to meet her and offer her the deal which could get her, her revenge? Will she accept it or show him who the real Blood valentine is?

Read to find out!

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1. The call
Bloody Valentine's POV "Wake the f**k up B", Anthony yells in my ears loudly.  "Asshole", I scream back but get up anyway.  "When did you get back last night?" "Around 3", I reply as a yawn escapes me.  "You have another contract", he says and hands me his phone. I rub my eyes and read the information.  "Kayla Jones, a senior partner at Harold Corp. You will find her at the club mentioned there", he says as I read through everything.  "How much?" "1 million". "For this woman?" "Yep. She is pretty important at the firm. She is threatening to expose everything so they want her dead", he says and I smile at the thought of killing her. "Do we have anything on the bastard?", I ask him with narrowed eyes. I have been hunting for that man since I left the orphanage but he is being difficult to find.  "Not yet. By the way, your dagger is here. Polished and as good as new", he says and hands me my most priced possession. It is made up gold and platinum handle and the blade is as sharp and pointed as an eagle's beak. On the handle, right in the center is a heart, made out of coral stone with the initials, B.V. carved in them, symbolizing my name, Bloody Valentine.  "Welcome home, baby", I kiss it and Anthony shakes his head at me, looking slightly amused.  "Are you smiling at me, Anthony?", I point the dagger towards him, before he could even blink.  "I am going to make you something for your hangover", he raises his hands in surrender and leaves my room.   I hop out of the bed and go to my bathroom which is nothing less than luxurious. I strip quickly and stand infront of the floor length mirror, examining my scars that I have learnt to wear with pride. A particular scar that runs from my stomach to the middle of my chest is a very special one. It was inflicted on my body when I tried to save my baby sister from those f*****g vultures.  My sister was a pure soul who got tainted because of some bastards who couldn't tolerate the sight of her being innocent in this world. She was raped and abused for days right in front of my eyes and I couldn't save her. That will be my biggest regret in this lifetime but the day she took her last breath, I promised her that I would avenge her death and kill all those who were responsible for her bruised and abused state. I have already killed two of them but last one, the boss, seems to be the most difficult to find. Once I get my hands on him, he will be wishing he would have died sooner.  "Are you done?", Anthony yells from outside.  "Ten minutes", I yell back and quickly finish showering.  As I enter the kitchen, the aroma of pancakes hit me, making me increase my pace and quickly sit on the chair, digging in my plate.  "Here, take two of these for your hangover", he says and hands me two pills that I am used-to by now. "When do I leave?" "Around seven. You know the rest", he says and I nod. A car will be sent for me outside of my building that will take me to my destination. Everyone in the underworld knows me as Bloody Valentine. I am extremely popular for my skills and the torture that I like to inflict on people. My specialty is fighting with dagger and knives. Guns are great, but the adrenaline rush that you get while using daggers and knives is what I love the most. Most people call me psychotic or blood crazy but I don't mind, because that's who I am.  "I am going out, you need anything?", Anthony asks as he wears his coat.  "Yeah, a big jar of nutella and some pop tarts", he nods before leaving. Even if I am an assassin, I am woman who craves chocolate as any other. The time passes quickly and I get ready to go to that club and kill my next prey. I wear a tight black dress that reaches mid-thigh, along with a black jacket which has my signature dagger in it along with a few knives. I wear my favorite boots and stuff small knives in them as well. You can never be too cautious is what I have learnt from experience and is what I have been taught in that godforsaken orphanage/hell hole.  "The car is here and the number is been sent to your phone. Once you are done, call them and let them know where the body is so they can call the clean up crew", Anthony instructs me as if it is the first time I am leaving.  "Sure dad", I roll my eyes at him and leave the house and slam the door behind me. No one other than me and Anthony lives on this floor so I don't have to worry about anyone listening to our conversations. Anthony and I have been best friends since our time together in that orphanage. Both of our parents are dead and he didn't have any siblings while mine was brutally killed. Before that, we three were a close-knit group who didn't talk to anybody else. Adena, was the innocent one while the two of us were the notorious and most skilled assassins they had.  "Miss.Valentine", a man greets me and opens my door. I merely nod and get in the car.  He starts driving to the club and I sit back in silence, formulating the plan in my head.  "We are here", he says.  "Okay. Thank you", he nods and I get out of the car and he leaves.  I strut towards the entrance and flash my card to the bouncer who's eyes widen but he quickly composes himself and lets me in. I smirk at him before going inside the club. I look around and spot my target, sitting at the bar, drinking what seems like a martini. I mentally gag at her choice and sit at the far end, ordering myself a bourbon. I love the way it tastes and because of my high tolerance level, one bourbon can do nothing to me.  I keep my eyes trained on her, looking for the perfect moment. She, finally, excuses herself and starts walking towards the bathroom, which was the opportunity I was waiting for.  I am told to not torture her in my own way and that made this uninteresting but the amount was good enough for me to deny it.  She enters the bathroom and I quickly get inside, checking the stalls which were luckily empty or there would be more than one body lying on the floor. As I hear the flush go off, I quickly smear my make up a bit, making it look like I have been crying. I sniffle quietly and Kayla comes out and looks at me.  "What happened dear?", she asks in a sweet voice. I roll my eyes at her behavior before focusing on my act.  "My boyfriend dumped me because I wasn't ready to sleep with him", I sniffle and she caresses my arm, attempting to show comfort.  "Its okay love, he didn't deserve a beautiful girl like you", she says and hugs me. I mentally groan before taking out my dagger.  "Yeah, he didn't", with that, I plunge the dagger in her stomach multiple times before dropping her dead body on the floor, her blood staining the beautiful tiles. I quickly call the number letting them know that the job being done and the location of the body. The man who gave me the contract owns the club so he wouldn't have much difficulty in disposing off the body and cleaning the stains.  As I leave the bathroom. two ladies approach the door but before they could open it, I stop them.  "Don't go in. It stinks of vomit in there. I told the staff and they will clean in it an hour or so", they both look disgusted but thank me and leave the site.  I go to the bar ad order myself a drink and gulp it in one go.  "Aren't you an amazing woman?", a voice interrupts my personal space and I glare at the hand that was places on my exposed thigh.  "If you know what's good for you, you will leave me alone", I say and the man lifts his hands from my thigh.  "I am Keith", he introduces himself and I take a look at him. He is a handsome man, with a neatly groomed beard, just how I like it. He could be a perfect one night stand. I need to let some stress out anyway.  "Well Keith, I am Georgia. Let's dance, shall we", I am known to be a straightforward woman and I speak what is on my mind. I never shy off the words and cursing comes as easily as breathing to me.  "I would love nothing else", he says and leads me to the dance floor. We start dancing and he places his hands on my hips and not below, or he would be dead before he could say sorry.  I start grinding on him, loosing myself to the beat. Halsey's 'Hurricane' plays loudly and I swear, the songs made by these woman are the best. Halsey is my spirit person and no one can deny that. As I was about to suggest us getting out of here, my phone vibrates. I excuse myself and stand in a secluded corner.  "Hello?", I can hear someone breathing on the other side, making me wonder about that person. "Bloody Valentine?", he says and my forehead creases. No one except Anthony has this number and no one should know about it either because, for the world, this number doesn't exist.  "Who is this?" "The name is not important, my next words are".  "Excuse me?", I growl angrily. How dare he?! "Tomorrow night, you will come near the children's play area near your apartment and then a car will escort you to the place where we wish to meet you", he orders.  "And why the f**k do you think I will even be there?" "If you care about your friend, Anthony Davis, who currently is in a club known as 'Starling Night', you will be there and don't try to act smart or you will regret it", the asshole hangs up making me fume with anger. If he thinks I will bend to his wishes just because he threatens Anthony, then he is so wrong. Anthony can protect himself and so can I.  Loosing my interest in the man whose name I don't bother remembering, I hail a cab and tell him my address. In no time, I open the door to my apartment and I gasp loudly at the sight in front of me. The entire place is destroyed. All the furniture is broken along with every other piece that I we had kept. My anger knows no limits and I immediately dial Anthony's number. It rings for two minutes before he finally picks up.  "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! OUR HOUSE IS COMPLETELY DESTROYED", I yell through the phone but instead of Anthony's voice, I hear someone laughing in the background.  "That would be my fault, ragazza. If you want your friend back in one piece, you will do as we told you to. You will regret it, if you don't. So, be a sweetheart, and come at the location at eight in the night and not a second late. I hate tardiness. Be there on time", he warns again and before I could say anything, he hangs up and I know, if I try again, the phone will be switched off.  I look at my place once more, before growling angrily. I will show him what happens when you cross Bloody Valentine and he will regret ever second that I am there.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ragazza- girl, young woman.

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