Sky's Prophecy Twins

opposites attract

Book Two of Sky's Rejection. This is not a stand-alone book.

Our journey of the Twins.

Alpha King Dimitri and Luna Queen Sky are the only supernatural's to birth twins. No other twins have ever survived. The Moon Goddess sent down a message. The war of good and evil will take place and the only ones who can save all species are the twins, though they could also be the destruction of the world.

Xavier and Xeraphina will need to work together, bond correctly and have the help of their mates. Fate is not on their side though, as the evil is already brewing and having influence over the uprising of the children.

Will they figure out in time? Will the pain not place a strain on the twin's relationship as the Goddess requested? Will they defeat the evil or will Xeraphina join the wrong side?

Please follow along on Sky's second book to figure out how the twins will efface all their obstacles thrown at them.

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(Xavier’s POV)      “Xeraphina, hurry up. You are so slow.” I yelled mockingly at my sister. She has never been slower than me. She usually can keep the pace of our mommy. Why is she moving so slowly today?       Hi there. Let me introduce myself. I am Xavier and that girl behind me is Xeraphina. We are twins and today is our sixth birthday. Can you believe it? We are the only children of the Alpha King and Luna Queen. Mommy is a hybrid, but my sister and I are only wolves, like our daddy.       “Your sister is so annoying. Why did you bring her? We told you we were going to throw YOU a beach party. Did anyone say anything about the freak coming?” Tommy, Uncle Dean’s son said in annoyance. My blood boiled in anger, I wanted to kill him. Before I could act on my thoughts, Xeraphina was grabbing my hand. My emotions calmed, as my body lowered to its normal temperature.       This is why my sister, and I were perfect together. She was emotionless, cared about nothing other than me and I was hot headed, impulsive and emotional. She was the cold to my hot, my yin to my yang. We fit together just as the Goddess made us. I always was adventurous, outgoing and social. Xeraphina was to herself, calm, and socially disconnected. I made her do things with me and she kept me out of trouble.       “It is not only my birthday but my sister’s as well. We are twins and I want to spend time with her. If you don’t want to celebrate with both of us, then leave.” I stated calmly, my friends loved me but seemed to hate my sister. They wouldn’t leave me alone on my birthday though, right?      “Let’s go, can’t stay around the freak for too long.” Tommy said before waving his hand as he walked off. Everyone left except Lily. How could they?      Before Xeraphina could calm me down, I screamed after them. “The king and Queen will hear of this.”       With that they ran, scared I had already mind linked them. They feared my parents and respected them, all at the same time. That is why everyone wanted to be my friend but ever since we turned three it seems none of them could be around my sister for longer than a few minutes. When they were around her, they only made snarky comments, never looked at her and never spoke directly towards her. What had changed?      “We don’t need them. You, lily and I can have the swimming hole all alone.” I said with a smile plastered on my face. I linked mommy, daddy and our grandparents to convince them to come cheer up Xeraphina. She doesn’t show any emotion at all, always a blank face, but she has to be upset by their comments and actions. I know I would be.      Lily and I grabbed each of Xeraphina’s hands, as we dragged her into the water hole with us. She didn’t complain but didn’t make it easy to pull her either. She showed no sign of whether she was happy about this or upset. I was used to it though, same with Lily. She seemed to be the only one who was willing to hang out with my sister.       *Memory*      “Mama, yesterday everyone played with Xeraphina and I, now today, no one will even look at Xeraphina. What happened? Why is this happening?” My three-year-old self asked beggingly to my mother. Praying she could fix this, and everything would go back to the way it was.       Mother bent down to my level, concern shining in her eyes. “Sweetie, you two are special and there are obstacles you both will need to overcome. I cannot fix the way others act. You will learn this one day as well. Just always make your sister feel included and things will soon fix itself.”       She kissed my forehead as she looked over at Xeraphina, tears falling from her eyes.       *End of Memory*      I didn’t understand her words then and still don’t understand them now. It has been three years and the only one who acknowledged Xeraphina was Lily, no one else. It hurt me to wonder how all of these events have hurt my sister. I felt protective over her, and it scared me that maybe this blank face was her way of hardening the hurt others are causing her. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not, but I knew I would never stand for this when I was Alpha.       I was knocked out of my thoughts as I saw mother, father, papa Ty, papi Tyson, Mamie Samantha and Uncle Henry come into the field. I ran out of the water, running into my daddy’s arms. I hugged him as if my life depended on it and emotionally, maybe it did. What they did to my sister hurt me more than it seemed to affect her.       Xeraphina walked out of the water slowly, as if the water wasn’t even there. It seemed even the water parted for her. She had no emotions on her face as she approached us.       “Happy Birthday my darlings.” Mother said as she reached down to scoop up Xeraphina, father already holding me in his arms. Xeraphina side stepped, avoiding mother. She didn’t like to be held or touched. It was weird but she was my sister. I was used to it, though the adults never seemed to stop trying.      “Thank you, mother,” Xeraphina said in a monotone. That is an improvement, I think.      “I cannot believe you two are already six years old. Where are all your friends?” Father asked in disbelief as he glanced around the beach.      I looked at Xeraphina and then Lily, it didn’t seem like either of them were going to answer him. I gulped, trying to get my nerves under control. “Well, you see...”      “They did not want to be around me, father. Xavier told them I was staying, that they could either except that or just leave if they couldn’t. Everyone, including tommy, left, except for Lily.” Xeraphina said, no emotion laced in any of her words. The grown-ups gaped at her, as a small tear fell from my glistening eyes. I quickly wiped it away. Last time I cried Xeraphina almost killed everyone in the pack that she thought had caused my discomfort, as she had said.       “Oh no, my poor babies.” Mother cried as she tried to scoop Xeraphina and I up into her arms, tears glistening in her eyes.       “Mother.” Xeraphina gritted out, a warning in her tone. Mother froze as she came over and only scooped me up. “We are fine, and Xavier may play with them later. I must go on my daily run soon anyways.”      I wonder if anyone else noticed Xeraphina’s lack of emotions. If they ever notice her cold voice and emotionless face. If they noticed the way her eyes glint with murder when anyone hurts her loved ones. I wasn’t afraid of the way she was; I knew she would never hurt me, but I always wondered if the others were.       “Xeraphina, it is your birthday sweetie.” Father said in a calm voice, kneeling to sister’s level. He reached out his hand, frozen in air for a second, before he retracted. Letting his arm fall to his side.       Xeraphina looked at father as if he had lost his mine. “So?”       “Your father is only trying to say that there is no need for you to run today.” Grandfather Ty spoke with a gentle smile on his face. He didn’t seem to care about Xeraphina’s cold demeanor.      “I do not see what you are trying to tell me. Now if you will all excuse me, I will be taking my leave.” Xeraphina spoke monotone before nodding at me in passing. That was her way of saying goodbye. She never liked to talk but I always seem to know what she is thinking or going to do next.       “Where is she going now?” Mother sighed in annoyance as she allowed the question to hang in the air.       “She is going for a run. She doesn’t enjoy these gatherings so I would rather see her happy on her birthday.” I started calmly before wiggling out of mommy’s arms. I ran into the water, Lily following behind.       “Ten more minutes of playing and then we will be doing cake, Xavier.” Mother yelled towards us, as her words were being drowned out by Lily and I’s laughter.       Father must have called everyone back for the party, as all the kids began to reappear. Father seemed to be in a deep conversating with Uncle Dean as I made my way towards the cake. What was he talking about? Sometimes I wish my hearing was as good as Xeraphina’s. She would have been able to hear their conversation.      “Are we waiting for Xeraphina?” I asked expectantly.       Mother looked down with a sad smile, “I think she would prefer to do her own thing. Let’s just save her a piece.”      I nodded in agreement, proceeding with blowing out the candles without Xeraphina. I tried to remind myself she was happier alone than in this crowd, but it was hard, I missed her.

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