Between Love and Hate

opposites attract
One Direction

Jackie Vega moved with her family(well…almost) from sunny California to crappy London. And just because her father got a job. Of course, she needs to finish high school. She goes to secondary school, where she is paired up with Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson for a project.

She’s so innocent, she didn’t even get her first kiss. So when you put an innocent girl and two horny, s*x addict, crazy players, nothing good can come out of it…for her.

But it’s not only those two. She’s Zayn Malik’s new target, Niall Horan’s new enemy and Liam Payne’s new lab partner.

Let’s just say that senior year won’t be as she imagined it to be. At least not when you have five very hormonal teenagers who are ready to make your life hell just because you spilled your spaghetti on them.

But you know what they say…there is a thin line Between Love and Hate.

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Chapter 1: Jackie
Jackie “Are we there yet?” I looked at my father. He was tapping the beats of some new cheesy pop song on his steering wheel. “No. We have one more hour.”, he stated looking at the GPS. I sighed. My arm was numb because I’ve slept on it, my back was hurting and my mouth was dry. We’ve been driving for ten hours now. Who said we HAD to take our car with us? We were moving from the sunny California to rainy London. Dandy. My father got a promotion at his bank, so now we had to move to London and all that shizz. I rubbed my eyes and watched the rain hit the windows. “So what if I’m just fourteen? I can still f**k you like an animal.” That was my lovely brother, Josh. He was flirting with our new step sister, Lindsay. I called her bimbo Lindsay…in my journal. “Josh! Language!”, my father huffed turning the volume up. Our step mom Helen just laughed, shaking her perfect blonde curls as she leaned her head back. I looked away, in the night. One more hour in this nuthouse. Then I’ll be all to myself. I heard that the house we were moving in was great. But of course that meant that I had to start a nice senior year between strangers. Wait. Bimbo Lindsay would be there. Yeah. Great. And my pervy brother will be a new freshman. Not that he complained. He loved the fact that there will be a lot of sluts in our ‘secondary school’. Let’s just call it high school, okay? I searched for my earbuds in the pocket of my jacket. They were tangled as hell. I untangled them with pacience. That was one of my talents: patience. Not that I had too many talents…:( I blasted ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ in my mp3. Because my s**t of a phone wasn’t even able to take pictures. And you wonder why the hell my father was so rich, yet I still had the oldest phone on the planet? Well, that’s because I didn’t want to break my expensive phone. I had a MacBook though… I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the window. When I opened them, we were pulling up in a nice driveway. Josh’s face was taped to my window, Lindsay probably pushed him away when he wanted to feel her up in the car. Slut. “Oh god it’s SO cold here!”, Lindsay said once we exited the car. My dad slammed his door shut. No wonder she was cold. That mini skirt of hers was so mini, I could see the color of her thong.(Black) That is she wore underwear. Her tight tank top wasn’t helping either. Ugh, she’s such a bimbo. All five of us gathered on the front porch, under the roof. It was raining cats and dogs. My dad cursed as he fished his key out of his pocket and opened the door. He stepped inside, almost stumbling over, before turning the light on. We were here before, just on a short vacation. It was for rent at that time, but we bought it a few months later. So anywhooo, we carried(read: me and dad) the suitcases and all that junk inside, before dropping it on the carpet and leaving it there. Everyone took their own stuff, before I walked off to my room. The grown up room was on the first floor, together with the two guest bedrooms. Josh’s, mine and Lindsay’s room was on the second floor. It had its own personal bathroom and game room. I dropped myself on the bed, breathing in the perfume of the cushions. I closed my eyes before getting up and turning on the light. After an hour of setting my clothes in the closet and putting the old contacts in my new phone(yes, dad gave me his iPhone 4) I finally went for a shower. I was tired and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I just fell asleep. 4 days later “Move your arses down here!”, I heard my father yell from downstairs. “Coming!”, me, Josh and Lindsay yelled at once. I dressed up and grabbed my backpack. I came out of my room first, before I ran down the two flights of stairs, and into the kitchen. I glanced at the clock. It was 7 30am. Ugh. I hated this. School in America starts at 9, not at frickin’ 8. Soon, Lindsay came down too, wearing a little tight dress and some killer heels. I was wearing my usual jacket with black All Stars and jeans. “Where’s- oh! What took so long?”, dad said to Josh, who was just sitting down on his chair next to me. Helen was already off to work, she was a doctor. Crazy, she looked like a slut. Appearantly she found herself a job as a nurse at the hospital nearby. “We need to get up early people! Seven o’clock sharp! I want you all down here by 7 20. Then you have ten minutes to eat your breakfast- Josh stop touching Lindsay under the table!” Josh smiled and looked down at his Fruit Loops. I rolled my eyes. “And then we’re off at exactly 7 35! I have work at 8!” Then he went on about not being scared and he quoted some stupid parenting book, since my mom was a b***h and that’s the only thing he let him have after the divorce. I grabbed my suitcase and stood up. Josh and Lindsay followed me. We got in the car, Lindsay going on about some pair of shoes and Josh playing Fifa on his iPhone 4S. We arrived at school in 15 minutes, leaving us 5 more minutes until classes started. I was scared. I knew no one except of Lindsay in this whole year. “Principal’s office is this way.”, Lindsay said pointing at a corridor. A few heads (mostly boys) turned to face us. They were whistling at Lindsay, winking and smirking. Typical. I tried to keep up with her as she winked back, returning the flirt. She knocked twice, before a fat woman opened the door. “Oh. Hello!”, she chirped. “You must be the new girls!” She motioned for us to come in. There was a small room, filled with papers and trophees. Quite the school we have here. “Mr. Hunter isn’t here yet, but I’ll be taking his place. So you must be Lindsay…and…Jackie Vega?” She glanced up at us from over the papers she was holding. “Well that’s great! You two have drama, AP english, chemistry and algebra together.”, she stated. “Oh goodie!”, Lindsay said with a fake enthusiast. “Great. Now let me give you your scheudles!” She handed me a paper. I looked down at it. Oh, great. First period was frickin’ biology. That’s dandy. “Okay. Why don’t you get to class? You still have 2 more minutes. The numbers and combinations to your lockers are on the top of the paper. Now off you go!” She waved at us and we got back on the hallways, that were now starting to clear off. I looked at my locker number. 421. “Bye !”, Lindsay shouted at me, before she disappeared. I went to my locker, and that’s when the bell rang. I left my bag in there, and just grabbed my biology book and notebook. “Class…42…class 42…”, I repeated to myself. The hallways were empty now, signaling that classes started. I looked up and saw the number 42 over a door. I gulped. Here we go. I opened the door, and that’s when I realised the door was facing the class. s**t. Everyone stopped talking, just staring at me. “Uhm-“ “Who are you?”, the teacher snapped. “I- uhm- I’m Jackie Vega. I’m new-“ “Sure. Just go and sit down somewhere.”, he muttered. Everyone was still staring. “Uhm- where should I-“ “Ugh!”, he groaned looking around the large classroom/laboratory. “Next to Liam Payne.” My head shot up. No one here looked like a Liam. The teacher sighed again and rolled his eyes. “Liam raise your hand.” A hand shot up from the back of the class. I looked at the brunette haired boy. He looked like a James. I awkwardly made my way to him, ignoring all the glances I had from everyone in my AP biology class. All my classes were AP, by the way. Except of chemistry, maths and physics. I wanted to be a writer or a journalist one day, so anything related to maths sucked. I sat down on the chair, putting the books on my desk. I was sort of happy that the teacher didn’t ask me to introduce myself. It was clearly he didn’t like his job. “Jackie.”, I whispered sticking my hand out to him. He looked at it and rolled his eyes, not shaking it. Oh, so he was too cool for everyone. Sure. Why not. The rest of the period went by extremely slow…Liam wasn’t even looking at me, he was just staring at the clock. The teacher went on about the basic revision. I needed to focus. The bell rang, making Liam jump in his chair. It reminded me of Bella’s and Edward’s encounter. I sighed. I love Twilight. I made my way to my locker as I looked at the scheudle that was now taped to it. “Algebra.”, I read out loud. I huffed. Great. Same period as bimbo Lindsay. I grabbed my Algebra stuff and headed towards class 79. That, of course, was hard to do, due to the lot of students that occupied the hallways. I found the classroom and sighed relieved when I saw that only four students weree there. There was a dark haired girl that was talking to someone that looked like a blonde slut, similar to Lindsay. Then there was a blonde boy who played on his iPhone and a red haired girl with glasses that had her nose in a book, in the back of the classroom. I made my way to her, earning curious glances from the two sluts. I sat down on the seat next to the brunette. “Hey.”, I said smiling. She looked up from the book. “Uhm…hi. Are you new here?”, she asked shutting her book. ‘The Cather In The Rye’ it read. Nice. “Yes.” She remained silent. “Sorry. I’m not used with people talking to me.”, she spoke looking down at her fingers. “It’s okay. I don’t know anyone either- Jackie.”, I said holding my hand to her. “Uhm- Rhya.”, she shook my hand shily, as everyone began to take their places. The bell rang, and the seat next to me was still empty. I hated math. A young teacher that reminded me of Ezra from PLL (yes I love it okay) came in, excusing himself. “Sorry sorry…traffic on the hallway is s**t these days.”, he spoke placing the coffee mug on his desk, before clapping his hands and turning back to us. He clapped once, before eyeing us. “I’m Mr. Schwarz…and I’m your new algebra teacher. As you know, Miss Beatle was too old and decided to retire.” He turned back and wrote ‘Mr. Schwarz’ on the blackboard. “Now let’s introduce ourselves in the name order…hold on a second.” He searched through his briefcase for something. All the girls seemed so smitten into him, while the boys were looking at him like they wanted to kill him. “Yes. Sorry about that. NOW! I’ll start. My name is Ron Schwarz and I’m twenty two years old.” Some girls gasped, and the two sluts fanned their faces. “My favorite color is blue, I like to eat peanuts and my favorite movie is Inception. Now let’s see…first on the list. Rheaya…Darling?” “It’s uh…Rhya.” “My mistake.” Mr. Schwartz sat down on his desk, one leg hanging. “My name is Rhya Darling, I’m seventeen years old. My favorite color is turqouise, I like to eat peanut butter and my favorite movie is Titanic.” “Thank you Rhya. Now we have…James Horan?” “Niall Horan.”, the blonde guy spat, leaning against his chair. The blue eyed brunette guy next to him snickered. “I’m Niall Horan and I’m eightteen years old. My favorite color is orange, I’m irish, obviously, I like to eat anything edible and my favorite movie is Grease.” “Thank you Niall.” Then a ten more people followed. “Zayn Malik?” No one answered. Everyone looked at the empty seat next to me. “Teachers warned me about him. So he’s absent today.” Mr. Schwarz scanned the list again. “Mackenzie Sandler?” A pink nail-polished hand shot up in the air. The blonde b***h wiggled her fingers, before she leaned up against her desk, in the front row. I’m sure she wanted to show some cleavage. “Yeah. My name is Mackenzie Sandler and I’m seventeen years old. My favorite color is pink, I love to eat sushi and my favorite movie is The Notebook. Duuuh.” She leaned back on her chair, proud of her answer. “Next we have…Louis Tomlinson?” The brunette boy that sat next to Niall smiled. All the girls looked at him, dreamfull. Except of Rhya and Mackenzie. Mackenzie smiled, winking at him. I looked at my step sister, that was whispering with the brunette slut, next to Mackenzie. “I’m Louis William Tomlinson and I’m twenty years old.” Twenty? “My favorite color is red, my favorite movie is The Avengers and I love to eat pussy.” The whole class errupted into laughter, except of me and Rhya, who blushed like the unkissed virgins we were. “Mister Tomlinson…I’ve heard about you. Quite the charmer.”, Mr. Schwarz said before looking at the list in his hands again. “Jaqueline Vega?”, he read. I looked down at my desk, slightly smiling like the loser I was. “Yes.”, I said. Everyone turned to me. “I’m Jackie Vega and I’m seventeen. My favorite color is purple, I like to eat pizza and my favorite movie is Mean Girls.” As soon as I finished that sentence, Niall’s, Louis’ and Mackenzie’s face scrunched. “So you’re from America then?”, Mr. Schwarz asked. I nodded. “California.” “LA!”, Mackenzie yelled laughing. “Laaame!” Some girls laughed with her. “Okay then…Lindsay Vega. Are you two sisters?” “Yes.”, her voice chirped, making everyone to look at her. Niall and Louis smiled at the view. “Stepsisters. We’re new here! My name is Lindsay Vega and I’m eightteen years old. My favorite color is pink, I like to eat chineese and my favorite movie is The Hunger Games. I’m also single.” I rolled my eyes. Typical! She earned wolf whistles from the boys. “Oohkay…and now…Leslie Walsh?” The other brunette slut raised her hand, her manicure matching Mackenzie’s. “Yeeeesss…I’m Leslie Walsh, I’m seventeen years old and my favorite color is pink. I like to eat c**k and my favorite movie is Friends With Benefits.” Everyone laughed. “Now that kind of language isn’t accepted in a school…but I’m okay with it.”, Mr. Schwarz said smiling. “Back to work, do you have any questions for me?” “Are you single?”, Leslie’s voice was heard. “In fact I am, yes.” “Well-“ The bell rang, and I sighed relieved. My cheeks were burning. “Goodbye, don’t forget to stay in school!”, was the last thing I heard before I hurried out of the classroom, out in the now crowded hallway. The next two hours passed by, and now it was lunch time. I had no idea where the cafeteria was. “Hey again.”, I heard Rhya’s voice next to me. “Oh hey!” “So I thought since you were new here…I could, you know, show you around.” “I would love that actually!”, I said smiling. “Well I guess you’re looking for the cafeteria, right?” “Yes.” “This way.” I followed her through the crowded hallways. We got in line for lunch. “So tell me about everyone.” “Well…that’s Mackenzie.”, she pointed to the blonde that just entered the cafeteria. “But you know her from algebra. She’s the most popular girl in school. Well she and Foxy five.” “Foxy five?” “Yeah. That’s what they call themselves. It’s pathetic, my opinion.” “So who’s in Foxy five?” “Mackenzie, Leslie, Debbie, Taylor and…well looks like your sister just took Kim’s place.” I watched as my sister entered after Mackenzie. “Oh.” “Yeah. There’s not so much to tell. She’s the captain of the cheerleaders, student body president, always prom queen. Leslie, she’s no better. She’s co captain of the squad, like her little minion.” I watched as they sat down at the table that was in the middle of the cafeteria. No one else stood there. “Who’s sitting on the other side of the table? There are like…seven more seats left!” “Yeah. Those are for the others.” “The others?” “Jason Kimmel, Leslie’s boyfriend, Kurt Dallas, Taylor’s boyfriend, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.” “Isn’t he like…twenty?” Rhya nodded. “He is. But he always failed chemistry, so he couldn’t graduate. And he never showed up at summer school.” “Oh.” “Yeah. They are the populars. Seriously, don’t even talk to them unless they ask you something.” “Tell me about Liam.” “He’s the smart one of the group, but I hear he’s also the grumpiest.” “Yeah…I sat next to him in biology.” “Uhhh…harsh. Anyways, he’s silent, but extremely cocky and uptight. Every good girl likes him.” She frowned. “We were best friends until year 9…that’s when he stopped being bullied. He became the bully.” “Bully?” “Yes. I was and still am…sometimes.” “What happened?” “Eh…he changed his appearance, took boxing classes…changed. He stopped talking to me and became popular.” “What about that Niall kid from algebra?” “Oh. He’s…he’s really weird. He’s always sleeping around. He may seem like the carefree person, but I know he does drugs. He’s a druggie, to be honest. That’s why he’s so pale.” “Oh.” “Zayn Malik. That’s the boy that didn’t show up in algebra today. He’s always full of mistery. He rarely shows up in class, but he’s strangely a good student. He was put in school a year later than the other kids…that’s why he’s nineteen, almost twenty.” “And?” “He’s got quite the temper. He’s moody, and usually sleeps in class. If he’s not in class, he’s probably off somewhere smoking…or killing cats.” “What?” She shrugged as we paid for the two spaghetti plates and water bottles. We made our way to an isolated table in the corner. There were two other guys at the other end, but they didn’t bother answering me. I saw my brother enter the cafeteria, with two other boys that looked his age. “Hey there sis!”, he shouted coming over to us. “Hey Josh.” “Hello my sis’ friend! So anywho, there’s a hot chick in my cl-“ “I really don’t want to know about that.”, I shot and he showed me the finger, before he turned around and walked away with his friends. “So about Zayn…?” “Yeah. About him. He’s dangerous. You don’t want to mess with him unless you want to be sliced in your sleep. And also, take my word of advice, NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER go home through the smoking area. That’s his place. Only the popular table hangs there.” “Okay…?” She opened her mouth to say something, but then shut her mouth when the doors opened and five boys entered, followed by two more. “That’s them.”, she whispered. I recognized Liam, Niall and Zayn. Then there were two more I didn’t know. There was one with jet black hair, pulled up in a quiff that was recently painted blonde at the top. Then there was a curly haired guy that wore a blue blazer and who seemed to be the leader. Well, he and Louis. The other two were probably Kurt and Jason. They cut the line and paid their food, before they sat down at the table. Mackenzie sat down on Harry’s lap, and I saw my sister introduce herself at everyone. Louis smiled and shook her hand. “That’s Zayn.” I followed her finger and saw the boy with jet black hair. “Who’s the curly haired boy?” “That’s Harry Styles. He slept with everyone in our year…except of me. And you. And maybe your sister, but that’s going to change, no offense.” “Non taken, trust me. Wait. Are you still a virgin?” “No. You?” “No.”, I lied. I took a fork full of spaghetti. “Back to Harry now. He’s the ladies man, the player of the school. He’s with Mackenzie…for almost two months now, since he slept with every girl he was interested in. He probably decided that Mackenzie was the best shag, so that’s why he chose her.” I chuckled and nodded. “He’s the captain of the soccer team, if you’re in it, you’re popular. If you’re not, you may as well go and die. The girls at the popular table are all cheerleaders-“ “Except of my sister.” “Trust me, that’ll change soon. And the boys are all on the soccer team. Louis is co captain. And now about Louis…he’s pretty much like Harry. He sleeps around with every single girl he sees. Of course, girls fall at his feet every day. He’s single though. He’s always pervy, so if he cracks some pervert jokes, like he did today in class, it’s natural for him. And he’s sassy. Like, really sassy. If he starts to hate you, there’s no way back. He’ll hate you until you die. Or move to another school.” “Oh.” Oh was appearantly my favorite word today. “And watch out. Don’t even talk to them, because they are bullies. They will make fun of you, you have no idea. They can cross boundries, they don’t care.” I nodded and the rest of the one hour lunch break was spent by me not eating and Rhya going on about other people in school. I sat up and we sat our goodbyes, before I turned around and went to throw my food in the garbage. I hated spaghetti. Especially bolognese. I, however, stumbled like the klutz I was, and the spaghetti flew in the air, before falling on someone’s head. Or…in this case, more people’s heads. Harry Styles, Mackenzie Sandler, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Leslie Walsh were covered in spaghetti. Leslie and Mackenzie screamed and stood up from the table. The whole cafeteria was quiet. “Oh. My. God.”, Mackenzie spat looking at me. “This. Is. A. Prada!”, Leslie yelled pointing at her now ruined dress. “I- uhm- I’m SO sorry. I’m sorry. I- uhm- I…” “You’re SO going to regret this.”, Harry spat and Niall and Zayn nodded in agreement. Liam was too busy shouting cursing words at me, while Louis was killing me in his mind. Niall stood up, at the same time with Harry. “Whoever you are, you’re going to regret this.”, Harry said before pushing my shoulder and walked out of the cafeteria, followed by Leslie, Mackenzie, Niall, Liam and Louis. Zayn stood up last, leaving the other five teens at the table and pushed past me, whispering: “Be prepared for the worst year of your live.” I opened my mouth. “Welcome to hell.”, was the last thing he said before storming out too. Oh. This is just great. After that everyone started talking about the incident and Rhya told me that they were serious about making this the worst year of my life. The rest of the day passed by quickly. I had french and history(Zayn was in my history class but didn’t show up-lucky me). Now the last period was health class. I had health class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I saw Rhya and went to sit down next to her. “Before this I should tell you someth-“ But she stopped when Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam entered the room. Harry had his arm around Mackenzie. “Well if it isn’t the loser who can’t walk properly.”, Zayn snickered. The bell ringed and they sat down in the back rows, laughing and shouting. They pulled five chairs together and four desks. The coach entered the classroom when Mackenzie sat down on Harry’s lap. “Styles, Malik, Tomlinson, Payne and Horan please keep it down.” Their laughs stopped. The coach scribbled ‘s*x’ on the blackboard. The boys in the back wolf whistled. “Now I would like to see who had s*x in this classroom.” Everyone’s hand shot up, including mine. “f*****g liar!”, Harry spat slapping my hand, to make it fall down on the desk. “Who would want to f**k you?”, Niall spoke, earning laughter from everyone in the classroom. “Styles that’s another day of detention!”, the coach yelled pointing at him. Harry smiled and leaned in to peck Mackenzie’s lips. I looked at the ground. “Now who would like to tell us about how they lost their virginity? Anyone?” The boys’ hands shot up. “Well. Horan I suppose you can start since it’s ladies first.” “I was sixteen and it was at a party.” “Well isn’t that just a moment to remember? Payne, would you do us the honor?” “I was also sixteen and it was with my girlfriend back then.” “And?” “And wha’?” “How was it?” “For me, good. For her, the best f**k of her life.” He fist bumped Louis. “Aren’t you a modest lad. Malik?” “I was fifteen. All I know is that she screamed so hard when I entered her, I was deaf for two days straight.” Everyone erupted in laughter. “That’s detention for you today! And don’t you dare not to show up again because I’ll double your days!” Then he looked at Louis, who had his feet placed on the desk. “Oooh, mister Tomlinson! To what do we own the pleasure?” “Well I heard you’re giving away free condoms!” “You can’t take any today, last week you took five!” “And I used all them!”, he exclaimed. Everyone laughed. My cheeks turned red. “Your miraculous story of how you lost your virginity?” “Well I was in camp, when I was fifteen. She was eightteen and she was bloody fit. So I did her.” “Wonderful. And now we saved the best for last. Styles, would you mind telling your story AGAIN?” “In fact, I don’t mind. I was fourteen and she was twenty. We did it on her desk.” “And you got her fired. And pregnant.” I gasped. They laughed at my reaction. “Well tell us how YOU lost your virginity!”, Zayn screamed pointing at me. But I was saved by the coach, who yelled: “Everyone take some condoms!!” He walked by each one of us. I took a condom, my cheeks red. Each of the boys took five, and Mackenzie gave her condom to Harry, saying that ‘they’ll be using it together later anyways’. Please. The condom was suddenly snatched out of my hand. I looked and met Niall’s blue eyes. “You won’t need that. You don’t even know how to open it.” And with that, they stood up, at the same time the bell rang, sign the day ended. “See you tomorrow.”, Rhya greeted me as I closed my locker, taking my backpack out. “Okay.” “Wait. Give me your number?” I nodded and gave her my number and my f******k. Appearantly, everyone in school had one. I stepped in the cold fall day, the wind hitting my face harshly. I had to take the 30 minute walk by foot, because I had no ride. I saw a short-cut, behind the school’s building and I said, why not? I walked towards it, and opened the small gate, to reveal a small courtyard, and another gate that was supposed to lead me to the street, from which there was another 15 minutes to walk. I just wanted to get home. I started walking, watching the grafitti painted walls, the wrecked benches and the cigarette mugs that layed all around the place. “Well well well.”, his accent made me jump up. I turned to face Zayn, who had a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth. “The little virgin has the guts to show up on our territory.” Niall appeared too, then somehow Liam, Louis and Harry materialized from the ground. “I- I didn’t know…” “Shut up. I told you not to mess with us.”, Louis harshly spoke, before pushing my back against the wall. “You didn’t-“ “SHUT UP!”, Harry groaned. I closed my mouth, feeling the hot tears appearing in the corner of my eyes. “Oh she’s crying!”, Liam snorted. Then someone called their name, and their heads spun around. It was the coach, calling them in for practice. “You’re a lucky bitch.”, Harry hissed before taking a step and walking away, followed by the three boys. Zayn had his eyes still fixed on me. “You’re going to wish you were never born…slut.” Then he tore my jacket down to my forearms, and slided the fabric of my T-shirt’s collar to the right, revealing my shoulder. He then suddenly sucked on it, making me gasp. It felt good. But then he retired his head. “Virgin.”, he muttered before taking the almost finished cigarette in his fingers, and pressing it against the wet spot on my shoulder. I screamed in pain. He clapped my mouth shut, making me hit my head against the brick wall. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. He stepped back, smirking. “See you tomorrow…we’re your new bullies.” He turned around one more time. “Welcome to London Elementary.” Then he disappeared. I walked in tears back home. When I arrived, there was no one there. I put my backpack on the chair and took a long nap, crying myself to sleep. When I woke up, it was 8pm, and it was dark outside. Everyone was home. I grabbed myself a sandwich from the kitchen then went back up to my room, where I sat on my window seat, looking down at the lighted street. Suddenly, a Range Rover got my attention. It pulled up at the house across from me. Someone walked out of it, slamming the door shut. I could hear some laughter, and then a smaller frame climber out of the passengers seat. It was a girl. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. She giggled and they walked together at the house. He opened the door and let her walk inside first, before turning around and locking the car. Then his gaze met mine. And his lips curled into a cocky smile, his eyes having an evil spark in them. I gasped, falling out of my window seat. Harry Styles was my neighbour

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