Melting your heart, Ms. Ice

second chance
small town
weak to strong

Kristi Velasquez forced Benjamin, her ex-boyfriend, to marry her after breaking his heart

and having an affair with her stepbrother.

She had expected their marriage to be happy, but Benjamin had made up his mind. He's no

longer the man who can melt her icy heart. He transformed into a completely different person.

Will she stand up for their marriage? Will she give up and wave the white flag?

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Chapter 1: Kristi
DISCLAIMER This story consists of works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the author's permission except where permitted by the law. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME. Copyright © 2022 ANALIA FAITH All Right Reserved. ________ After three years of being away, Kristi finally inherited the Velasquez company. She was happy and sad at the same time. She was pleased that, ultimately, the company was her own, but she was grieving for Alessandro. She sat on her swivel chair and got her expensive pen to continue what she was doing after she ate. Months passed after she owned her mother's company. She was known as ruthless in the business world. Maybe, like a mother like a daughter. She pressed the intercom and called her secretary. She is tired of reading a lot of business proposals on her table. "Make me a coffee," she said, using her cold voice. She didn't wait for her secretary to reply. She waited for a few minutes when her secretary went to her office. She uses her cold gaze while looking at her secretary. "Madam here's your coffee," her secretary said while bowing her head. "Why are you bowing your head? Please look at my face whenever you talk in front of me! Is that clear?" she said bluntly to her secretary. Her secretary shook in fear. She looked at her and sighed. "Thank you for making me coffee. Go back to work!" she said while zipping her coffee. The coffee makes her relax even more. She gets the magazine that her friend gave to her. She saw her cold face on the front page. She is known in the business world. Her mother's company was more successful when she handled it. No one wants to fight with her. They avoided her becoming their enemy. "What's wrong with this freaking picture? Why do I look uncomfortable?" Does she whisper to herself? She stopped and threw the magazine. She was furious for no reason. Hours passed, and she saw her door open, and Antonio entered. She feels irritated because her secretary didn't inform her. "Kristi, my love!" Antonio called her. She raised her eyebrow. She pursed her lips and looked at him. "What are you doing here, Antonio?" she asked him. She looked at her secretary, who didn't look at her. She sighed. "Let's have a date!" Antonio told her. "Antonio, is it rude that you went here for a date? It's office hours," she said without smiling. "Seriously, Kristi! It's been months since Alessandro died. You need to get a date! And this is your company, so you are free to leave whenever you want," he exclaimed. She purses her lips again. She is not happy about what he said. Alessandro was her husband and died because of her. No one knows how Alessandro protected her all his life! "I will call you about it. For now, I'm busy; I want you to leave my office," she said rudely. She didn't like how he talked about Alessandro! She was mourning and couldn't accept the fact that he was dead. "Sorry, I know you are grieving. Please, think about it. I'll take my leave now," he said like a puppy. Kristi looked at her secretary and didn't waste time giving Antonio a look. She didn't like Antonio; she was befriending him because of Benjamin, her ex-boyfriend. Antonio and Benjamin are best friends. Months passed, but Antonio didn't talk about Benjamin. She needs to find out what Benjamin's doing. She gets her cell phone and calls someone who can help her. She wanted Benjamin now. Whatever she wants, she will get it, whatever it causes. Benjamin is walking into their house when he sees Antonio, his friend. He finds it weird that his friend looks mad. "Hey! Antonio!" he shouted his friend's name. Antonio's face changed so fast, like he wasn't mad earlier. "Hey! Brother! Visiting auntie?" Antonio asked while smiling. But his smile didn't reach his eyes. "Yes. I will talk to them. You know, I will surprise Catriona. I will propose to her," Benjamin replied. He looked at his friend's face and saw how his friend looked even happier. "Wow! Congratulations on the advance, brother! I know she will say yes to you!" Antonio said. He was happier with what Benjamin did. Antonio was scared because Benjamin could be a hindrance to his plan. He knows that Kristi was in love with Benjamin even though they broke apart. "Haha! Yes. I just wanted to inform them," Benjamin was half happy while talking. He didn't understand himself. He wanted to settle down, and he realized that Catriona would help him. But he feels that he will be doing wrong. Antonio stopped and looked at Benjamin. "Don't tell your parents about this. They loved Kristi so much, and they will stop you," he advises. He knows how Benjamin's parents adore Kristi so much. And he wanted Benjamin to propose to Catriona. And his next plan is to get married to Kristi. "You're right. Thanks for the advice, brother!" Benjamin said and turned his back. He was confused about what Antonio had told him. He feels something is wrong with his friend. How do his parents dislike Catriona? How do his parents like Kristi even more after she abandoned him? He thought his parents were mad at Kristi. He shook his head and went to their house. He saw his mother sprinkling their plants. Her mother was humming and didn't feel his presence. "Mom!" he called his mother. His mother was shocked. "Benjamin, you startled me!" his mother exclaimed. He laughed at his mother's expression and kissed her cheeks. "Surprise, haha! I want to talk with you and daddy! Where is he?" "He is in the kitchen! Cooking something! You know he loves eating," his mother replied. He walked toward their kitchen, and he saw his father eating something. "Daddy, what are you eating? I want to talk with you," he said. His father just shrugged his shoulders. His father changed after Kristi, and he broke up. "Wait for me. I'll finish this first. Call your mom!" "I'm here! You don't call me while you are eating here! You're hurting my feelings, my dear," his mother said to his father. She was acting like she was emotional. Benjamin feels envious even more. He wanted to have this kind of relationship. He saw how his mother looked at his father with love. He sighed. Does he need to tell them? Now he feels that it's wrong to use Catriona. "Mom, I'm getting married," he announces. His parents were shocked. His father dropped the fork. "Are you serious? Are you getting married to Kristi?" his mother asks him. He was confused. "What are you talking about, mom? Kristi and I broke up a long time. I will propose to Catriona!" he told her with annoyance. He wanted to forget Kristi, and now his mother makes him remember his past. For how Kristi abandoned him while he was having heart surgery! "What? Are you sure about this? Son, marriage is not a joke. Please stop bluffing," his mother replied. "Yes, mom, I'm sure about this. I will propose to Catriona even if you dislike it," he answered. "You will regret it, son! I know you love Kristi!" He feels betrayed. After Kristi did, his family still liked her.

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