The Royal Flower

The Royal Flower

small town
magical world

Completed, 6th December 2021

PTR, 7th February 2022

(Rated 18+ for mature content: steamy scenes, brief fantasy-related violence, no abuse)

It is part of a world, but can be read as a standalone book:

Book 1: The Royal Witch (PTR, completed)

Book 3: The Royal Wolf and Hades' Daughter (PTR, completed)

Firebird (free, completed) - You can check this free book to check if you will enjoy my writing style.

A brilliant man becomes a monk to run away from his father's influence. A woman's wicked wiles cause his fall from grace. When she leaves him for someone else, he retreats into the woods, where he discovers a different type of shifter. This young woman makes him believe in love and fate. Their connection goes beyond time and space and they have to fight mortal and supernatural forces to be together.


When my eyes opened, I was in the courtyard. I saw a shimmering in the distance, close to the maze. They looked like heat waves creating a large wall. The waves were a mix of orange, yellow, and blue flame, looking like the sun had started rising in the middle of the courtyard. It was my eighteenth birthday, I knew it then, but it did not make sense.

Why was I here?

Then, as the shimmering became more transparent, I saw a face that was both familiar and strange. Daniel. He was wearing a black robe, a rosary around his neck. He looked like he was in quiet meditation, the small black bible in his hand open to a page. His mouth was moving, but I could not hear his voice.

Suddenly, I saw that he felt my presence. His eyes looked up to me, looking like a cross between startled and pleased. It was the same face I was so close to only a few minutes ago, but it was also obviously a lot younger.

He was coming closer. I could feel that he meant to pass through the waves. I was not usually speechless, but I did not say anything. Then, he was there by the shimmering, his mouth was moving, but I could not hear him.

After a while, I started hearing his voice.

“Good morning. Are you here to visit someone?”

I laughed. What was he talking about? I was at home.

“This is my home. I live here.”

I could see Daniel looking at me, my clothes, and the castle at the back. He looked bewildered, but he blinked his eyes several times. He looked like he was in disbelief. Then, he looked at the opened page right in front of him and started muttering some words.

He was praying.

What did he think I was? A demoness? What would a young monk think when he saw a young woman across what seemed like cold flames? I went closer to the shimmering wall and touched it.

It was suddenly gone.

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