Billionaire's Master and Secretary


Arion Knight is a successful billionaire at the age of 30. He's at the top of his game. People fear him, women desires him.

  But one unfortunate night left him in a dark alley lying on his own blood with gun shot wounds. Just as he's about to close his eyes, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen in his life appeared and knelt beside him, and whispered in his ear..

     " I'll help you, if you'll help me. "

  Without any thought, he nodded. To his surprise, that woman bit down his neck.

  The next time he woke up,everything's different. He's stronger, faster, his eyes turned gold and he has fangs!

  What happened to him and what will happen now? Who is his savior that made him even more fearful for everyone else.

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One Unfortunate Night
Arion I pinched the bridge of my nose as I read the newest headline in the tabloid. ' Stone Corp to invade South America. ' This can't be. This man is really getting on my nerves. Whatever I do, he's always there to do the same. How the hell did he know about the South America expansions? I called my executive assistant and trusted friend, Marc. Even if it’s already late, he's still here to do his job. He took a seat in front of my desk as soon as he came to my office. "I guess you've already read it." he said. "How the hell did this happen? It’s supposed to be classified! " I exclaimed. Marc sighed and handed me his iPad. I knitted my eyebrows, and looked its contents. To my surprise, it was a photo of my secretary/girlfriend Nicole, in a cafe across the city. And guess who's with her. Damon f*****g Stone of Stone corp. My ultimate rival never since high school. I gripped the tablet until my knuckles turned white. In the photos they were smiling, laughing at each other. The most outrageous s**t was the one that they were sucking each other’s faces. I looked at Marc and he gave me an apologetic look. "I've been having this suspicion with your secretary. I've sent a private investigator to follow her everywhere and to report everything to me. " he paused. "What did you find out?" I asked with gritted teeth. He took deep breath and looked at me. "She's been seeing Stone even before the two of you met. It seems that she's been passing vital information from you to him." He explained. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Are you say I that she's the rat in my company?! In my life?!" I exclaimed, and Marc nodded. I placed the tablet on my desk and leaned back, rubbing my face on my palms. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes. The dates they meet are also the dates when large amounts of money were placed in her bank account. " I was about to ask him something when my cellphone rang. I looked at the caller, and it was Nicole. Marc and I looked at each other. He placed his forefinger on his lips as a quiet sign. I perfectly understood him and nodded. I answered her call. "Hi baby!! I missed you already!" She screeched and it made me cringed "What do you want Nicole? I'm busy." I answered. "Aww don't be like that baby. Anyway I'm calling you to tell you to meet me in Utopia club now. " she said. I rolled my eyes and answered. "Fine. " "Yey! I'll see you there baby." She said then she hanged up. I put my phone down and looked at Marc, who's looking a bit concerned. "Look Arion, as your friend I say don't go. I have a very bad feeling about this. Please." He pleaded. "Dude I'll be fine. I think it's time for me to fire and break up with that bitch." I said. "Dude be careful okay. She’s quite dangerous. Especially the people she associated with. She's been with people in the underground business. "Marc warned me. I gave him a small smile and nodded. Around nine pm, I arrived at utopia club. I looked around the place in search for Nicole. All I see were bodies grinding at each other and lustful looks from almost all the female population in this club. I smirked at them. Maybe I'll have a good time with them as soon as I get rid of Nicole. I took a seat in the bar and order scotch on the rock. I looked around and then my eyes fell on the blonde that I came here for. She’s walking from the VIP lounge where I saw Damon stone with a couple of men I haven't seen before. I noticed that Nicole is walking towards the bar, so I acted like I'm still looking around. She snaked her arms around my neck and kissed my lips, as soon as she came to me. "Hi baby. I'm so glad you could join me tonight. "she purred. I took a sip from my drink and placed it on the counter. "Why did you call me here Nicole?" I asked her. She pouted and started rubbing my arm. "Why? Can't I just spend time with my boyfriend? I missed you, you in know. " she said and I rolled my eyes. "I don't have time for this Nicole. I don't want this anymore. " I told her. She seems shocked but immediately replaced it by her sweet smile, which I know is fake. Just like her. "You don't mean that baby. We’re good together." She said trying to be convincing. Keyword, trying. "I thought too, but I was wrong. And besides it would be good, for you won't be able to steal information from my company and feed it to Stone." I told her. This time she didn't even try to hide her surprise. "Baby, it’s not what it is. I was forced baby. Trust me. I won't do that to you." She said. I chuckled and grabbed her arm, gripping it tight which for sure will leave a bruise. "Be thankful that I'm not suing you for what you did. Were done and I don't want to see you anymore, b***h. You're fired! Leave!!" I growled at her. She quickly left my side and disappeared in the sea of dancing bodies. I ordered two more shots and drank the remaining alcohol on my glass. After downing the last glass of scotch, I paid the bartender and left the club. As I walked outside the club to get my car, someone shoved me in a dark alley. "What the hell?!" I exclaimed. Then I looked at my attacker. He seems familiar. I raked my mind and I found where I have seen him. He's with Stone in the VIP area earlier. "What do you want? Did Stone told you to do this?" I asked him. He didn't answer; instead he pulled a gun from his waist and points it to me. I felt all color drained from my face. I raised my arms to surrender. "Did Stone pay you to do this?" I asked him again. He didn't answer, instead someone did. "You could say that." I looked behind me and my eyes widened as I saw Nicole there with a smug looked in her caked face. "Nicole?" "Surprised? Thus would've not happened, just yet if you didn't broke up with me. But you did, and you found out about me being the rat in your company." She said smirking. "You b***h! You planned everything! You and Stone!" I growled. She clapped her hands and chuckled. "Of course. Damon is in for real competition. But I did enjoy everything we did baby." She purred. "Shut up!! You disgust me!" She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah yeah whatever. You're too good for a competitor, so you have to go. Sorry." She said and walked towards the gun man. "Oh, and Damon sends his regards." Before I could react, three gun shots were heard and I felt something hit me. I looked at myself and I saw blood pouring from the three gunshot wounds in my chest. I gasped for air and fell on the ground. I saw Nicole smirked and blew me a kiss before she turned around, and walked towards a man waiting at the end of the alley. That man was Damon Stone with a smug look as he stared at me. He then wrapped Hus arm around Nicole's waist and pulled her against him and kisses her sensesly. After the sloppy kiss, they both gave me one last triumphant look and walked away together with the gun man. I was left alone in the dark alley with three gunshot wounds and bathing with my own freaking blood. I should've heeded in Marc’s advice if not going. I can't die like this. There so much to be done. I have a lot of dreams for my company. What will happen now? What will happen to my sister? I need to make Stine pay for everything he did. My vision begun to blur. My breathing became labored. I’m slowly slipping away, and then I saw a silhouette of a woman walking towards me. I can't make up her face. She knelt beside me and inspects me. I heard her sighed as she caress my face. "I can help you. In fact I will help you, but you have to promise me that you will help me." She told me. With me being delirious and as darkness begun to consume me, I nodded. Then she leaned towards my ear and whispered. "You'll forever be bonded to me, my little servant." Before the light of life left my body, I felt a prick on my neck. And then everything went dark. *O*

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