In love with mom’s one night stand

age gap
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Hope is 24 and a famous influencer with millions of followers on Youtube and **. She also has a very annoying and youthful 49 year old mom, who lives with her and acts as her very pushy manager, controlling her career and often her life too.

One morning she gets up to find a half naked man in her kitchen, her mom had told him to just shower and grab some breakfast. Could it be more awkward ? Especially since she recognizes the guy as one Owen Reed, infamous business tycoon and CEO of Reed corp.

The next problem is, Owen and Hope have an instant connection ... But can you seriously date a guy who is not only infamous and much older, but who slept with your mom ?

In the end his charm wins her over, and she agrees to give him a chance to prove he is not the man rumours say.

Going on a holiday together Hope starts fearing she is just another one in a long line of women going through Owen’s life and bed .. Is what they have ever for real ?

And what big secret is it that Owen hides ? The one that could easily ruin everything.

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One of those very awkward mornings
*Owen* I wake up when someone starts moving around the bedroom. Suddenly the curtain is pulled and I blink furiously against the harsh morning light. My head is pounding slightly from too much champagne last night. Okay, maybe more than champagne. A sultry female voice sounds from somewhere above me. “Well morning there handsome”. “Morning”. I sit up, rubbing my eyes. Oh right, I did something yesterday I actually don’t usually do. I went home with a woman I know next to nothing about. Honestly, I don’t know what happened, she kind of bowled me over I guess. “I need to get to work sweetie, but feel at home, grab a shower and some breakfast if you want to”. She says, smiling at me. Watching her I have to say that she is pretty hot, one of those women that is just effortlessly sexy. I only know she is older than me because she found it amusing to call me junior. I have no idea what age she actually is, but I guess it doesn’t matter. “Okay”. It’s all slightly weird, I am not used to women talking to me like I am … a fun little thing she is already tired of playing with. “Oh don’t look so sad sweetie, it was a wonderful night, but I really need to run. I have some important meetings”. She comes over to give me a quick kiss. “See you soon I hope”. And then she leaves me, feeling a bit lost. I am not used to ... well being the one who is left like this. It makes me feel kind of like a ... toy to her. I roll out of bed and go out into the bathroom. Everything looks fancy and expensive. Apparently she doesn’t lack money and she likes spending it too. I look in the mirror, shaking my head. “What have you gotten yourself into, Owen ?” I open the lid to the toilet to take a piss. After flushing I walk into the big shower and turn on the water. I really need a bath, after that I’ll be out of here. My stomach growls persistently. Okay so maybe shower and a bit of breakfast, then out of here. *Hope* I stretch and step into my fluffy slippers, before tiredly trotting down towards the kitchen. I stop in front of the hallway mirror, grabbing a scrunchy on the table and pulling my dark hair into a messy bun. I smile at the cute disney pj I am wearing. It’s a summer one with little green shorts and a tank top with Ariel, it says: ‘I am really a mermaid’. Walking into the kitchen I stop in my tracks, just about to scream. There is a man in my kitchen ... He could be a robber, is my first thought. But then he probably wouldn’t be standing there wearing only a towel around his waist. So he might be a r****t then ... but then he probably wouldn’t have his head in the fridge. No there is only one explanation, my disaster of a mother has pulled another guy with her home, f****d his brains out and left for a meeting, so I get to throw out the leftovers. Thanks mom. He straightens up to his full, and might I add, very impressive height. Hmm actually he has a rather trimmed and sexy back, and long toned legs ending in a very well shaped ... no no no Hope, this is the guy who just spent the night in your mother’s bed, do not drool over his ass. “Hey you ... half naked giant”. I call out, making him jump and turn around so fast the towel just kind of stays where it was.. like it is not turning fast enough. He desperately scrambles not to drop the towel or the things in his huge hands, ending up in some weird hunched stance. “Oh f**k, I almost peed my pants”. “You do realise you are not wearing any pants ... right ?” I mean, he might actually not be aware, who knows, I have heard of crazier things. He rolls his eyes. “Could you maybe help me here ? I could kind of use a hand”. “Oh sure ... yeah”. I hurriedly step over to take eggs, bacon and juice from his hands, by accident the lid of the juice gets snagged on his towel, pulling it with me. “Not the towel ...”. Again he desperately fights to catch the towel, but I get a glimpse of thick dark curls, before he decides it’s better to turn his back on me, giving me a view of that delectable ass. I put the things on the counter, trying to hide my blush. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that”. “It’s okay”. He turns again, now keeping a hand on his towel. The front of his body is actually not bad either. Broad and muscular with a generous cover of dark hair. He scrunch up his forehead looking at me. “Who are you ?” “I should be asking you that. I live here, you most definitely don’t”. Because I would remember if we had some super hot, half naked guy living here. “But I am Hope and you are ?” “Uhm Owen ... sorry Darlene told me I could get some breakfast. I had no idea someone else lives here”. He sends me an apologetic smile. He has a nice smile, white straight teeth and very soft looking lips. “Darlene must be your … sister ?” “Mother”. I say with a sigh. Yeah believe me handsome, you are far from the youngest guy she has brought home, I think to myself. You might be the best looking though. He blinks a couple of times. “Oh sorry ...”. His cheeks go slightly pink. “It’s not that you look… old or anything. I just didn’t ...” “Expect her to have a grown up daughter ? I get it”. I say with a small smile. It’s not the first time people think me and mom are sisters, it probably won’t be the last either. “Yeah ... sorry”. He is clutching the towel, looking a bit lost. I walk over to turn on the stowe. “Why don’t I fix some breakfast for the both of us and you can go get some clothes on ?” “I can’t really ask you to do that”. He bites his lip, looking like he would really love to go get dressed and avoid further embarrassment. “You are not asking, I was offering”. I say opening the cupboard and bending down to get a frying pan. I can feel his eyes skim over my ass, which makes me smile to myself. “So for both of our sakes, go get dressed and I’ll have breakfast ready when you get back”. “Okay thank you”. He says with a smile and disappears down towards my mom’s room.

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