His Only Reward **Completed and Free**

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It is a universal truth that when Gods and Demons become involved, things become much more complicated. The forces of Chaos and Light are out of sync, could you bring balance before it is too late?

Jamie thought she was an ordinary mortal, struggling to survive like everyone else, in the mortal realm. That was until she came home to find her parents killed by raiders. From that point on, her life would be different as she starts on a journey that will change all the realms forever.

Not only does Jamie have to learn how to use her powers before they kill her and defend the realm against the dark forces of chaos, but she also has to contend with love. Jamie has to deal with her feelings for the handsome, but jealous Alpha werewolf Lord to the Charismatic King of Rogues and the mysterious hybrid demon General. All this whilst trying to bring balance to all the realms and protecting her new friends.

This is the first book in the Chaotic Chronicles, with over 700 hundred likes.

Everyone knows that true love is eternal. But, would you be willing to share your fated mate after two thousand years of waiting?

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“I can’t believe you betrayed me over this piece of filth!” screamed an enraged woman dressed in red. “ Please, please Empress....” the sentence was cut short by a hard slap across the male’s face. A small stream of sliver blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.  The Empress of Chaos gave a small smile. The bound kneeling man in front of her had done the unspeakable: mated with a Moon Goddess’s child, her mortal enemy! The man had been very good at satisfying her s****l needs and shown prowess on the battlefield. But this transgression could not be forgiven! “Shut up you useless piece of s**t! I had great plans for you Richard, we could have been so good together. But, you have betrayed your Empress and your Realm. Your punishment is now going to be proclaimed!" The Empress paused and licked her lips, enjoying the moment. “Every day, you will be taken from your cell at Kyronus and taken to the Dark Mountain. There you will be chained and struck with lightning 30 times for the next thousand years. After that, we can see how repentant you are!” The immortals in the Chaos court gasped. They knew that each strike would feel like an immortal’s soul-shattering into a million pieces. It would not kill the immortal, but the pain would drive them insane at the very least. The Empress heard a sob and turned her attention to the kneeling female. She was also bound and The Empress studied her for a few seconds. The Moon Child had bright fire red hair and dazzling purple eyes. An unusual combination the Empress mused, no matter she is gone soon! “Please, please let him go I beg you!” The female sobbed. “ I will take his punishment. It is not his fault....” The sentence was cut off by choking sounds as the Empress slowly squeezed her neck using her powers. The Empress released her when the Moon Child look like she was about to pass out. “ You dare speak in MY court you stupid f*****g w***e? I would be more worried about yourself if I were you! Bring her to me!“ The Chaos Empress ordered. Two guards picked up the girl and walked towards the Empress.  “No, don’t you f*****g touch her!” Richard shouted and lunged towards his mate. Immediately Four Chaos Guards tackle him to the ground. “ How sweet, you trying to protect your mate even though it is hopeless!” The Empress crowed in triumph. Fear swept through Richard’s periwinkle blue eyes. “ What you did not think I notice your mark on the filthy w***e? You could have rejected her and come back to me. But now you shall suffer for your misjudgement!“ The Empress snapped. The Empress then called to the Spirits of Chaos. The black mist laced around her arm and settled on her fingers. She willed her fingers to change into long silver needles. She then thrust the needle-shaped fingers into the Moon Child’s heart.  The Moon Child screamed as green blood started to spurt from the punctures. The Empress smiled at the pain she was inflicting. “I curse you to live the six sorrows of a mortal. You will forget your immortal existence and shall be banished from this realm!" The black fog started to engulf the Moon Child and she turns he purple eyes to the sobbing man on the floor.  “Be strong my Love, for my heart will be forever yours!" The Moon-child said, as the black fog started to swirl around her head, eventually covering it. The black fog then vibrated for a few seconds. “This is my will!” Shouted the Empress joyfully, her eyes now completely black as she let her Chaos Spirits take over. There was a huge blast of energy that knocked the Chaos Courtiers to the ground. The black thick fog dissipated and the Moon Child had vanished. Richard screamed in agony as he felt his bond being torn and he passed out into the blackness. The Empress looked satisfied as she licked the green blood from her fingers. She willed her fingers back to her preferred shape as she watched Richard’s unconscious body being pulled to the Dark Mountain. “See you in a thousand years! Servant, bring me some blood wine and tell the guards to make sure he awake when the lightning strike. I want to hear his pain!” The Empress said before laughing at what she had just done.

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