Under The Red Lights

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"This can't be true. Omegas can't get pregnant."

She looked at her mother, who was standing in the corner of the room, her eyes filled with remorse, so she shouted at her, saying, "What the hell have you done?"

She did not finish her sentence as she saw the door fly across the room and hit the wall after it was shattered into pieces, followed by the entry of her monster with glowing red eyes, who smirked and then said, "You have something that belongs to me; I came to claim it."

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“The person you are trying to reach is not available at this moment. Please leave your message after the beep.” Lilith cursed her luck after she hung up the phone and hit her head lightly on the closet while saying, “Damn you, Chris; of all days you have to be damn late today.” While she was standing next to the closet, she heard the sound of the bell hanging above the front door. She grumbled silently, then put that fake smile on her face and went out to see who had decided to come to this shity restaurant to ruin her mood after her friend Chris had completely ruined her plans for the evening. It was the drunk old man who used to come at this particular time, but she had never dealt with him before. It was Chris who dealt with him every time. The old man was staggering from his usual drunkenness, and when he saw her, he growled angrily and then said, “Bring me a glass of beer and some chicken, you stupid omega.” Lilith almost slapped him, but she remembered that she needed her job and could not lose it, so she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she headed to the kitchen and told Jeffrey the cook what the old man had asked, then she continued cursing Chris. She would now be at home, studying for the university test that she had been preparing for a while ago. Lilith did not want to go out to her place behind the cashier so that she would not fall like an appetiser plate on the old man’s table and that he would continue to bully her. While she was trying to call Chris for the hundredth time, she heard the sound of the front door bell, followed by some howling and laughter. Lilith almost cried over her very bad luck. They were a bunch of eccentric teenagers who came to this restaurant after every baseball match to make some trouble. Lilith pulled herself together, took the old man's food, and headed outside, prepared to receive all kinds of bad words that would spoil the rest of her day. Lilith was surprised that the old man did not notice her presence. He was busy picking a fight with one of the teenagers, and it seemed that he was the leader of the group. She smiled secretly, then put the dishes down and was about to leave, but she stopped at the smashing sound while the old man said, “You have ruined my mood, you little bastard.” Lilith gasped as she turned back. The old man was standing in front of his table, while in front of him was the group of teenagers, with visible fangs and claws, and she saw the blood flowing from their leader's head and the remains of the beer glass scatteredon the floor. Lilith blinked again when she saw that the old man had also transformed, but as a complete wolf this time. Her anger was beginning to increase as she cursed loudly. If the restaurant manager came and saw this mess, her salary would be cut, and she alone would bear the blame. Each of them began to growl at each other, but before they could get into a serious fight, the door opened, and they heard a loud and powerful growl from one who had just entered that made everyone retreat in fear, even Lilith. After the teens saw the alpha's red eyes, they ran out of the place, while the old man quickly returned to his human form. Although he was not the alpha of their pack, his eyes radiated power, so no one dared to say anything; even Jeffrey did not come out of the kitchen. But despite Lilith's fear, her wolf Leah had a different opinion, as it began to swirl inside her mind. It was like a headache for Lilith, who said inside her mind, "Can you please stop that? Why are you so excited? He is not even your mate." "I know, but I want to bite him badly. He smells disgusting. Shoo him away," Leah said, still circling in Lilith's mind. Lilith's eyes widened as she said to her wolf, "Are you out of your f*****g mind? He's an alpha." Lilith glanced at the alpha to find him staring at her. Lilith blocked her wolf; this was very easy. Her wolf was weak anyway. Lilith did not feel comfortable with his gaze. As the alpha approached her, Lilith could not take her eyes off him.But as soon as he stood in front of her, she scratched her nose. Leah was right; his smell was strange and disgusting. Lilith quickly stepped back, placing her hand on her nose, and then said, “Stop, my God, what is this?” He furrowed his eyebrows in surprise that soon turned to anger, then said in a deep voice, “What the f**k are you doing, Omega?” Lilith could not stop Leah any longer, as the smell was driving her crazy, so Leah gave Lilith a brave push and said unconsciously, "Put your clothes on and step back. Gosh, you smell disgusting." Behind him was a man, but he was not bare-chested. He could not suppress his laughter, so the alpha looked at him with a look that made him bite his lip to suppress his laughter, while he returned his sharp gaze to the short Lilith facing him, then said, “Brave of you, Omega; to say such a thing to an alpha, you must have a death wish.” Leah was controlling Lilith's mind completely; she didn't even think twice when she said, "I don't give a s**t; you're not my alpha; so put your clothes on." The alpha clenched his jaw as he gave her a look that, if eyes could kill, Lilith right now would be about six feet under. He gave her a last look, then he left the place, and on his way out, Chris was coming in, following him with her eyes while biting her lip. Then, when he disappeared, she turned to Lilith and said, “Who is this hottie? Do you know him?” Lilith finally sent Leah to the back of her mind, sighing in relief that the alpha didn't rip her head off. She punched Chris in the arm, then left her and went to gather her things to leave. It was a long, scary, and disgusting day. Lilith spent the next twenty minutes trying to escape from Chris' grip, who was trying to apologise for being late, and then finally Chris let her go because she had to prepare for the university entrance exam. Lilith came out of the restaurant, carrying her bag and putting her hands inside the pockets of her coat. Although the weather was not that cold, Lilith, because of her weakness, always felt cold. Her wolf was not like other wolves. This was the case with all omegas. Lilith quickened her steps as she saw the darkness approaching step by step. It was dangerous for the Omegas to walk out this late, as it was an opportunity for all the rouge wolves to harm them. After Lilith had reached half the way to her house, she felt that someone was following her. She always felt that way, but today she felt danger. She kept looking behind her several times but did not find anyone. Only when she decided to run and when she passed by the first alley, she felt a hand placed over her mouth. Lilith tried to get away, but the arm that wrapped around her waist was strong, and her eyes widened in horror when she felt her wolf lose consciousness, and her physical strength began to fail. Lilith could not resist any longer in the absence of her wolf, and soon she lost consciousness as well. Lilith felt the voice of her wolf, Leah, trying to wake her up, but her body was very heavy, and she could not even open her eyes. Leah was also weak, so that did not help Lilith move a muscle. The next thing she felt was something soft beneath her, and a hand was moving across her hair and face. After that, she heard several voices, but she could not distinguish anything from what they said. Her concentration was destroyed because of the numbness and dizziness she felt, but she never lost that hand, which was still in her hair. Lilith wanted to scream when she felt that hand slip into her clothes, but she felt more dizzy when Leah lost consciousness again. Lilith was struggling to open her eyes or to keep her consciousness steady, but she could not, and she quickly fell into the darkness again. The next moment that Lilith was able to regain consciousness was due to the pain. It was a burning pain that made her scream, or so she thought, but her scream came out in the form of a moan that quickly disappeared because of those lips that met hers. A tear escaped from her colsed eyes, while screaming filled her mind as she begged her wolf to wake up and give her some strength to move even her hand. She knew what he was doing to her. She knew who this smell belonged to. She wanted to run away, but she remained like a corpse in his hands. She could not even open her eyes. The words that Lillith had been screaming in her mind escaped from her mouth, so they came out as a whisper, but he definitely heard them, “Please, stop.” But that made him push inside her deeper and harder, not caring about her tears that did not stop or her body that was screaming in pain. Lilith could not bear the pain of her body and her heart, which were shattered into pieces as soon as she heard him laugh. The pain was driving her mind crazy. She wanted to die; she wanted to dig her nails into his hands that were moving freely over her body; she wanted to tear off his lips that were sucking her skin and soul from time to time. He was not gentle with her. This was her first time, and she wanted to keep it for her mate. He ruined her life. With the next rough kiss that left her lips, Lilith lost consciousness for the third time, and she wished she would never wake up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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