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Bluebell Kelley was the black sheep of the Blood Stone pack. Overweight and clumsy, she was a total loser who was despised by everyone else, even her parents.

Ace Lucky Stone, Alpha of the Blood Stone pack was the stark contrary. Handsome and popular, he was Stone high school’s sweetheart - every teenage girl imagined herself in love with him.

Pointless to say that Bluebell’s love for Ace was not even fathomable, she was the least likely candidate for the role. Her unrequited love remained concealed until one day, Ace humiliated her in front of the whole school. On top of that, some mean girls made a mockery of her feelings for Ace all over the internet, causing her to be a greater source of entertainment for her peers.

What broke her was the fact that discovering that Ace was her fated mate was no source of happiness for him. Enraged, Ace along with his friends cornered her for another ragging. Bluebell found that her only escape was death, she figured that it was the only way to prove her sincerity. That would surely deliver her free from all the hassles.

What she wasn’t counting on? A deal with a magical being who offered her the power to be reborn as whoever she coveted. And guess who she wished to be reborn into? The Queen Luna: Theia Varro, the strongest of them all. What happens when Blue came back as her reborn self?

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“I, Ace Lucky Stone, future Alpha of the Blood Stone pack, reject you Omega Bluebell Kelley as my mate and partner.” Bluebell felt the air deflate from her body and she would have fallen to the ground had she not been withheld by two boys, one at each side. Captive in their tight grasps, the pressure was causing her pain, but it was nothing compared to the anguish which assuaged her at the harsh words. Words ejected by the future Alpha of her pack, who was rejecting her without mercy. In one rush, she opened her mouth to speak, only to realize that it was parched. Her tongue darted out to moisten the dry lips, but still no words would come out from her. Ace Lucky Stone didn’t have any of the misgivings she was feeling. Instead, he snickered at her defeated posture, and she was straightened to an upright position by her two antagonists when all she wanted was to bend her body to withstand the pain. Biting her lips to brace herself instead, she refused to accept the rejection, unable to help the tears pooling in her eyes which blinded her. Out of sheer despair, she blinked them back, praying that they would not fall in front of them. Ace and his sidekicks had always alienated her to the extent where she avoided them like plague at the merest sight. She was a useless and worthless omega which had nothing to do with their high ranks. Imagine Ace’s despair and disgust when he discovered that she was his destined mate. That was surely a prank which the Moon Goddess had pulled on her. Like her life wasn’t complicated enough. “Accept the rejection!” Noah Reddington shouted by shaking her fat body and cringed with shame when they guffawed loudly at her appalled state. Were there any more insults that she could endure at their hands? With all the pain surrounding her, Blue was having difficulty in breathing, and she felt mortified when tears started running out of her nose. Would she be subjected to more humiliation, more demeaning? Wasn’t it enough that they used to bully her? Now, they were practically forcing her to give up on her mate. Although she had never deigned believe that Ace Lucky Stone, the future Alpha of the pack would end up being her mate, she had imagined sweet things about her future partner. Him rejecting her on his birthday had definitely not been in the plan. But come to think of it, who would have accepted her? She was not only inferior in every way, but she was fat and not that pretty. Didn’t her mother take personal pleasure into reminding her how much of a wretch she was? Every opportunity her mother would get? Or without any particular reason if it helped Portia Kelley evacuate her stress. Blue was her punching bag, and she should have grown used to the mistreatment by now. More maudlin self-pity gripped her, and the tears flooded her face until she was unable to see through the misty haze. “Accept the rejection!” Trevor Miller, Ace’s Beta commanded her with a forceful pull on her right arm. Unable to resist, she cried out in a sob, the physical pain a cover for the internal distress she was experiencing. In a pure moment of revolt against her whole life, Blue screamed louder, and pulled her hands free out of their captivity in a sudden jerky movement. Unexpecting a reaction from her, she managed to liberate herself from both Trevor and Noah at the same time, and still crying like a banshee, her legs automatically carried her further into the woods. Unused to the exercise, she lost her shoe during the escape, but was too terrified to stop feeling them at her heels. At that precise moment, she felt exactly like Lot’s wife would have experienced while running for her life. Don’t look back! Don’t look back! The temptation was irresistible, but she knew it would slow her down given her lack of fitness. In the end they would say the same thing about her: she was deemed unworthy to be saved and thus was turned to a pillar of salt. Without the protection of her shoes, rocks pricked her naked feet tearing through the soft skin, and she winced in pain but kept up with her pace. Blood oozed out of her ground, but she kept going until out of breath she reached the Forbidden forest. Nobody from their pack had ventured so far into the forest, or anyone who had was no longer alive to tell. For the merest second, her pace slowed, and she jogged towards the imaginary line which had never been crossed before. When she heard the ruffling of leaves behind her though, she thought nothing of it and jumped towards the other side with her heart in her throat. A large oak tree hid her form from their gazes, and she took a moment to catch her breath, praying that the boys wouldn’t venture further into the forbidden territory. She was saved. When she saw Ace trespass the borderline mere inches away from her sanctuary, she was horrified. Without thinking, she pushed him back, and ran deep into the Forbidden forest not hesitating a bit. “Red, waiiiiit!!!!” Ace shrieked in warning, but Blue was even more pissed at him by the misuse of her name. She knew he did it on purpose. How hard was it to remember one single color? Seriously? They’d known each other for all their lives, but she had been upgraded to being his target only in high school. “My name’s Blue!!!” she shouted, but her voice got lost in the wind as she sprinted in the opposite direction, away from the three guys who stood near the sign which marked the territory of the forbidden. After five minutes of sprint, she slowed her pace, and jogged towards an abandoned well, leaning against the opening to catch her breath. When her heart had stabilized against her chest after pounding like a jackhammer, Blue took the moment of reprieve to think over her future. Once back, they would force her to accept Ace’s rejection, and that was something she would never allow herself to do. For one, she was madly in love with Ace Lucky Stone. Yeah, tough luck. The problem was that Ace was everything she could never be - rich, sexy, and charismatic. Of course not to forget, he was an Alpha, the most powerful being in their pack. She would never get over the rejection. N.E.V.E.R! It was better to die than going back to that pathetic life. Dear Moon Goddess, I wish to be reborn the strongest of them all. Please give me a chance to make them pay for their atrocities!

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