Chapter 1

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I didn't think a time would come when my best friend and the most perfect boyfriend will break my heart. I loved Josh with every fiber in my body but I was so wrong to do that, on the day of our wedding, I found him in a passionate make out with my best friend. I was frozen as they two moaned in pleasure and when I confronted them, their words shattered me, I had no wolf as she didn't appear on my sixteenth birthday for reasons unknown hence Josh couldn't risk having wolfless children especially since he's to be the alpha of the pack, my pack. ... "I don't know which one to get between these," I turn to my best friend, Naomi is very indecisive when it comes to her clothes hence, needs me to help her. " The blue one?" It's a beautiful blue dress that reaches her knees, but she scowls as she assesses the similar one in her other hand. She throws it in my face and says " I like the red one, it's more explicit!" I put the dress she discarded where it's supposed to be. " You're wearing that for the wedding?" I ask and she shakes her head. " No, for the alpha ceremony on Saturday," I honestly have no idea why she even asks for my opinion when she doesn't consider my input. My eyes wander off to the vast pack, pride pack is really beautiful with a huge Forest and waterfalls just beyond it. I inwardly sigh and check the phone again. " Josh didn't call... Again?" Naomi notices my sadness and hugs me. " I'm sure he's busy with training and all," " You always make an excuse," I grumble. Josh and I are to be married next month, yet he lets his parents do all the planning and has been avoiding me. I understand that he's beta and busy but lately, he's getting distant from me. Things were nice before his birthday. Josh and I have dated for five years but he's drifting away now, I can feel it. " Josh is confused. He is taking over your dad's position and the wedding, it's a bit much," Naomi explains, I'm looking at her confused, not because she knows what my fiancee is feeling because she genuinely sounds concerned. I mean she's my best friend and all but sometimes she can be a tad selfish and makes everything about her. " Now, help me with the shoes," yep, Naomi time as usual. I watch her clap her hands excitedly as she goes to the other section of the store. I sigh and get the phone to text Josh. ' Hey, babe. Are we still going out for dinner tonight?' I ask. A reply doesn't come and I join Naomi at the shoe section, surprisingly, she's texting on her phone and smiling. " Who's that? Brad?" I smile as I try to glance at her phone but she moves away from me. " No. Now help me!" She's dragging me to the other end. After helping her with her clothes and shoes, she finally asks. " What.. what are you wearing at the introduction?" I'm about to answer when my phone beeps, my heart flips as I jump to look at it, it's Josh! 'Yes, babe,' I'm smiling widely now and I reply with smiley emojis. " I know that dumb smile," she comments pointing her manicured finger at me and I blush. It's still surreal. We have been dating for a long time but he still makes me blush and stutter. I close my eyes and put my hands together. Goddess, let everything work out accordingly, I love Josh. After shopping, we go back to the packhouse. The packhouse is so big and 100 people live in it while others have neat comfortable houses around the pack grounds. It has red bricks and a large water fountain in the middle and a huge garden. A huge driveway and two pools. The veranda is big and there are couches to sit on. The inside is much prettier. Everything in it is top-notch. Each room has an ensuite bathroom and there are about three big living rooms that are fully equipped with flat screens and couches. We also have two game rooms that have all sorts of games. It also has a huge library. here everyone is busy doing their things. A few men who escorted us to the mall got the bags out of the car. " Hi, girls!" My Nana Bridget greets me while carrying a lot of curtains and shouting out orders. we wave at her. " Hi, Nana!" " Naomi, thank you," I smile and go to my dad's office. My father is the alpha of this pack, yet I have no wolf. Weird right, well, my mother was human. Several tests were carried out when I didn't transform on my sixteenth birthday, the doctors said I didn't have the gene. The pack elders told me to marry Joshua, the beta's son because it is not allowed for a werewolf to be led by a wolf less Alpha, which can leave the pack vulnerable to attacks. When I get to dad's office, as usual, he's busy on his laptop. " Pumpkin," he says without looking at me. I smile and go to hug him. " Daddy," He closes his files, now giving me all his attention. I scowl, my father looks tired. " Dad, is everything alright?" I ask worriedly. " Nothing I can't handle, the rogues and.." he trails off and my heart is scared. Rogues are troublemakers, they steal, sometimes kill, or r**e women. " Babe, " my dad pats my back. The last time the rogues attacked, I lost... " Hey, hey, relax, everything is alright," My father's voice rings in my head. I close my eyes momentarily, trying to clear my head. " I have news," I squint my eyes and look up at him. " What?" " The royal family is coming," My eyes are as wide as saucers. Werewolves are led by the king and queen, the most powerful rulers of all time. They are never in the public but every wolf knows them. My lips are trembling as I ask, " But why?" " Well, for your wedding, of course," he shrugs and chuckles like it's a normal thing. My dad has a special friendship with the royal family but I've never met anyone. " Okay," I say nervously. My dad holds my hands, I feel like a child to him. " Pumpkin, are you happy with this?" I kiss his forehead and cup his face. " I'm very happy with Josh, Dad," It's true, my heart is about to explode with happiness. " Your mom would be proud as I am," he says sadly and I bury myself in him
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