Chapter 2

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After the talk I had with dad, I go to my room and throw myself on the bed. I was supposed to do an assignment that is due next week but I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyelids, two cold blue eyes are staring at me, I almost jump. " Crystal!" I squeal, and she laughs out. Crystal is my other best friend, we've known each other since we were in diapers and I don't know my life without her. " You scared me," I throw a pillow in her face. She smiles and lies on the bed, facing the ceiling. " I'm exhausted!" She breaths. " Where were you?" I ask, she didn't join us shopping even though she said she would. " I let my wolf out," I take a seat at the dresser and stare in the mirror, all my friends have the werewolf gene except me. Crystal hugs my shoulder as she looks at me through the mirror. " I'm sorry Lucy, it's not your fault," she says looking sincere. I have two best friends who are opposite from each other and spend their time bickering. Crystal is calm and collected all the time while Naomi is all over the place, partying and missing class. " Why didn't you come shopping with us?" I ask as I brush my hair on the dresser. " My legs couldn't take going in different stores every five minutes," I chuckle at that. Crystal is a warrior and can flank a man twice her size, she can run for three hours straight yet her legs can't take her to a store. " Try harder," She sighs and gets a comb from my hands and starts to brush softly. " I was avoiding, Naomi," I twist my neck to look up to her, " Are you still fighting?" They had a huge fight at school three days ago but I thought they apologized and moved on. " Nothing important, we'll fix it. Don't worry your little head," she says and puts my hair in a bun since I'm going to shower. " You have a date," she says and I smile, a blush making its way to my cheeks. " You've always loved him," her voice has no emotions to it, it's just blank, so unlike her. I don't answer her. There is a long pause before she speaks. " You shouldn't be too loving," she sighs and goes to my closet then adds " or too trusting," I follow her there, wanting to know why she says that... " What do you mean," she puts away the shoes in her hands and turn to look at me. " We live in a mean world, Lucy. You've always been too Innocent," Crystal sounds angry and I'm confused. I grab her by the waist and turn her to me. " You don't have to worry about me," I say, we are both silent and I look for a dress for my date. " This one," Crystal says, showing me a black open dress, it reaches just above my knees and has a low neckline just enough to tease, and stilettos. " Perf," I smile. I rush into the shower and take a long bath, cleaning my brown hair thoroughly and using all the necessary products. My hair is a lot so I just usually put it in two French braids but it's not hard to maintain since it's not too long. It takes about twenty minutes to style and put gel in the edges, I smile. When I come out, Crystal is still there, looking at the pictures on my bedside table and others on the wall. There are pictures of all my loved ones, it's a wall of memories. " Hey," she smiles at me and shows me a picture of us. " I love this," she comments and says something I can't get. Too bad? " Have fun on your... Date," I watch her exit the room, lately, she acts strange and avoids us. I walk downstairs and meet my Dad who is busy on phone. He kisses my cheek softly and motions for me to give him a minute. After concluding his call, he walks toward me " Pumpkin, you look beautiful," he says. I smile " I'm going on a date," I tell him. He scowls. " I thought it was movie night," oops, I forget, Wednesday is movie night with Dad. " I'm sorry, Josh and I haven't.." I trail on my words but he cuts me. " I understand, just run along now," he says escorting me to the door. I hug him again, " Goodnight, Alpha Dad," he smiles. I used to call him that when I was a kid. " Don't stay up too long again," he warns. "It was just one time!" I shout as I go to the huge doors. The pack members I meet smile and compliment me on how beautiful I look. I inhale deeply as the cool breeze hits my legs. I glance at my phone again to check the time, josh said he'll pick me up at seven but it's already past. Should I text or wait? I don't want to seem too clingy. I fidget with my fingers while trying to figure out what to do but all my worries wash away as I see his car enter the driveway. Josh stops in front of me and waits a while before getting out. " Babe," he looks tired, I almost jump into his arms but I hold myself. Josh gives me a boyish smile and opens his arms to me. I smile back and run into them. " I missed you," I breathe in his embrace. We stay like that for a while before pulling apart. He pats my head " I'm not a dog," I say pushing it away, he likes to do that. " Ouch," he pretends to be hurt. " You look extra beautiful tonight," I blush " Thank you. You don't look bad yourself," He is smirking cockily, the i***t knows how hot he is. " Let's just go, Mr. cocky," I sigh, Josh opens the front door for me and I turn to give him a peg when I see something on his collar. " Is this lipstick on your shirt?"
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