The Prince And His Mysterious Mate

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Rain, a Dragon hybrid, has spent the majority of her life in captivity serving a formidable demon known as The Collector. Once considered merely a pet in his collection, Rain has managed to rise through the ranks and is now given the task of capturing a prized creature for The Collector's collection in the world above - a Dire Wolf hybrid. 

Caleb, the son of a powerful Phoenix hybrid Queen and Dire Wolf King, has always been dedicated to fulfilling his duties as a prince and maintaining peace among all species. When a powerful witch foresees an imminent danger in the city, Caleb willingly takes on the mission to investigate. 

Rain, who could potentially be one of Caleb's greatest adversaries, is also revealed to be his destined mate. Can Caleb win Rain's heart and earn her trust? And together, can they overcome the undercity and vanquish their enemies? Or will Caleb become the newest addition to The Collector's collection?

***This is the sequel to "The Alpha And His Mysterious Mate," and brings back all the main characters from the first book. However, it can be enjoyed as a standalone as all characters will be reintroduced.

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Rain POV Beneath a city ruled by vampires and werewolves lies another city, a place filled with forgotten criminals and mythical creatures that many dismiss as mere fairy tales. The creatures of this underground city rarely venture to the surface, and those above remain unaware of our existence. Those who stumble upon our hidden world never find their way back. I know this all too well, for I am one of them. I can no longer recall what life was like above ground or where I truly belong. I am different, as most who reside here are. I am not a werewolf or a vampire. I am a unique being, a hybrid of dragon and Fae. My existence was deemed unacceptable by the Fae, and they banished me to the human realm when I was just a child, forcing me to fend for myself. To protect my true identity, I hide my nature well. No one here knows what I truly am, only that I am not human. For years, I attempted to flee from this city, thinking of it as a prison. However, as time passed, it gradually became my home, and I began to embrace it, as I had nowhere else to go. The one who brought me to this city goes by the name of the collector — a demon, like most of the rulers here. His intent was to harness the power of extraordinary beings, including myself. Yet, my true nature was a mystery to him, so he called me special and decided that I would one day become his bride. As a result, I was provided with living arrangements and, over time, I gained his trust and worked alongside him. As time passed, the collector grew obsessed with any news he received about the city above ground. Once ruled strictly by werewolves and vampires, rumors began to circulate about a pure-blood vampire gifted with the powers of a Phoenix. This vampire was mated with a dire wolf, and strong werewolf, and together they stopped the alpha werewolves and vampire lords who preferred to use humans rather than coexist with them. The collector insisted we capture the phoenix or a child of her blood, so he allowed a select few informants to venture above ground and gather information. Apparently, they stumbled upon something significant, as I have been summoned for the first time to assist him in a plan to obtain this rare creature. I made my way to his office, eager to finally have an opportunity to prove myself and to leave this city for a short time. I walked up to his office door and eagerly knocked. “Come in, Rain,” he called out through the door in a low voice as I let myself in. “Good afternoon. How may I be of assistance?” I greeted him, and he smirked, then looked at two other individuals in the room. “You should learn a thing or two from Rain on how to respect your master,” he said to them, and they bowed their heads. “I have a job for you. I have received knowledge that the Phoenix’s son will be attending the training academy in the city above. I am sending you to lure him here so he can become part of my collection. I have decided he is too powerful and won’t be easy to capture, but I am sure someone like you will be able to get him here. Once he is in our city, he won’t be able to leave,” the collector instructed. “You are sending me above ground,” I said with a hint of excitement. “Yes, but you will be watched, and if you fail, you will not be given another opportunity,” he responded. “I won’t fail,” I promised. “You have one month. I have arranged for you to have living arrangements in that city. Here is a file with all the information,” he said, handing it to me. “I won’t let you down,” I responded, opening the file and taking a seat. “Once you return, we will start discussing an official date for me to make you mine,” the collector said, getting up and placing a hand on my shoulder. “I look forward to it,” I responded, as I gave him a smile. I had no romantic feelings for him, but accepting meant my safety in this world. Flipping open the file, I scanned its contents. The creature the Collector wanted was Caleb, described as a powerful being. His parents, Sage, the Pure Blood Vampire ruler, and her mates, Zane and Alex, were mentioned, along with Caleb’s younger sister, Kali. They all lived outside the city away from Caleb, making Caleb the only easy target for collection. According to the file, Caleb possessed both vampire and dire wolf traits. While he lacked his mother’s phoenix, he still possessed some of her unique powers, like wielding fire. A note in the file mentioned he may possess reincarnation, though no concrete evidence was found. It claimed that Caleb might be one of the strongest beings alive, even surpassing his mother’s strength. As I read, a chuckle escaped my lips. The collector looked at me with interest. “It claims he is strong, but I wonder if he is stronger than some of your pets,” I replied, a smirk tugging at my lips. The collector’s smile widened, his gaze fixed on me. “My strongest pet sits in that chair,” he stated, gesturing towards me. I knew he spoke the truth. A mere werewolf was no match for me. If only he knew who I was, my freedom might be compromised. That being said, I was confident that I could break free from any cage he attempted to confine me to now that I was older and stronger. Thing was, I wanted to be with him. I stayed here willingly, considering this place in my home. Others trapped within these walls call me crazy, but when my kind cast me aside and banished me to a different realm, the collector became my family, providing me with purpose. Excusing myself, I made my way back to my cramped living quarters. I grabbed a worn-out bag and stuffed my few belongings inside. I doubted anything I owned could make me fit in. I may need to ask about getting clothing more suitable for the city above. I need to blend in. In order to lure the collector’s latest obsession. My reputation here was built upon my ability to manipulate men, which is precisely why I was chosen for this task. As a fae, I possess the power to cast hypnotic spells, yet concealing my true identity has always been a challenge while using my power. I must spend time with my target in order for my ability to work as it takes time. This job may be hard. However, I am confident in my ability to succeed. Who knows, perhaps it will be enjoyable to have a new pet in the Collector’s collection. Some of them are fun to talk with. They are the only friends I’m allowed after all. After some time passed, one of the Collector’s men came to fetch me. “I’m ready,” I said as he guided me out of the main building where I lived. Together, we walked towards a towering stone wall guarded by several men. Papers were exchanged, and with a creak, the door swung open, granting us passage to an underground staircase. As we climbed the stairs, my heart quickened. I wanted to breathe in the fresher air and witness the sky once more. It had been so long since I had seen it. I closed my eyes for a moment once at the top, savoring the anticipation, before opening them to the brilliant blue sky above. The sight was breathtaking, and I knew this job was worthwhile, if only for the chance to witness such a view, even if it was short. I etched the image deep into my mind, determined to remember it always. “Move along,” the nameless man by my side urged, his voice snapping me back to reality. I followed his lead as we embarked on a long walk through busy streets filled with an eclectic mix of creatures and humans. Eventually, we stopped in front of a small building. “This is the training academy dormitory,” he informed me, gesturing towards the entrance. “A room has been prepared for you, and a request has been sent stating that you will observe the classes as a potential high-end student.” He handed me a bundle of information, providing me with all the details. “The room is stocked with new clothing and funds for your meals,” he continued, ensuring I had everything I needed. With that, he departed, leaving me alone to embark on my new job. The room I was provided with was small, but the air alone was refreshing. I unpacked and changed into one of the outfits provided. Eager to familiarize myself with the area, I headed to a small coffee shop on the training academy campus. I was grateful for the map and the student identification card that allowed me to make purchases. Unlike the shops in the Undercity, which were often filled with criminals and unhappy individuals, the coffee shop I entered was vibrant and alive. Some sat alone, reading books or working on their computers, while the majority gathered in small groups, sharing laughter and enjoyment. This was unfamiliar to me and, in some ways, even repulsive. In my eyes, most friendships seemed fake, with people hiding their true selves out of fear of rejection. However, I couldn’t deny that I, too, hid a part of myself from others. After ordering my coffee, I settled into a plush armchair near a window. As I plugged in my earbuds and lost myself in the music, I continued to observe my surroundings. The view outside the window was busy, with people walking and cars passing by. As the hours passed, I actually enjoyed my observations. And then, my target entered the coffee shop with a small group of friends. I made sure not to draw attention to myself, but I couldn’t help but notice his eyes wandering in my direction. It felt as though an invisible force was compelling me to meet his gaze, but I resisted the temptation. Sitting at a nearby table, his presence radiated strength and power. I turned down my music, hoping to eavesdrop on his group’s conversations. Each piece of information I gathered about him could be useful, as I needed to gain his trust before I could employ my hypnosis technique. Securing a moment alone with him was crucial, and it could take several attempts. I was determined not to fail. This mission was my chance to prove my worthiness.

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