Chapter Two

574 Words
Chapter Two Mistress Sophia sits in a chair on the deck balancing a plate of food on her lap. “Fluffy! Here girl,” she calls. Fluffy crawls to her and lies at her feet. “Have you been a good girl?” Mistress asks, as she holds up a piece of steak in her hand. Fluffy looks her in the eye and smiles. “Up! Sit up, nice and tall. Cross your legs, that’s it good girl. No modesty for you my lovely little w***e,” Mistress says quietly and Fluffy sits up. Mistress places the tender meat in her pet’s mouth then runs her hand over Fluffy’s hair. “There’s my good girl,” she says. Master Mark has changed Fluffy into a short skirt with pink cotton panties underneath it. A thin tank top is barely containing her breasts and allowing her large n*****s to be shown off beautifully through the clingy fabric. As Fluffy sits with her legs crossed and her head respectfully bowed, anyone who wants to, can clearly see her panties as her legs splay wide open. “So, I take it you and Paul like our pets?” Mistress Sophia asks. “We sure do. What’s not to like?” Stacey says, as she allows her eyes to linger on Fluffy. “I had to convince Mark that buying pets would be a fun lifestyle and hobby for us to have,” Sophia says. “He grew up with dogs and only thought of how much work it would be. I said ‘honey, these human pets are our servants too, our slaves. They will make our lives easier, not harder.’ Needless to say, he was won over right away.” “You got that right,” Mark answers, as he rests his feet on Rex’s back as Rex kneels on all fours in front of him, naked. Rex is free of his c**k cage and his balls are on full display. “Mistress tells me you were allowed to release all of that pent-up pressure, boy. Maybe that’s why you seem calmer. Is that why you are more relaxed little pup? I see those massive balls of yours don’t look quite as blue anymore,” Master continues, much to Rex’s dismay. “They are rather impressive, I must admit,” Paul says, as he stares at the picture in front of him, finding it hard to believe that his friend Mark owns two human pets and is using one of them as a footstool. He can’t take his eyes off Rex’s beautiful body. He studies Rex’s strong shoulders and back, his ass and powerful thighs. Paul feels his own excitement building at the sight of the humiliated naked man at his Master’s feet and he feels his erection throbbing and straining inside his pants. When Mark has finished his meal he removes his feet from Rex’s back. “There’s a good boy,” he says, as he pats Rex’s head. “Lie down now honey away you go, but stay where we can keep an eye on you,” he says dismissively and Paul is further shocked to see Rex crawl down the stairs and across the grass to the back of the garden where two small wooden enclosures sit side by side. He watches as Rex crawls into one of them and lies down on a thick mat. “He will be under firm control tonight but I can understand why he finds that beautiful c**k so hard to resist, can’t you?” Mark asks, looking at Paul. “I can, yea,” Paul answers. “Getting him into the cage or the mittens will be just what the doctor ordered for our bad boy at bedtime I think,” Mark says. “What do you think?” “I think that would be a great idea,” Paul says, feeling ready to explode with excitement. “Good, how’s your beer doing?” Mark asks, as he heads into the kitchen.
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