Pulp Fiction


A kinky fairytale fantasy told with humor and heart. Imagine a world of the future where human designer clones are raised to adulthood in government institutions to be sold as pets to the privileged few who can afford them. Mistress Sophia and Master Mark live in such a world, proud owners of two beautiful pets; a young man and a woman. They love their pets and treat them well, obeying the laws of state-sponsored pet ownership. Although sometimes pets need patient training, discipline, and sometimes even punishments, helping them to remember to serve without question and place the needs of others ahead of their own. However, when Sophia runs into her old friend Jane, she becomes aware that Jane’s pets are being mistreated. Suddenly Sophia is forced to ask herself questions she had never considered before. Without warning, the lifestyle she and Mark have taken for granted and enjoyed for years is suddenly called into question. When do discipline and control become abuse? What should happen to pets and owners when owners cross the line and what are the laws governing all of it? Is revenge a dish that is best served cold? Or should it be piping hot?

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Chapter One-1
Chapter One “Shhhh boy,” Mistress says as she looks at her new slave. Carefully she inspects the tight straps holding her new puppy boy to the bondage table. He searches her face worriedly and she feels herself tighten with excitement at his vulnerability and the look in his eyes as he struggles. He has been her possession for just under one month. Although he received the standard training that all would-be slaves receive in the government-run, two year pre ownership program, he’s still a young man who is easily aroused, energetic and impulsive. He is also unruly and often not obedient enough for her liking. She already feels genuine affection for him and so does her husband Mark, his new Master. Generally speaking their pup has adjusted well to life at his new home and he has shown little, if any jealousy towards their puppy girl, Fluffy but Mistress knows he still has a long way to go in his training and she loves reminding him, time and time again that he belongs to her now and whether he likes it or not, he is her new toy to use and enjoy as she sees fit. “Now, now Rex,” she says, using the condescending tone she adopts when she is excited about exercising her new power over him. “You know you were a bad boy and bad puppy boy’s need to be punished don’t they? Hmm?” she asks, knowing full well that he will not speak when she has him in the role of a pet. The lesson about speaking out-of-turn had been sharply given to him one week earlier and the mark of her paddle had stayed on his ass for several days. She loved seeing Rex strapped uncomfortably into a ball gag, following obediently behind her on his hands and knees. When their friends were visiting, all of them, except little Fluffy of course, had taken such delight in further humiliating him by commenting on his misbehavior. They had spanked, patted and kneaded his athletic ass, marked as it was with the constant reminder of his disobedient behavior and his continuing need for discipline and punishment. “You are not allowed to touch yourself boy,” Mistress says, as she looks at her bound slave on the bondage table. “Your body belongs to me now. You are my prized possession, see?” she says, un-strapping Rex’s heavy leather arm restraint and showing him the faint design on his skin. He sees his Mistress’ and his Master’s crest on the inside of his wrist. He looks at the two beautifully written letters; an S and an M, inside a small circle the size of a dime marking Rex as their own. “See? The S is for Sophia and the M is for Mark or I suppose it could stand for Sadistic Mistress or maybe Mistress and slave, Master Mark and slave, sadist and masochist maybe. They all work so well too, don’t they pet? The point is you are mine. Yes, you keep your eyes on me. Good boy, I am pleased that you have remembered your lesson that puppies do not speak but unfortunately you have a new lesson to learn today.” Mistress turns her gaze to Rex’s smooth, supple body, a body made hard with hours of daily exercise and diet restrictions imposed on him during the pre-ownership program and even before that time, when he grew up in a government institution. Such had been his lot in life as a designer clone who was raised to be sold as an adult to serve the whims, needs and desires of his eventual owners. Securing his wrist once again, Mistress feasts her eyes on his beautiful body. She checks that the straps around his neck, upper arms, chest, waist, thighs and ankles are tightly secure. She is enjoying the power she wields over him and feeling very excited that he is completely immobile. His c**k is naked and unrestrained and it stands in a full magnificent erection. “Such a greedy puppy,” Mistress says as she gently strokes his rock-hard shaft. “You were caught playing with my new toy. How on earth can I train you and bring you to heel if I don’t have control over your pleasure? How on earth would anyone control you if you were just free to pleasure yourself any old time you felt like it? I am going to give you permission to speak. Nod your head if you understand,” she asks condescendingly, further adding to his humiliation. Rex nods his head. “Good boy now, who does this beautiful hard c**k belong to?” she asks. “It belongs to you Mistress and Master Mark.” “Yes, and because you misbehaved I need to lock it up. You will be uncomfortable. The pressure will constantly make you think about our c**k, right there between your legs but you will have no access to it. Your Mistress holds the key and she will decide when you are ready to be released. You will learn. You will wait and someday you will be a good boy,” Sophia says, as she places lubricating cream on Rex’s balls, exciting him in his bondage as he lies so tightly bound, unable to stop what she is doing to him against his will. Securing the ring around them, Mistress Sophia then waits patiently for him to calm down. She lightly slaps his c**k, softening it enough to secure him into the metal cage that she holds in her hand. She starts pulling his skin and adjusting the metal mesh until he is fitted into it snugly and perfectly. When his c**k is in as far as it will go, she continues to adjust it because she can. She then locks the cage in place with a tiny pad lock. “There, much better and for the next three days at least, you will have an excellent opportunity to reflect on your behavior and think about all of the wonderful rewards that obedient puppies are able to enjoy when their Mistress and Master see that they have earned them. Have I made myself clear? Speak,” her voice is suddenly louder and commanding. “Yes Mistress,” Rex answers. “The good news is, by the time Mistress Stacey and Master Paul get here, I will probably be able to release you if you are obedient.” For the next few days, Rex remains in the c**k cage. Mistress sees his bound balls and caged c**k and is constantly reminded of her power over him and his complete submission to her. On the occasions when he is taken out in the car and allowed to be dressed, Mistress likes the way he looks with the cage straining against the crotch of his summer shorts or his faded jeans and she looks forward to when they get back home or go to the pet park when he is once again naked and her domination of him is on full display. On Friday evening their friends Stacey and Paul have arrived for the weekend. Several other friends have also gathered at their house to watch a baseball game on the big hologram screen. Mistress has taken Rex back into the playroom to see if he is ready to come out of his cage. “Good boy, such a good patient pup you have been,” she says, acknowledging his model behavior over the last three days but not yet feeling ready to grant his freedom. She looks at his tightly restrained body on the bondage table. He is naked except for his collar and c**k cage. “You will continue to be good pup, won’t you boy? I know you don’t want me to take you out to the living room and place you in the corner. No, you don’t want to be punished in front of Master and all of our friends as they enjoy the game. You wouldn’t like that too much, would you? Shall I let Master use you as a nice table for his beer or a footstool to help you remember your lessons? No, I don’t think that will be necessary but you must learn, and the lesson to be learned is simple. This,” she says stroking his skin through the cage and ball ring, “is mine.” She continues to torment him. Her skilled hands are exciting him and she is watching his face as he struggles to stay quiet and calm. She knows how much he wants to release his pent up tension but she will deny him the joy of doing so, for a little while longer. The thick leather straps squeak as he attempt to move. “There’s a good boy,” she says as she moves her hands away from his aching body as he begs silently with his eyes for permission to be released from his cage and played with. “No, you will learn to wait and be a patient boy. My job is to help you as you learn and I know you will continue to make progress.” She smiles at her new toy and caresses his cheek. “You were a disobedient boy so you needed to be controlled and locked up. Do you understand? Speak pup.” “Yes Mistress.” “What have you done to deserve this punishment?” “I pleasured myself.” “And? Speak! Tell Mistress what you did that disappointed her.” “I disobeyed you, Mistress.” “That’s right and I can never allow that kind of behavior to go unpunished. You will stay calm until I choose what will happen next. Is that clear?” Rex nods his head. “What do you say?” “I’m sorry Mistress.” “Um hmm, and?” “Thank-you, Mistress.” “Well that’s a start,” she says, as she leaves the room. When she returns to the living room she sees her husband Mark in his favorite chair. Fluffy is sitting at his feet obediently. She is dressed in the tee shirt and cutoff jeans that he has allowed her to pick out for herself. “Well?” Mark asks, not needing to say any more. “Well, our bad boy is secured and I will check on him later,” Sophia says with a smile. Paul and his girlfriend Stacey are visiting from a neighboring state called Canberg where slave ownership is illegal. Canberg is referred to as a family state because infants, children and people of all ages are allowed to live there. States such as Hammersmith where Sophia and Mark live, are adult-only enclaves where human slavery has been legal and accepted as a way of life for several years. “Do you think you will need any help, Mistress?” Stacey asks. “You will get corrupted and want to move to Hammersmith to have pets of your own. I’m telling you woman, there is no turning back,” Sophia says with a broad smile. “Go ahead! Corrupt away!” Stacey says. “I want to know how it all works. We have applied for entrance papers and I think we have a good chance of being granted a permanent visa. I have so many questions to ask you.” “Tell you what, why don’t we take Fluffy out for a run at the track in the pet park and I’ll tell you all about it.” “Wonderful, let’s go,” Stacey says. As Sophia and Stacey walk to the park where the track is, Fluffy follows behind her Mistress at the end of her long leash. Fluffy is allowed to stand up and walk but the leash remains. It is attached to a black leather collar around her neck. Legally, the collars of slaves have to be kept on, and visible at all times so that everyone will know about their status as owned property. “So, how does the whole process work? If we moved here and wanted to buy a slave what would we have to do?” Stacey asks. “Well, you would apply for a permit and you would meet with the officials at the pre-ownership, general training centers. They would give you a detailed questionnaire and you would fill it out. After that you would go to a series of interviews to see if you are suitable for eligibility in the ownership program. You probably already know that we have laws for ownership and care stating that we must always provide our slaves with life’s necessities and give them love and protection but we are free to play with, train and use them to our liking within the limits of the law. We also have to agree to impromptu visits from the district government center staff to ensure our pets are contented and provided with care and discipline at all times.” “But you are allowed to punish them, right?” “Of course, punishment is essential to their wellbeing and ours but we don’t break their will. We will never cross the line and we respect their hard and soft limits. We have extensive knowledge of their personalities, likes, dislikes etc. but hey! We get to have a great deal of freedom within that framework.” The sun of early evening colors the grass and slants shadows across the sidewalk as they get near the park. “Heel! Good girl,” Sophia calls casually to Fluffy, causing Stacey to feel the thrill of excitement at her friend’s casual acceptance of her title as a Mistress and owner of another human being who is walking quietly and seemingly very happily, behind her. When they arrive at the park they find several people standing around as their pets run and play with each other on the grass. Most of the pets are wearing clothes. Some pets are partially dressed or naked and some are sitting quietly at the feet of the people who Stacey assumes are their owners, as the owners talk and laugh casually amongst themselves, largely ignoring the pets at their feet. Stacey sees two women with a naked man between them. He is collared and at the end of a thick chain leash. “I’m sorry,” the women who is holding his leash is saying to a man standing next to her. “I think Rusty is too tired for a playdate this evening. He’s ready for bed. We’re going to take him home very soon.” The pet sits up from his lying position and looks up expectantly at his Mistresses. Stacey is captivated by the scene and finds herself, unable to take her eyes away from the naked man as he sits between his two owners. One of the women wraps his chain leash around her hand several times, giving her extra control as she does so. She catches Stacey’s eye and invites her over. “Beautiful isn’t he?” she says proudly. “He, he certainly is,” Stacey stammers. “Please excuse me. I am from Canberg and I have never been here before. I’ve never seen,” she pauses to find the right words “anything like this before.” “I remember feeling the same way, years ago. We get that look a lot don’t we?” the woman says to her partner. “I thought you were from out-of-state. Would you like to pet him?” “Uh, yes, please.” “My name is Maureen,” she says. “This is my wife Laura and this is our pup, Rusty.” “Pleased to meet you all, I’m Stacey,” she says, as she extends her hand and places it on Rusty’s head. Sophia comes over with Fluffy and the group fall into easy conversation. “Go on Fluffy. Way you go girl, two laps,” Sophia says as she slaps Fluffy’s ass. “I was going to have her do at least five laps on the track but I guess we shouldn’t be out too long,” Sophia says to Stacey, as she watches Fluffy run off on the grass with the sun shining on her blonde hair like a spotlight. “We can go home sooner than later to check on Rex and see how he’s doing.” “I can hardly wait,” Stacey says with a big smile as she continues to stroke Rusty’s hair. “Lie on your back, boy display!” Maureen commands Rusty and in no time he is lying on his back with his legs bent up in the air and his erection visible for all to see. “Are you excited by your new friends? Is that why you are so frisky right now, boy?” Laura asks, and Stacey notices a blush color Rusty’s face and neck. “Oh, don’t be shy. We love your big-boy c**k, don’t we people?” There is the sound of easy laughter from some of the men and women who stand around enjoying the evening, the company of their park friends and the pets. After a few minutes Rusty is told to stand up and he walks obediently behind his Mistresses. Sophia and Stacey stay for several minutes talking, watching the pets running on the grass and comparing notes about them. “I guess we should go and check on Rex,” Sophia says. “Would you like to call Fluffy?” she asks. “Yea, can I take her leash on the way home?” “Of course, I have got to get you used to this whole pet ownership concept don’t I?” “Yes please,” Stacey answers. When they arrive home the baseball game has ended. Mark and their friends have gathered in the garden and on the back deck for a few drinks. “Perfect timing,” Mark calls. “I’m just about to start the grill.” He looks at Fluffy and says “come here girl, come to Master.” Stacey removes the leash from Fluffy’s collar and she walks over to her Master. “Did you have a good time at the park, little one?” Mark asks affectionately. Fluffy nods her head and Stacey is struck by the obvious warmth between the two of them. “Good girl, now we are going to go down to the grass, come on puppy follow me.” Mark leads Fluffy down to a part of the garden away from where the others have gathered. From where Stacey is standing on the deck, she can hear Mark’s voice as he addresses his pet girl. “Take off your clothes girl,” he says. Stacey is captivated as she watches the young woman remove her tee shirt, exposing her soft skin and full breasts. Stacey continues to watch as Fluffy takes off her shorts and the skimpy lace panties underneath them. Stacey looks at Fluffy’s smooth mound and her athletic feminine curves. She looks away for a moment and notices that the others are not at all concerned about what is going on with Fluffy although several of them look over from time to time to see what is happening as they talk animatedly and enjoy each other’s company. When Stacey returns her gaze to Fluffy and Master Mark, Fluffy is squatting on the grass at Mark’s feet, peeing on the lawn. When she is finished, Mark takes a tissue out of his pocket and wipes her p***y dry. Stacey then watches as Mark leads Fluffy into a door in the basement, carrying her clothes in his hand as she follows obediently behind him. “Mark will be right back with Fluffy. I’m going to check on my bad boy,” Sophia calls to Stacey from the kitchen. “Wanna come?” “Would I?” “Come hither woman,” Sophia says and they walk upstairs to the playroom. When they enter, they see Rex lying on the table calmly with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and his breath quickens when he hears his Mistress. “Now, there seems to be some unfinished business with you my pet, doesn’t there? You may speak.” “Yes Mistress.” “What have you learned, boy?” “I am not allowed to touch myself without permission Mistress.” “Good boy, do you deserve to be set free and rewarded?” Mistress asks, knowing that her slave will be deeply humiliated to be pleasured in full bondage in front of her friend but imagining that his need for release will override his humiliation. “Yes Mistress” “Oh you think so, do you? Of course you do,” Sophia’s voice is full of humor and affection for her new puppy. “Very well then, you have earned your reward. You have been a good boy. Mistress will take you out of that nasty cage and take care of you.” Stacey watches with fascination and overwhelming excitement as Sophia reaches into her pocket and pulls out a tiny key. She watches as Sophia slowly undoes the padlock, releasing the ball ring from the cage that had confined Rex for the past three days. Just this act of removing the ring and cage has given Rex a raging hard-on. Sophia opens a drawer in the bondage table and finds a blindfold. She places it on Rex’s eyes then slowly strokes his chest. She runs her fingers along his n*****s and stops to pinch and pull both of them, hard. He cries out and she doesn’t admonish him for using his voice spontaneously. “How do you expect me to resist you? Hmm? I can’t! You know that, don’t you? You are a very excited pup and because you have been such a good boy, you may come when you are ready pet,” she says, as her hand grazes Rex’s rock hard c**k. Rex sighs with relief and gratitude as she gently pulls his foreskin back. A groan escapes his lips and he is completely under her spell, responding to her touch as if an electric current is passing through him. Stacey stands beside Sophia with a clear view of Sophia’s dominance over her pet, her s*x slave, the man she was legally able to purchase. Sophia caresses Rex’s balls as she expertly tugs on his hard c**k. Stacey is alive with excitement at witnessing Rex’s captivity and dependence on Sophia and by Sophia’s dominance over him, as he lies tightly strapped down and helpless, beneath her. “Good boy, yes, see? Good boys get to play. That’s right, Rexie Mistress will take care of you honey, as long as you behave yourself.” Even Sophia’s condescending voice excites Stacey as she listens to Rex’s heavy breathing. “Come boy, that’s right, come for Mistress,” Sophia says as Rex releases his semen all over her hand. “There’s my good boy, such a beautiful boy. Thank you for waiting patiently. Now little puppy, Master and I will have to keep a much closer eye on you but we will, rest assured we will. We will not hesitate to restrain those hands, our c**k and balls. We will control you. Make no mistake. Now, let’s go and join our party on the deck after I get you cleaned up. Master is just about to make us our dinner. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

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