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-July 27: Monday- Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. After conditioning her mind, Daisy took her last glance at the class picture beside the stacks of pictures she has. Memorizing their names and physical appearance, she looked at the mirror while practicing her smile. "It's okay. You can do it." She encouraged, smiling at her reflection that perfectly displayed her long golden brown wavy hair that is nicely combed which complimented her blue eyes, paired with her violet sweater and denim ripped jeans. Looking down, she glanced at her red sneakers before walking towards the door, her bag full of needed school materials is hanging on her left shoulder. Reaching the last step, she nearly tripped if she hadn't noticed the black thread that id made to trip those who'll use the stairs. "Who the hell put this- A sandwich made way on her lips which caused her to stop talking, her eyes focused on her mother that purposely put the food on her. "No cussing, Daisy baby. And good morning." She greeted with a smile. Knowing that protesting about cussing won't do anything, she silently took the sandwich and chewed the part she bit. "But there's a thread here, mom." She said, pointing at the thread that nearly got her. "I nearly tripped." "Oh?" Following her daughter's finger, the confusion on her face disappeared and a chuckle escaped her lips. "It's not me who put that." She said, suppressing her laugh which made Daisy are at her. Raising her brow, Daisy took another bite. "Really?" She asked, her tone full of suspicion. "Yes. Now don't look at me like that." Her mom answered, followed by a laugh. There's no information written that mom is a prankster. Daisy thought, recalling all the things she read to know the people around her. Did I forgot to write it? Or maybe mom's really saying the truth? "If not you then who?" she asked, suspiciously looking at her mother. "Dad?" She scoffed. "My diary said nothing about my parents being a couple who's having fun by pranking me or anyone." she frowned. Instead of hearing her mom's answer, a voice of an unknown guy interrupted their conversation. "That's my welcome trick for you. Too bad you didn't fell for it." Looking at the direction where the voice came from, she was greeted by a guy with raven black hair, green eyes and is wearing a white shirt underneath his black leather jacket that is partnered with faded jeans and red sneakers, who’s comfortably sitting on the couch, a smirk plastered on his cocky looking face.  "Not gonna say hi or something?" He asked, confusing her more. “And you are?” Her response made him laugh, but that laughter sounded like an insult for her. What did I even do to this guy? She thought, starting to get annoyed with the personality of the person she’s talking to. “I asked for your name, not for your laughter.” “Eric.” Huh? Eric? Daisy confusedly repeated on her head. Eric? Eric…ah! “I know you!” she exclaimed, pointing her finger at the guy whose smirk widened. “You’re that stupid bad boy or something! Eric Anderson, right?” With that, Eric laughed once again, doubling the annoyance she’s feeling. “Hi auntie.” He politely greeted, causing for her mother to chuckle at him. “Good morning, Eric.” “Mom, I’m here. Your daughter.” Daisy said with a frown waving her hand in front of her mother who seemed to forget her existence. “You should’ve defended me against that…” she paused. “That new guy!” “Ouch.” His tone didn’t even show him being hurt, and just a monotonous one that sounded like another form of mocking her. “You’ve forgotten me just because I’m not here for four years?” Still, his tone didn’t show anything of the emotions that should’ve been present within the words he just stated. “Are you just here to annoy me or what?” she asked with a brow raised. Eric’s blank face lit up with a smirk as he stood up. “I’m here to pick you up.” He said, picking up his bag beside him. “Let’s go to school together.” “School?” she confusedly repeated. “You’re going to school with me too?” she asked, her confused gaze then turned into her mom who just smiled at her and shrugged her shoulders, causing for her to release a sigh. “Mom, seriously?” she asked, blankly looking at her who just chuckled and gave her a slight push to take a step forward. “Go now, you’re going to be late if you won’t go now.” She said, giving her another sandwich. “Now go.” She said, pushing her daughter once again which left her with no choice but to just frown and take another bite at the sandwich she first had. Passing by Eric who just silently looked at her, he turned to her mother and waved his hand, putting his bag on his right shoulder. “See you later, auntie.” He said before turning around, following the girl who’s dragging her feet to move towards the door. After he closed the door, the silence continued, making their way towards the gate longer than it was supposed to. But that was interrupted when Eric picked up a pebble from the ground and threw it at her. “What the-?!” Glaring at him, Daisy picked up a stone and threw it at him as well, but he dodged which made her roll her eyes and turn around muttering some words before continuing her steps, harshly opening the gate and closed it right behind her, creating a loud sound. Unfazed, Eric just smirked and jogged to catch up to her, opening and the closing the gate once again. “Where’s your car?” she asked after he stood beside her. With a proud grin, Eric pointed out at the black vehicle parked just in front of the house. “You want me to ride a…big motorcycle?” Daisy asked, slowly dragging the words while blankly looking at the transportation. “It’s called a big bike to be exact.” Eric explained, tossing a helmet to her before putting up a helmet to himself. “Hop on.” He wants me ride this thing? She thought, still uncomfortable with the thought of riding a vehicle she hasn’t read yet in her diary. Her gaze then turned on the gray helmet she caught. Seeing her hesitant, Eric spoke. “What? You gonna stand there till we’re both late?” For some reason, his whole existence irks me. Daisy thought before putting the helmet on her head, slowly walking towards the big bike. After sitting behind him, she wrapped her arms on his waist. “Don’t think anything wrong, okay? This is for my safety.” she clarified. “And please, if you’ll bring me to school again, at least try to use a car and not this big bike.” “Fine.” He complied. “But for now,” he paused as he started the engine. “Hold on tight because we’re speeding up.” “Speed wha- Instead of finishing her question, she ended up closing her eyes shut and tightened her grasp on his waist, not having the urge to shout due to the shock and surprise she felt after the vehicle started to move in a fast pace, feeling like her heart dropped and left her with nothing but empty body without a soul. Within a span of 5 minutes, they both arrived at the parking lot of Riverdale University: the best recommended school that is made for students with high social status and above average IQs. “Get off. We’re here.” He said, going off his big bike and calmly removed his helmet, both their big bike entrance and their social status. After hearing no response, he looked back at her. Daisy repeatedly shook her head to clear her mind, stopping herself from feeling nauseous with the new experience she just had. “Are we here?” she asked, tightly holding the helmet while blinking her eyes multiple times. “Eric’s back?” “See? I told you that I’m not lying!” “Looks like they’re together again.” “Get out now. We’re going to be late.” Eric said, taking the helmet from her hands and hanged it on his bike’s mirror. He then took her wrist and supported her to stand up. “You’re still a slowpoke.” Daisy removed her wrist and glared at him. “Your smirk irritates me.” She stated, before rolling her eyes. “No wonder you’ve got all the critiques and insults in my diary.” She muttered, walking past him and ignored all the gossips and the crowds. Eric, on the other hand, just remained smirking while looking at her retreating back. Soon, after the gossips became louder and started to piss him off, his smirk faded and a blank expression replaced it. “What are you looking at?” His cold voice surprised the crowd who slowly backed away from him. “Get lost. All of you.” And with that, all of them left the parking space, leaving him alone who started to walk in the same direction where Daisy headed. Being used with the people gossiping and looking at her, Daisy just remained quiet while trying to remember the school map she memorized last night in order to not get lost. Left…or right…wait, should I go straight? Stuck in the middle of the huge ground, Daisy’s finger repeatedly switched direction between the three paths present in front of her. “I think I should go,” she paused, her finger halting at the middle path. “Straight there.” Deciding that, she was about to take a step forward when the same monotonous voice appeared behind her. “It’s left.” Eric said, who’s now standing beside her. “I-I know that.” Daisy excused and was about to head left when he spoke again. “Just kidding. It’s right.” “You’re messing with me, aren’t you?” she asked, her eyes glaring hard at him. “Where did you get that stupid attitude of yours?” she asked, her right hand on her hip. “At least try to put effort in talking.” With his usual smirk, he looked at her, matching her intense glare “Why do you think am I talking to you then?” he asked, causing her to roll her eyes. “Emotions, Eric. Emotions.” She said in duh tone. “You’re not a robot, right? Try to become normal or something.” She said, causing for a smirk to appear on his lips, adding another block of annoyance on her side. What is he planning? That smirk is getting more and more annoying. She thought, mentally guessing about the meaning behind his smirk. “So you care then?” he asked, making her roll her eyes again. “Shut it.” Before she can say anything, a loud female voice interrupted them. “See?! If you believed me back then, then we should’ve seen them first than those extras a.k.a. the crowd!” Turning to the right, the two were greeted by a pony tailed blonde girl wearing red and white long sleeves and denim pants, who is accompanied by a guy with hazel hair who’s wearing a light blue sweatshirt and denim jeans. “Daisy my bestie! How are you?!” she said with a wide smile, engulfing her in a hug after approaching them. “Yo Daisy!” the guy coolly greeted before offering a high five to Eric. “Wassup, man?” “Theia?” she called in a questioning tone, quite unsure with the name she mentioned. The girl nodded and parted from the hug; her smile still spread on her lips. The guy who’s with Theia waved his hand. “Hey, hey what about me?” he asked, excitement evident on his voice. “Nathan?” she guessed, causing for him to chuckle and raise his hand for a high five. “Nice one!” Before Daisy could have her hand touch his, he immediately lowered his hand and looked at her teasingly. “What’s my surname?” With that, she got lost. “Uh…Lee?” she questioned with a small smile. Both Theia and Nathan frowned, followed by them looking at each other with disgust. “Did you just-” Theia scoffed, unable to continue her words. “I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed, fanning her face with her hand. “I should be the one saying that.” Nathan argued, looking at her mockingly. “And Daisy,” he said, looking at the girl who’s just watching them with a blank expression, unable to catch up on what’s going on. “She’s the Lee.” “Yes. Get your facts straight.” Theia said, glaring at the guy who’s glaring back at her; both not backing out. “I can’t believe you’ll get the wrong answer, Middlemist.” With that, Daisy muttered and inaudible ‘oh’ and just watched them with a brow raised. “Then, you’re really the Edwards?” she guessed, earning her a nod. “My bad.” “I really, really can’t believe you switched our names!” Theia exclaimed, still unrecovered with what she just heard. “You can switch my surname with anyone else but not with this doofus!” “Say, do you have a grudge against each other?” she asked, causing for the two to glare at each other before averting their gazes at the same time, confusing the girl who blurted out the question. “What did I do?” she asked, now looking at Eric who’s just silently watching them. “You asked.” What the hell? She mentally scoffed. “Thanks.” Daisy replied, blankly looking at the guy who just smirked at her. {}{}{} July 27: Hey diary, I just went school again after 25th, I met my classmates again. Theia Lee is my best friend. She’s really loud, bubble and fun to be with, just like how she was described within my entries. Nathan Edwards is my other best friend. He’s also a close friend of Eric and I can see Theia and him as a couple, but they keep on denying it because they said they won’t and never will end up together. I had fun. But at first, starting from home, Eric the bastard ruined it. He made me feel insulted most of the time because of his smirk, he made me ride on a big bike, and pissed me off just by simply existing.  I don’t get why people admired him at all. He’s not charismatic, handsome, and emitting cool and scary aura because of his blank face, harshness to almost everyone and his cold way of speaking. Okay, the blank face, harshness and cold way of speaking is partly true. Fine. He’s kinda good looking, alright.  -Daisy
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