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Daisy Middlemist is an 18-year-old heiress that belongs to the high society, she is a member of one of the wealthiest families in Frank Ville City. Despite all the glory and status advantage, she's suffering a monthly memory loss that happens during the 25th day of the month. Her memory issue was caused by a mysterious accident that happened 8 years ago, exactly on the 25th day of August.

Living as a girl who basically has a single routine of forgetting everything every month, Daisy spent her time updating her diary every day so that she will have something to read and remind her what she’s feeling, doing, and acting every single day.

But then, her life took a sharp turn after her childhood friend, Eric Anderson, came back from abroad as someone with a harsh and cold personality that lives up to his name as a bad boy. Besides that, Calvin Strauss, a transferee and a gangster who can literally match Eric's offensive side, suddenly appeared in her life.

Now she was stuck with them.

However, their appearance opened up a way for Daisy's unsolved accident to resurface once again. The three of them started to look for answers, trying to solve the mystery and find out what happened to Daisy on that ominous day, 8 years ago.

By doing this, this trio inadvertently joined a ride filled with ups and downs: letting them experience the bitterness of constant bickering and hating each other, the sourness of unpredictable mood changes whenever they're altogether, the sweetness of love and affection, and the bitter-sweetness of avenging herself; plus the thrill of being in a love maze.

With Daisy being a sassy and unpredictable person, Eric being a bad boy but with a soft side, and Calvin being a bully but a softie, can they really team up for the same reason? What if something more..something like 'LOVE' includes itself in the mystery chase?

And because of that, Daisy's plain monochromatic life became filled with red: representing both love and lust for revenge.

Can they really put an end to Daisy's continuous monthly restart?

Free preview
-July 26: Sunday- Feeling comfortable in her cream loose shirt and black leggings, Daisy hummed along the song from her phone while bobbing her head up and down, mixing on with the beat. Her eyes were focused on her diary that she’s holding, rereading her past entries once again. “I love them. I hope I can remember everything. If I can, I would’ve stopped the time before 25th of the month appear.” She said, reading the last lines she written. “If I can do that, I will spend the unlimited time to spend it with them.” She continued, saying the final words before turning the page. After turning, her brows nearly met in confusion as her finger traced the remaining part of the torn page. Heaving a sigh, she closed her diary and put it back on her table. “Again?” she said, staring at the lilac diary with touches of midnight blue on its cover. “Why is the 24th entry of the month always torn?” Three consecutive knocks made her look at her closed door. Choosing to open the door herself, she stood up and walked towards it, revealing a guy standing in front of her opened door with a wide smile and hands up in the air. “Surprise!” Seeing a blonde guy with brown eyes, Daisy stared at him, thinking hard. “Uh,” she started, recalling the pictures she just scanned before rereading her diary. “Eros?” she guessed, causing for a frown to appear on the guy’s face. “Seriously Dee?” the guy asked, moving past the confused girl who remained standing there and just followed the guy’s movements who roamed in her room with her curious eyes. “I’m Aaron. The better twin.” He said, raising one of the pictures scattered on the table beside her diary. “It’s me.” He said, pointing at the one wearing a basketball jersey. Daisy nodded and walked towards him. “And he’s Eros.” He said, now pointing at the one wearing a soccer jersey. With a teasing smirk, he looked at the girl who’s just staring back at him. “Daisy my cousin. Our names were here.” As he said that, his finger is pointing at the names written using a marker. Aaron, cousin#1, Daisy mentally read. Eros, cousin#2, she mentally read next. Nodding at what she saw, she gave him a half smile. “Sorry.” Sensing that her emotions dropped, Aaron put the picture back down and nudged her, a wide smile present on his lips. “Let’s go cous! I’ll take you to the mall!” “Mall?” Daisy repeated, causing for him to nod enthusiastically. “Have you finished reading you diary? You said that you want to buy new sets of colored papers and other art materials, right?” Confused, Daisy took the diary and opened it, putting it on the last page with words. “There’s none?” she asked, showing him the last page, earning he a confused expression from her cousin. “Where’s the 24th?” he asked, pointing at the diary. “I saw it when Eros and I visited you during your half-day coma yesterday. It clearly said you want to buy some.” He said, remembering what happened when they checked on her during her monthly half-day coma/slumber where she’ll forget everything after she wakes up. Looking back at her diary, Daisy shook her head. “I don’t know.” She said in a small voice. “For some reason, all the 24th pages every month in gone.” She said, her tone getting sadder. “Did I throw it away or something? I have a weird habit if you ask me.” Shaking his head, he took the diary from her and put his arm around her, a proud smile displaying on his face. “Forget about it! I remembered it so let’s go Dee!” he excitedly said, dragging a smile on Daisy’s face, feeling his genuine excitement. “Let’s go then.” She said before chuckling, then she removed his arm and switched into her holding his arm. “But guide me cause I forgot about the entire place.” She said with a smile. Aaron chuckled and ruffled her hair. “Sure thing.” He said, using his free hand to fix her hair while ignoring the glare Daisy is giving him. “Let’s go?” he asked, giving her a pat on her head after fixing it. With that, Daisy sighed and gave him a smile. “If we get lost, the fault is on you, okay?” she asked teasingly. *** Walking side by side, Daisy looked around the mall with amazed eyes. “There’s little crowd today.” Aaron commented, also roaming his eyes to check out every angle of the mall they just entered. “Today?” she repeated with a brow raised. “You mean, there’s those days with lots of people?” she asked, disgust slowly creeping on her face. “Yuck. Don’t bring me in the mall when that time comes.” She said, frowning at the thought of interacting with the others. Aaron chuckled and ruffled her hair, a habit he’s already used since their childhood. “You still hate socializing?” he asked teasingly. “Talk about introvert.” Deciding to drop the topic off, Daisy rolled her eyes and fixed her hair before walking. “Hey, you don’t know the place so don’t run off on your own.” Her cousin lectured a she walked beside her. “I saw the stationery store already.” Daisy reasoned out; her eyes still focused on her target destination. “I didn’t bring any money, Ross.” She said, smiling innocently at the guy who’s glaring at her. “Fine. It’s on me.” After he said the four words, Aaron found himself running after the girl who just dashed towards the stationery store that she’s interested with. Soon, Daisy reached the store some milliseconds before her athletic cousin. With a smile, she immediately walked towards the rows of markers, all with different colors and physical appearance. Seeing her curiously check every item she’s seeing, Aaron just smiled and shook his head. “I’ll just check the books aisle for a while then.”  He said, sparing a glance at his cousin before heading towards the mentioned area. “Good morning, ma’am.” The employee assigned on the markers greeted her. “Hello.” she greeted back despite not paying a glance at the female employee. Ooh. This one’s pretty. She thought, admiring the blue marker she’s holding. Not bothering to look at the price or check its qualities, she immediately grabbed the markers and pens that caught her eye, slightly alarming the employee who’s supposed to be assisting her. “Ma’am?” she hesitantly asked, getting worried as she followed the girl who’s holding different items on her hands. “Excuse me, ma’am?” she tried once again. “What?” Daisy asked, now looking at the employee while another markers is on her hand, adding it to her collection of markers. Releasing a small laugh, the employee gestured at the marker she’s holding. “I just want to inform you that,” she paused, cautiously looking at the girl who blanky stares at her while waiting for her next words. “That marker is limited edition.” She carefully added. “It’s uh,” still hesitating, she then pointed at the price of the marker she just took. “It’s thrice the price of a normal marker, ma’am.” She said, showing a polite smile. Getting the hidden message, Daisy rolled her eyes. “So what?” she asked, her bro raised in a challenging way. “You want me to return it back?” Feeling nervous, the employee chuckled and waved her hands in dismissing manner. “No, no.” she started, her smile getting more distorted due to her panic. “I just, uh, wanted to inform you.” Daisy smirked. “Do I look poor to you huh?” she asked, cockily looking at the embarrassed employee as the crowd started to look at them, all curious about the situation. “Or you’re thinking I’m going to steal them?” “Ma’am, please don’t cause a scene.” The employee pleaded. “It’s my fault now?” she scoffed. Great. Way to ruin my day. That thought alone made her more irritated. As her payback, she rolled her eyes and gave her all the markers she’s holding. “I don’t care about it anymore.” She said then took her phone out to call Aaron. “Why did you call? We’re in the same place.” He said, followed by a chuckle. “You’re not in the aisle of pens and markers where I’m currently in.” she stated in a duh tone. “Come here at Aisle 13 ASAP.” She said before ending the call. “M-ma’am, I just called out to you because- “What?” she interrupted. “I took lots and you’re thinking I can’t even pay for it?” she asked, mocking the employee who just lowered her gaze and secretly looked at the crowd who’s watching and listening to them. Aaron arrived at the area 7 aisles away from the books area. What’s with the crowd? He thought. Quietly, he made his way towards the center of the minor commotion, causing his confusion to double after seeing Daisy in the spotlight. “What’s all this?” he asked, walking towards her who didn’t even bother to move and cut the glare she’s aiming at the embarrassed employee. Heaving a sigh, Aaron stood beside her and tapped her shoulder, causing for her to aim the glare at him, shocking the newcomer. What in the world happened when I left her alone? “That girl accused me of being poor.” Daisy stated, causing for the mentioned person to quickly raise her head and come for her defense. “No sir! I was just, I was- “Thinking that I can’t pay for it, right?” Daisy interrupted, causing for Aaron to look at her then back at the employee. “You even told me that the marker I’m holding is limited edition and thrice the price of a normal one.” She added, boring holes to the afraid lady. “But! That’s not what I- Daisy raised her hand, signaling for her to stop, which she did. “Don’t think that I can’t notice you following me with worried and accusing eyes. I can see through it. You’re pacing back and forth while I’m busy, you’re looking like you’re just waiting to fend me off or something.” Before any of them could say a word, Daisy looked at Aaron. “Buy this store.” Gasps escaped from both the employee and the bystanders. “What?” Aaron asked. “You heard me. Buy this store.” She repeated, a smirk on full display. “You said you’ll pay for me since I forgot my wallet, right?” Noticing the glint of anger, Aaron sighed and looked at the employee. “Can I speak to your manager, please?” he asked, frightening the employee more and more. Same old Daisy. She easily gets mad when she or her loved ones were the ones affected. “I- please, you don’t have to go that far!” the employee said, almost in a form of yell. “I get it! You’re rich! You can buy all the markers you took!” Why is she shouting? I’m just right in front of her. Daisy thought while glaring at her. “Nah. I want to buy this store.” She said, surprising the audience. “I haven’t roamed around here yet.” “Excuse me, excuse me.” Chorus of excuse me’s interrupted the silence which is accompanied by the clicking of stilettos. Soon, a female employee with ‘manager’ as a tag showed up in the middle. “I am the manager.” She said with a small smile. “A staff approached me and told me to head here. Is there something wrong?” Aaron gave Daisy a glance. She’s still mad. With a sigh, he took his wallet and pull off a blank cheque. “Name your price.” He said, showing her the cheque. “We’re buying this store.” Series of murmurs and gasps started to circulate as the thing’s got hotter and out of hand. “I-I’m afraid I don’t have a say in this.” The manager said, followed by an awkward chuckle. “The owner should be the one who’s deciding this.” It should be enough for her to learn her lesson. “Fine. I don’t care anymore.” Daisy stated, pinning the attention to her. “Let’s just go, A. It’s a waste of time to be here.” She said, glancing at him before walking out, the crowd, paving way the both of them to leave. “Say, it’s your plan in the first place, right?” Aaron asked while walking. “To humiliate her and stuff.” “It’s not my fault she pissed me off.” She reasoned before rolling her eyes. “It’s supposed to be my first day of creating memories again. It’s supposed to be the first entry I have after 25th.” she muttered. “How dare she judge me? I can sense her stupid stares. I can feel her judging me.” She said, still annoyed with what happened. “I just want to mind my own business and then she’ll jump in the picture to do those things that ticks me off.” Aaron chuckled. “Even with your repeating memory loss, your attitude doesn’t even change.” He said teasingly. “Shut up.” Daisy said, rolling her eyes once again. “Oh yeah?” he smugly replied. “Yeah.” She said, confidently looking at him as if challenging him. “But I know something that can shut you up.” Aaron said, a smirk present on his lips which made her suddenly confused. “Or maybe someone.” He added, causing her to sigh and look at him with a blank face. “And that is?” “Eric. Eric’s back.” {}{}{} July 26: Hey diary, I went to the mall with Aaron, my cousin who mistook as Eros, his twin, when he visited me. I nearly made Aaron buy the stationery store because an employee pissed me. She ruined the first time (yes, again since I can’t remember going there) I went to the mall and entered that store. Of course, I won’t really do that. I just want to make her pay. I’m not bad, okay? I just don’t want other judging me because of something they see the wrong way. And I just reread the diary to found out who this Eric guy is. Surprisingly, he’s the one I’m calling the ‘the most stupid popular bad boy’. Is he that bad or I’m just exaggerating? Whatever, it’s not like I can answer things like that if I can’t remember anything anyway. -Daisy

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