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-July 28: Tuesday- 6:21 a.m. Finishing her morning routine earlier than usual, Daisy’s currently stuck rereading all her entries that is written in dozens of several similar looking diaries that she’s been using for the past years. Her reason: know the weird new guy who’s supposed to be her childhood friend. Looking at the diary she used five years ago, her brows knitted in confusion while she’s comparing her past entries with the fresher ones. “I don’t get this at all.” She muttered, looking at her diary that is used in different time span. “In here,” she paused, looking at her diary 7 years ago. “I am lucky to be his best friend. He’s so kind, sweet, funny and energetic?” she read, completely puzzled with what she wrote to describe him back then. How is this sweet kid the same one I’ve talked with yesterday? “And then here,” she looked at the other diary she’s holding, this time, the one she used 5 years ago. “I don’t know what happened but became a stupid jerk that keeps on messing with me. The school people feared him too. I don’t know what he did but they seemed reluctant to anger him.” She read, the description contradicting the ones she used on the other diary.  What happened with Eric, then? The question remained unanswered while she’s staring at the diary, still focused on her diary 5 years ago. Who is he? Do I really know him well? or more like, what really happened to him? Soon, her alarm clock rang, snapping her out of her thoughts. Heaving a sigh, she closed her diaries and put it back in her box, the one she used to store all her diary so that she can find them whenever she’s in need on rereading everything or depending on the yearly entries she wanted to see. After standing up, she took her bag and hanged it on her shoulder just as how she normally does it, then she used her finger to fix and comb her hair for the last time. “Why do I care about him anyway?” she asked herself, looking at the mirror while having a staring contest with her own pairs of eyes. “He’s just someone who came back here after all.” She convinced before taking her steps towards the door. Reaching their living room, the sight of seeing the same guy on the same couch for the second time seemed normal for her. “Big bikes are not allowed.” She said, making him lift his gaze from his phone and cast it to her, his smirk appearing at the same time. “As you wish, your highness.” He mocked, then gave her a wink which made her roll her eyes and march towards the kitchen. Silently, she took three pieces of newly baked cookies and was about to leave when someone snitched, exposing her doings. “Auntie, someone’s trying to steal cookies behind your back.” Daisy glared at Eric who’s leaning on the wall, smirking mockingly at the girl who’s plan backfired. “You already took five cookies together with chocolate sandwich for breakfast already, Daisy.” Her mom scolded. “Put it back and go to school.” Biting her lip to stop herself from saying anything at him, she turned around and put the cookies back at the tray. “I’m going, mom.” She said, earning her a smile and a nod from her mom who went back on washing the dishes. She then turned around and quietly walked, but not forgetting to step on his foot before dashing towards the door, looking like she had bet her life in a race against a thousand dragons. Eric, on the other hand, hissed due to the pain before running after her, Daisy’s mom unaware of what’s happening behind her. Giving her no handicap, Eric’s quick reflexes made it possible for him to catch up and grab her before closing the door behind them. “What was that for?” he asked, his tone still the same even when Daisy’s breathing hard to catch her breath. “What the hell are you thinking?” For her, there’s three types of tone she hates the most: the reluctant one who sounded like they’re not believing her, the mad one that sounded like everything she did is wrong, and the cold and monotone one who sounded like the calm before the storm. Eric keeps on using the last tone she really hates, irritating and annoying her more and more. “You,” she started, still unable to formulate a sentence due to her fast breathing. “Is it my…my fault that…I can’t…outrun you?” Seeing her breathless after the short chase they did, he let go of her hand and looked at her with blank eyes. “You only ran for 10 seconds yet you’re already exhausted? How weak can you be?” “I have lesser stamina than you, mister fast runner.” She reasoned out, already recovered and is glaring at him. “I already stated the obvious reason so let’s go already.” She said, yet he remained just plainly staring at her. “What?” she asked with a brow raised. Without saying anything, Eric walked past her and walked towards the gate, leaving Daisy who just looked at him with a glare but still decided to walk after him. “Bastard.” She muttered, still glaring at the back of the guy who seemed unaware that he’s angering a certain girl just by talking. True to his words, his big bike is nowhere to be seen and a black car is present instead. Silently, Eric went on the driver seat; making her roll her eyes and went to sit on the shotgun seat. Why did he suddenly become silent? she thought. “Exercise.” “Huh?” she questioned, looking at him with a brow raised. “I said, you need exercise.” He repeated, taking a glance at her before focusing back to the road. “You lack stamina, you’re easily drained, have slow reflexes, and you can’t even last for a short run.” Hearing that, Daisy closed her eyes and released a sigh. Reopening them once again, a pair of glaring eyes met the blank orbs of the guy beside her. “You know what? If you can’t say something nice. Just shut up.” Their drive towards the school felt millions of years after the unbearable silence they just through. After he parked, Daisy let out an infuriated sigh and harshly removed the seatbelt, her finger then pointed at the guy who’s in the middle of taking his seat belt off. “Okay fine.” She said before rolling her eyes. “What?” he asked, yet it sounded like a plain statement. “Don’t follow me. Don’t shut up.” She said, her glare getting intense and her brows met in anger. I can’t believe it. “I hate this silence!” she snapped. “You’re just here since yesterday yet you’re getting into my nerves! I can’t believe that I’m telling you to talk instead of shutting your offensive words.” She said, crossing her arms. With that, Eric smirked. “I thought you prefer silence?” he asked. “Well, I do if it’s a comfortable one.” She answered in a duh tone. “I prefer silence while listening to music rather than silence that feels like we just witnessed a gruesome murder that we can’t talk about.” After that, she opened the car door and went out, her hand tightly clutching the strap of her bag that is hanging on her shoulder. Releasing a sigh, she looked around and saw the people looking at her. “Weirdos.” She muttered before walking away. Not before taking three steps, a hand stopped her hand. She turned back and saw Eric smirking at her, then her eyes looked at their connected hands. “What do you think you’re doing?” “No. What do you think you’re doing?” he asked back, lifting her gaze to meet his green orbs. “You’re weird, aren’t you?” Knitting her brows in confusion, she silently looked at him and waited for his next words. “You stepped on my foot and then ran; but you can’t even run much because you’re weak. I’m advising you to exercise but you told me to shut up if I can’t say anything nice; but you’re saying that I should talk again because you can’t stand silence anymore.” He narrated. “So you were saying?” she asked, asking for a simpler way of explanation. “You’re weird.” He answered, a smirk made way on his lips. “And I like that.” Those who heard them gasped, followed by their whispers, murmurs and gossips that started to circulate and become louder and louder. Having no words to say, Daisy remained quiet while blinking several times, still processing things. “What? I thought you hate silence if you’re not comfortable with it so why are you quiet?” he urged. “Shut up.” She said, saying the safest words she can think of right now and tried to remove her hand, but his grip is far stronger than the strength she can defeat. “Let go.” She threatened while glaring at him. “Now.” “Or else what?” he taunted, annoying her more. Still speechless, Daisy rolled her eyes and did the only thing she can think of: she stepped on his foot. Thinking that it worked, she attempted to run when his grip loosens, but he quickly recovered which prevented her from escaping. “Now you know why magicians don’t use the same trick twice.” He said, smirking at her. Curse you. She thought, biting her lip while looking around, looking at the people whose busy watching and gossiping about them. For some reason, I’m getting annoyed and embarrassed. “Stop looking! Mind your own business!” As usual, her threat worked. People began to scatter around and act like they just passed by, all not in favor in being at a Middlemist’s bad side. Taking a deep breath, her glare casted on the guy who’s the main reason of everything. “Let go. Now.” She repeated, yet the person she’s talking to remained unfazed. “What? You want us to stay here until the school hours are over?” she scoffed. “Too bad, that’s not my plan so don’t bother to drag me with you, Eric Anderson.” Someone. Daisy mentally called out. Someone. Be it the professor, a nerd, a cheerleader, a normal student or a crazy one. Please, someone take this doofus of a weirdo away from me. She thought, anger still visible on her features. “Yo guys!” As if the miracle she’s been waiting for appeared, the two of them looked at the direction where it came from, causing for her features to soften up as she looked at the two who’s walking to them. Thank you for this loud girl and crazy guy. Seeing an opening, she retried taking her wrist away, which succeeded because Eric purposely loosen up his grip to free the struggling girl. “What do you want?” “Yes, good morning, bro.” Nathan said and raised his fist for a first bump, but was denied when Eric just stared at him with the usual blank one he’s wearing. “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.” Theia, on the other hand, engulfed Daisy in a hug, just like the usual whenever she’s greeting her every time that they’re seeing each other. “I see you two came here together again.” She said, a teasing smile present on her lips. “I could say the same to you.” Daisy replied, a knowing smirk counterattacking Theia’s. “Good morning love birds.” She added, looking back and forth to the newcomers who’s now focused on glaring at each other. While watching them, her eyes went to her shoulder where she felt his arm on it. “Why didn’t you greet me too?” he asked, looking down at the girl whose blue eyes are on fire. “You just stepped on me and nothing more.” Hearing that, Theia’s eyes sparkled with amusement and curiosity. “Oh? Why should she greet you?” she asked, her tone suggesting malice and mocking. “It’s not her duty, right?” “Since when did it became her duty to greet you?” Eric replied. “Touché.” Nathan agreed with a grin. With his agreement, Theia rolled her eyes and nudged his sides, causing him to wince and look at her with a smirk. “What? Missed me being on your side whenever you’re arguing with someone?” This time, it’s Daisy’s turn to look at them with suspicious eyes. “What’s this about?” she asked with a mischievous smile. “I haven’t read anything about your development in my diary.” She added, adding pressure on the two she’s questioning. “I-” stopping her words, Theia just waved her hand in a dismissing manner and laughed. “Oh look at the time!” she exclaimed, looking at her watched then grabbed Daisy’s hand, looking at her with a smile. “I’m here to fetch you because we’re going to be late, silly.” She said, giving her a slight push and chuckled once again. “I’m just here to, you know…get you so we can go to the classroom together!” Seeing past through her obvious lies, Daisy just smiled and looked at her with a glint of teasing evident on her eyes. Noticing her, Theia just laughed awkwardly before running, dragging Daisy with her, leaving the two boys silently watching at them while they’re running. “So bro,” Nathan started, a smirk present on his lips while looking at the stone faced Eric. “Why did you come back now?” he asked, making Eric look at him with the same blank eyes before looking back at the road and started to walk, also going to their classroom. With his question unanswered, Nathan just shrugged and jogged to caught up with him, deciding to drop the topic down and just play along to go with the flow. *** “Why are you still dragging me?” Daisy asked, looking at the back of the girl who’s a few steps in front of her, her hand still feeling the cold hand of her best friend. “You’re cold.” Theia paused and glanced at her, then at their hands. “My hands?” she confusedly asked, causing her to nod and smirk at her. Noticing that smirk, Theia’s eyes widened. “Oh no don’t-” “Cold hands could mean you have a problem with the nerves or blood circulation or a problem with tissue damage in your hands or fingers.” Daisy stated, interrupting her. “Or maybe, in terms of connecting it to emotions, a person’s hands might become cold if he or she underwent pressure, nervousness, panic or any severe emotions that can trigger it.” Hearing her explanation, Theia sighed. “I wanted you to stop explaining things. But you didn’t listen to me.” She said before rolling her eyes. “In case you don’t know, we’re both psychology students. Don’t brag that you’re smarter than me.” She frowned. With that, Daisy chuckled. “My bad.” She said, yet her tone didn’t sound apologetic at all. “Anyways,” she said, blankly looking at the frowning girl. “What?” she asked back. Daisy sighed and used her free hand to point at their back. “We’re already passed the classroom.” She said, causing for Theia to gasp and tightened her grasp on her hand. Knowing what comes next, Daisy sighed and just let herself be dragged b the girl who decided to run once again. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner!?” Daisy just rolled her eyes. “My bad.”
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