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What happens when the nerdy, good girl from school runs into her high school crush at the 10 year reunion? He remembers a shy, quiet and mousy girl, but before him stood a confident, sexy seductress. He needs to know her, needs to know what changed. But Savannah has already swore off men after a nasty divorce. Can he get her to change her mind and give him a chance, or is she dead set on keeping her heart locked away?



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**Savannah's POV**

Today is going to be such a busy day. I have a meeting with the lawyers at 9am, where we will finally sign the papers. Then, at 11am I have a hair and make up appointment, 1pm I am going to my best friend and assistant's house to get dressed, we will have lunch together at 2pm and be at the event by 4pm. Usually I am at an event before it starts, but I planned this one so perfectly that I can be there when the other guests start to arrive. 

I stand in front of the mirror in my ivory pant suit. I cannot decide if I should wear my tan flats or the champagne heels. Flats would be comfortable, but the heels are sexy. Might as well give him a last look at what he lost. I slip on the heels and apply another coat of lip gloss. My chestnut waist length hair flows effortlessly, and my make up is a soft glam. Enough to look like a hot divorcee, but simple that I don't look desperate. I grab my champagne colored clutch and head for the door. 

On my way to the lawyer's office, I cannot help but think about the past two years of my life. I have to say, for my longest relationship, that went by fairly quickly. My mother was happy when I told her I would be divorcing my husband. My parent's never did like him, but until about six months ago I never understood why. 

I park my car and head into the building. There I see Bryson flirting shamelessly with the young receptionist. She barely looks eighteen, but of course that's how he likes them. Barely legal. Creep. I roll my eyes and walk passed him to the elevator, swaying my hips. The sound of my heels must have alerted him of my presence because he ran up to push the button for me. 

"Let me get that for you, beautiful." He said just as he turned to face me. I raised an eyebrow and he chuckled. "Wow, Savannah. Didn't recognize you."

I nodded my head and turned back to the elevator doors. Willing them to hurry up and open. When they finally opened I stepped in, Bryson came in right after me. We rode in silence, but he was making me uncomfortable. His back rested against the right side of the elevator, hands in his pockets as he looked at me up and down. I continued to stare straight ahead, hoping he didn't see how uneasy I was feeling. If one thing Bryson enjoyed was making me squirm uncomfortably in a tense situation. 

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. "After you, Mrs. Davis." He held out his right arm in front of him, gesturing me to go ahead. 

"That's Ms. Edwards after the meeting." I corrected as I stepped out of the suffocating atmosphere. 

He chuckled as he picked up his pace to keep up with me. "Someone is in a hurry to be a sad divorcee." 

I rolled my eyes and found the conference room we were scheduled to be at. He opened the door for me and I looked straight into his eyes. "Cheating assholes aren't really my type." I walked over and sat beside my lawyer. 

He stood there for a minute, surprised at what I said. I was never one to talk back, stand up for myself, or even use foul language. Especially to my husband since I never once saw my mother talk to my father in a disrespectful manner. Then again, my father never cheated on my mother with some woman he met at a bar. 

Bryson finally sat down and the lawyers started to iron out the details of the divorce papers. I zoned out, trying to figure out which dress to wear tonight. I wanted to look hot, but not slutty. Elegant, but not snobby. I know Chelsea will help me decide, but I am afraid that she is going to try and make me look too available. 

A hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality. "Ms. Edwards?" My lawyer said. 

"I'm sorry, what?" I cleared my throat and sat up in my chair. 

"Its time for your signature. All of your conditions were met. The house will be sold and you will split the profit 50-50. You will not touch each others bank accounts, or personal possessions. You will each keep your own car, the other vehicles will be sold and again the profits split 50-50. I will handle everything as you wished so you no longer have to deal with Mr. Davis." My lawyer, Francisco, explained. 

I looked over at Bryson, who was now flirting with his own lawyer. She kept rejecting his advances, but he wouldn't let up. She was a nice lady, just caught in the middle of Bryson playing games. He is just trying to rile me up, show me that us divorcing doesn't bother him. I'll admit it stings a little, but I will never let him see that. 

"Thank you so much, Francisco. You have been very helpful and supportive through all of this." I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I could hear a low growl coming from the other side of the table, but decided to ignore him to annoy him further. I signed where I was told, and when done I gave Francisco a hug. "You have my number if there is anything else I forgot." I winked and stood up and looked across the table. My ex-husband was seething in anger, and his lawyer was trying to stifle her laughter. "Have a good day, Miss Yanez." I looked to Bryson. "Have a pathe- I mean nice life." I smiled and walked out. 

The freeing feeling I got when walking out of that room was beyond amazing. I felt like a weight was lifted, my wings were spreading, and there was nothing to hold me down. The ball and chain was off my ankle, and I intended on enjoying life from this day forward. I walked out of the building and into my car, heading for the salon. My hair stylist, Jeffrey, was such a sweet guy. We loved to talk about the latest gossip on men. My divorce being the main topic of conversation the last couple of months. 


Everyone started to clap and cheer, I did a little twirl with my hands in the air. "Thank you, thank you." I laughed. 

I found out my husband was cheating on me when I got an anonymous email which contained explicit pictures of my husband and his side chick. I say side chick and not one night stand because he had been seeing her behind my back for over a year. I was sitting in Jeffrey's chair when I found out, and ended up crying in front of everyone that was there. The women surrounded me with love and support, and after that day, they all became a huge part in my healing. 

I sat in Jeffrey's chair and let out a long sigh. "God, I feel good. What the f**k was I thinking marrying that prick in the first place!"

Jeffrey draped the silk cape over me and laughed. "Hun, I have no clue. From what you told me. You didn't even know the guy!"

He was right. I met Bryson almost two and a half years ago. We dated, I thought I fell in love, and after just ten months he proposed. My parents didn't support the idea, so instead of a big wedding like I dreamed, we ran off to Vegas and eloped. Just a short six months and he started cheating. A year from then and now we are divorced. My longest, and worst relationship. If I am honest it has been my only relationship. I've went on dates, had a few boyfriends but nothing serious. I didn't even lose my virginity until I was married. Thinking about that makes me sick to my stomach. I gave him a part of me that I will never get back. My innocence. 

"I am now a twenty six year old divorcee. Kind of pathetic, aren't I?" I giggled and shook my head. 

Jeffrey gave me a light smack on the back of my head with his comb. "Savannah, babe, don't ever call yourself pathetic. You left someone you deeply loved because you knew you were not valued and respected. That takes strength." He hugged me from behind and I hugged him back. "Now, what shall I do with you? You have this event, and you must look FIRE!"

I closed my eyes and let him work his magic. About thirty minutes into him styling my hair, the make up artist arrived. She also let her imagination run wild, but I was very specific that I did not want to wear too much. I wanted to be sexy, but not look like I can't look good without make up. 

We talked and laughed. Jeffrey has a new boyfriend, but they are having their problems because the guy has not come out to anyone. Monica, the make up artist, just ended things with her boyfriend because he was over the top jealous and it was causing her too much stress. I caught Monica up on my relationship drama, and we decided that we all needed a night out next weekend. I invited them both to a gala I was hired to plan that was in a month, as long as they do not get us kicked out. 

Another hour and a half passed and they both said that their masterpiece was finished. I opened my eyes just as Jeffrey spun me around to look in the mirror. All I could think when I saw my reflection was 'that is not me.' My mouth fell open and I forgot how to form words. I just sat there speechless. 

"You're drooling honey." Jeffrey laughed as he closed my mouth shut. 

I turned to them both and smiled. "Thank you !!!!"

I hugged them both and made my way to Chelsea's house. I still couldn't get over how amazing I looked. I would look in my rear view mirror every chance I got. My skin looked absolutely flawless, not a freckle showing. My eyebrows were filled in just a little to make them stand out, but not be too thick. Monica winged out the eyeliner, it was thick and bold but didn't take over the burgundy and gold eyeshadow. My lips were outlined and colored a deep burgundy and a light gloss was applied on top. The highlighter made me look like I was glowing! Everything made the brown in my eyes and hair pop. And my hair!!! Jeffrey brought so much life and volume to my hair by styling it with vintage Hollywood waves. The left side was pinned back out of my face and held with a gold hair pin. I looked so elegant and beautiful, it is taking so much energy not to cry. 

I finally pulled up to Chelsea's house. I knocked on the door and when she opened it her eyes popped and she screamed. "Damn Savannah you look hot!!!!"

I laughed and entered her house. I met Chelsea at work. I started interning at an event planning company when I was twenty. I was Tracy's assistant, and she taught me a lot. Within three years she made me one of the planners after I finished my college courses, and now I am one of the most sought after planners. With so much on my plate, Tracy recommended I get an assistant as well, and I interviewed a lot of people. Even though there were more qualified applicants, Chelsea was so eager and driven. I knew she would be an amazing addition to the company. We make a great team, and I even let her take the lead in some events to let her spread her wings. I say within another six months and she will be ready to plan on her own. She always says she doesn't want to be an event planner and enjoys working with me, but she has so much potential. 

"Okay single lady, since you are all burgundy and gold I think you should go with this dress." Chelsea shoved a dress on a hanger into my hands and pushed me in the bathroom to change. "Don't say 'no' until you try it on!"

I looked at the dress and it was a definite NO! How did she ever think I would wear this!!! I rolled my eyes and decided to humor her. I know there is no way in hell I am going to wear this. Once she sees how uncomfortable I am, she wont force me. I took off my heels and pant suit. And bra. No way I could wear a bra with this. The material of the dress felt amazing on my body. It was satin and fit like a dream. It clung to my curves, showing off my tiny waist, wide hips, thick thighs, and round big ass. I have no idea where I got the curves from, but I have always felt too big. I know some guys like thick girls, but I always felt like if I was slimmer then I would be prettier. I turned and looked in the mirror. Okay, I looked hot. But I still cant wear this!!! I'm the planner. The planner is not supposed to out dress the guests!!

The burgundy dress was a mermaid floor length dress. It had thin straps the crossed in the front and there was a plunging neck line. The back dipped incredibly low and was completely bare. I chanted over and over in my head, 'I cant wear this. I can't wear this.'

"Come on let me see!" Chelsea yelled through the door. 

I took a deep breath and opened the door. What I saw irritated me. Chelsea wore a black mermaid spaghetti strap floor length dress. There was no plunging neck line, no bare back. It was simple and elegant. "Why do you get to wear that one!!!" I cried and stomped my foot. 

Chelsea looked at me up and down and laughed. "Because I could NEVER look that good in that dress. Girl, them curves!!!!" She clapped her hands and then reached down and picked up some gold heels and passed them to me. "Put these on and lets go. I am NOT giving you a chance to change!"

The heels were sensible. They were probably only two or three inches high and had a double strap across the ankle. They sparkled and fit perfectly. One thing I don't like is wearing a heel too high. My job requires me to be on my feet and speed walk almost all night. I had to take my heels off at my very first event and it was embarrassing. 

After putting on the heels, I found Chelsea's jewelry box. "Gonna borrow some jewelry." I yelled at her. She went into the bathroom for a quick touch up on her make up. 

"OK." She screamed back. 

I found some gold dangle earrings and a dainty necklace that matched. The necklace was perfect since the simple circle pendent resisted directly between my breasts. Chelsea came out of the bathroom and whistled. I laughed and we headed out. Lunch lasted longer than planned. We went to a restaurant in the hotel where the event was being held. The waiter and a few other men would not stop flirting with us. Our dinner and drinks were even paid for without my knowledge. Chelsea loved it, but it made me feel uneasy. I didn't want anyone getting in their head that we owed them anything. Just before my anxiety got the best of me, a smooth familiar voice filled my ears from behind me.

"Savvy Savage G!" He yelled. I put my head down and laughed. I have not missed that name!

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