Recarnation: Second chance with system

lucky dog
male lead
high-tech world
weak to strong

It's said that people can spend their lifespan on the equipment in-game.

Saying "I am willing to use my life to exchange for equipment", Lin Yue reincarnated in a game-like world.

Furthermore, he activates a system that grants him great talent.

He was a loser in the last world, but he made his words he will be the top one.

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1 Reincarnate Unepectedly
As a game otaku, Lin Yue is addicted to a doomsday-themed gunfight game. In order to get a legendary Dragon King sniper of his dreams and desires, he spent all money he had on the game. There are three illusions in life: 1) I am a lucky dog. 2) If others are lucky, so am I. 3) I will get what I want in the next gacha. The illusions are beautiful, but the reality is cruel. As a result of spending out all money, he got nothing. "Damn! Spending more money doesn't make my luck." Lin Yue grabbed his hair and felt annoyed. He was even more regretful. He was just a nerd who had just graduated from university and started to work. His hard-earned salary was earned by unscrupulous black businessmen. "The luck dogs suck! Why do they get the equipment with one gacha! I spend money but why I get nothing?" When Lin Yue was thinking, he subconsciously clicked on the chat interface in the game and looked at the system message about the legendary equipment other players got by gacha. Lin Yue suddenly saw a player shouting on the chat interface, "I am willing to spend ten years of life in exchange for a scarlet dragon thorn!" Soon after the sound of the system message, the ‘blood dragon thorn’ flashing with colorful fonts appeared on the interface. "I am willing to use my life span of 30 years in exchange for a blue crystal body armor!" With a ding sound, the ‘blue crystal bulletproof vest’ with colorful fonts appeared again. Lin Yue also saw even more ridiculous things, such as I am willing to use the item head in exchange for the magic magazine! What made him stunned was that the superstition of these players seemed true, which was incredible. "f**k, it's so awesome. Nowadays, people spent their life instead of money on the game!" Lin Yue decided to try for it and spent the last dollar on the game. He bought gacha again and yelled: "I am willing to use the life span of fifty years in exchange for a Dragon King sniper!" Ding! Still so unlucky. What Lin Yue saw was not what he wanted, but instead greeted the players' continuous laughter. "Hahaha, bro, R.I.P." "Such a badass! You are awesome to spend so much life span on the game." "Silent mourning for you, and may there be no dragon king snipes in heaven." ... He was obviously injured by the lucky dog at this time. Just like a desperate gambler, he could risk everything. He gacha again, yelling: "I use my all my life to exchange the Dragon King's sniper, show me!" As soon as the voice fell, Lin Yue lost his consciousness, falling down with a thump. His last thought was "It couldn't be real!" Had not known how long after losing his mind, Lin Yue was awake by a female voice. "Superstition doesn't change anything, but hard work does. Congratulations! You activate the system." "Master, please confirm the following information." "You receive a gift for novice trial: Tyrannical Skill." "System point: 0" Before the voice vanished, a panicked scream appeared. "Ahhh! How could I be here? What did you do to me?!" On Lin Yue's bed, a beautiful naked girl appeared inexplicably. She stared at Lin Yue angrily, frantic. Pulling the quilt next to it to cover the seductive figure of a devilish curve. As an otaku who has viewed countless adult movies, Lin Yue recognized her bombs were over D-cup. "Huh! You are Lin Yue!" The beautiful girl widened her round eyes with her face flushing. It was the first time that her nude body saw by a man. Lin Yue scratched his head. At first glance, he actually recognized the beautiful girl in front of him as Ye Mengxuan. She is the Miss school who was secretly loved by countless boys. Of course, he was one of the boys. Lin Yue and Ye Mengxuan were classmates in the past. They were a nerd and a goddess. They were so different. The two who had never met before collided in such a bizarre way. Such a schoolgirl who was regarded as a goddess by countless people appeared naked in front of Lin Yue. It was impossible to say that he was not tempted, but he was still relatively rational and did not make any reckless actions. "You didn't cover your left side." Lin Yue kindly reminded her. "Damn You!" Ye Mengxuan was full of anger and blushed, making her more attractive and sexy. PONG! At this moment, the wooden door outside was destroyed brutally. Five people walked in. These people were aggressive and they grabbed Lin Yue without a word. One of the men with earrings with a stubborn head grinned and said, "Lin Yue, for the sake of our acquaintance, hand over the arms you got. Otherwise don't blame me for being rude to you!" Lin Yue was so confused by this sudden scene, he was stunned: "Chen Donglin, what are you doing? And what are the arms?" "Could it be that you are talking about the weapons in the game? Hey, isn't it a game? There is no need to make such a big fuss." Lin Yue returned to his senses and chuckled a few times. "Lin Yue, tell you the truth, this is the world in-game. It is a doomsday era based on our real world. As for why we are in this damn place, you will know later." ? "Donglin, let him go first. It seems that he hasn't figured out the situation." At this time, a tall woman next to him stopped the stubborn man from using violence. She has long wavy hair, narrow eyes, and beautiful white skin. She is gorgeous and compelling. Lin Yue knew this woman. Her name was Li Qian, who was also a former classmate. There was a spark between him and her before. However, Lin Yue later learned that Li Qian had been playing around with him from the beginning. She fell into the arms of a rich playboy with all her vicious words to describe him as a worthless person in front of his classmates. "Oh, isn't this our goddess Ye? Tsk tsk tsk, I didn't expect that Lin Yue, you still have this ability to hook such goddesses." Li Qian looked at Lin Yue condescendingly: " Hand your arms over. I think you definitely don’t want to lose face in front of your goddess, right?" "I'm really unarmed." Lin Yue looked at the shirt he hadn't washed for several days and shook his head. "I've run out of patience." Chen Donglin slammed Lin Yue's face with a fierce punch, and with a bang. Lin Yue was beaten out directly, and the severe pain made him dizzy. Before he could react, Chen Donglin ripped his clothes apart like a wolf, searched inside and out, but naturally found nothing. "Bah, don't talk about arms, you don't even have equipment, I don't know how you got in." Chen Donglin glanced at Lin Yue who was curled up on the ground in disgust: "A rubbish like you never change. Such a loser." Li Qian came up and stepped her foot on Lin Yue's chest, and smiled: "Lick my shoes clean, and I will let you suffer lesser." Lin Yue said coldly: "You were too dirty to be fucked." "You are still standing in front of the goddess. I see how long you can be stiff!" Li Qian kicked his abdomen forcefully and laughed: "The waste should look like a waste. Isn’t it okay for me to beg for mercy? How about, do you feel very unwilling to lose face in front of the woman you like? Very humiliating? If yes, stand up and resist, or you dare not?" "Hehe, it's still the same trick as before, can't you have some fresh tricks?" Lin Yue said word by word: "You are a b***h!" Li Qian was very angry and smiled: "Do you want a new trick? That's good, as you wish." As she said, she stepped on Lin Yue's face. "That's enough!" Two voices appeared at the same time. One was from Ye Mengxuan who shouted with a cry. Another one was outside the door. A man with a strong body walked in. He looked at Li Qian and the group with cold eyes and said in a cold tone: "If you don't want to be an enemy of the Ye family. Leave immediately." "Ye Qinglong, this guy has nothing to do with you, right?" Li Qian put away her feet raised in the air, her eyes were not good. "Of course it does matter, at least he took my sister in and didn't let her suffer." Ye Qinglong said coldly. "Well, it's not worthy of me and the Ye family to be an enemy for trash." Li Qian curled her lips and mocked Lin Yue: "You are really a dog lucky." "Let's go." Li Qian didn't look at Lin Yue again and walked out. These people came and went in a hurry. Lin Yue who was lying on the ground wiped the blood from his mouth and stood up calmly. Ye Qinglong gave Ye Mengxuan's some clothes, picked her up, and before leaving, he said: "No one will sympathize with you, either step on the enemy under your feet or be a coward for a lifetime." The unimportant also has his self-esteem. Lin Yue clenched his fists tightly and roared in his heart: "I want to step on all those who look down on me. Li Qian, I will repay you a hundred times in the future for today's humiliation!"

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