Alpha Queen


She was the illegitimate daughter, Nancy Gibson, who was abandoned by her fiancé on her wedding day.

He was Zachary Sanderson, a noble and elegant big shot.

Originally, she thought that they would never have any interactions, but no one would have thought...

The slender woman pointed to the news of Zachary proposing to the mysterious woman on the front page of the newspaper headlines. She wrapped her arms around the man's masculine waist. "Tell me. When did you start to love me?"

"From the first time I saw you."

"That wedding?" Nancy asked with a frown.

To her surprise, the man shook his head with a sly smile and kissed her unexpectedly. "Earlier."

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Chapter 1-01
I opened my mouth hesitantly. I glanced at my dad giving him a pleading look, all he did was give me an apologetic shrug. Sending him a quick glare, I looked back towards my mom. "I'm really sorry mom, but seriously, I'm just late by like 25 minutes. I had to grab my bag from the pack house," I explained, choosing my words carefully not wanting to make her even more mad. My mom's facial expression didn't change. After a while she sighed, "Well, since you probably got held back at the pack house, I'll let it slide. But don't let it happen again. Now go get cleaned up and ready for dinner." "Thank you mom," I beamed brightly at her before kissing her cheek and hugging my dad. Walking past them I headed up the stairs and down the hall to my room. When I reached my white double-doors to my room. I swung one door open and entered. I smiled as I took in the bright sea green colored walls, my favorite color. I threw my bag onto my bed while letting out a sigh as I sat down on my black desk chair. What was I supposed to do again? I spun around childishly on my desk chair while trying to remember. "Change, remember?" Irene stated in a 'duh' tone. Oh, yeah. "Thanks," I muttered to her before heading to my closet. I changed into a pair of sweats and a T-shirt before heading out of the room. After going down the stairs, I went into the dining room. My dad was placing a pan filled with my mom's famous homemade macaroni and cheese. A pack's favorite. My mom always makes it for when the pack has a cook-out. "Sweetie, can you get the plates?" My mom asked as she walked in carrying a bowl of taco salad, another pack favorite. "Ok, mom," I reply as I left the room. The dining room was right next to the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and opened one of the cupboards that contained the plates. I grabbed enough for my mom, dad, my 10 year-old twin sisters Shelby and Zoey, my 14 year-old brother Andrew who in the process of his first shift which is going to happen pretty soon, and lastly one for me. Six plates in total. Carefully, I took the plate tightly in my hands. Definitely don't want to drop them knowing my clumsy self. "Ya don't say," Irene comments mockingly. I could feel her smirking in my head. "Do you always have to comment?" I snap before blocking her out and continued to deliver the plates. I place a plate in each spot. Ny dad usually sits at one end of the table and no one sits at the other end. The dinning table is supposed to fit 12 but obviously we only use 6 spots. Once I finished I went to my usual spot between Shelby and Zoey who were chatting about some boys from school. They were talking about how cute they were and such. I'm guessing they were in our pack. But I could be wrong. The elementary school they attend was a werewolf school. I chuckle before looking at Andrew who was awfully quiet. He had a goofy grin on his face and was texting away on his phone. I raised my eyebrow at him. "Yo, little bro," I call out to him, "You're being quiet and whats with that stupid grin?" I question him while wiggling my eyebrows. I already know that grin all too well. It was a girl he was texting. Andrew looked up from his phone and glares at me before looking back down again. "He's texting his all-time crush, Reagan," Shelby butted in with an evil smirk on her face. Andrews face reddens. "She's not my crush!" He immediately protested. "Who's this crush you speak of?" My mom pipes up suddenly interested by the word 'crush'. "Mom!" Andrew wines. He then glares at Shelby who smirks even wider. Now it's Zoey's turn to speak, "Oh come on, Drew. I've walked by your bedroom and heard you moan out, "Oh, Reagan! Faster, Reagan! Yes, babe." She imitated Andrew. I choked on my food as I heard what she said. I looked up from my plate and stared with my eyes wide. Andrew's face was so red, you could probably cook some weenies by the heat radiating off his cheeks. My mom stared in complete horror while my dad tried not to laugh, as was Shelby and Zoey. The room was silent for only a few moments until my mom finally broke out, "Andrew Zachary Davis! You are too young for this! I will not tolerate you releasing yourself because of some random girl. I don't care if your hormones start kicking in, learn to control it!" Her voice was stern while using her death glare at Andrew that we all know too well as well as the full name thing. No one dared to say anything. That's basically how dinner went. Every now and then all of us, except mom, would sneak glances at Andrew and laughed silently. I looked over at my dad who was trying to keep a straight face. After I finished eating I picked up my plate and took it to the kitchen to wash my dishes. I placed my plate in the sink along with my fork and turned the water on hot. I then heard someone walk into the kitchen. "Hey, dad," I greeted when I saw him through the corner of my eye. "Hey kiddo," he responded with a greet as well. "There will be a dinner tomorrow night with Alpha Parker, the alpha of the Lunar Shadow pack. The dinner will be held at the Alpha's house and our family as well as the Delta and his family will be attending. "I shutter at the thought of being in the same room as Alpha Parker. At least I won't be alone because of Anthony. "Ok, dad. Goodnight," I say as I place dishes in their correct places before heading up to my room. After changing I climbed into my nice warm bed and picked up my phone. My brows furrowed when I noticed I had to texts. Sarina -7:46 PM Hey, girl! What's up? Anthony -8:20 PM I guess I'll see you at the dinner ;) I first texted Sarina back. Me -8:27 PM Just finished dinner . I waited a few minutes until my phone vibrated. Sarina -8:31 Cool. So what's the plan for tomorrow? Isn't Alpha Parker from the Lunar Shadow Pack coming? Me -8:32 PM Yeah, I even have to attend a stupid dinner at the pack house and Alpha Parker will be there. Sarina -8:34 Oh good luck, you'll need it. I switched to Anthony's text and sent a reply to him. Me -8:37 Poor me. Anthony -8:39 You know you love me, babe. Me -8:40 You wish. I shut off my phone and decided that I should probably get some sleep. Tomorrow my pack has to prepare to meet the one and only Alpha Parker. "Come on! You gotta pick something Jamie," Sarina groaned as I sat comfortably on my bed scrolling through my phone. I didn't spare a glance at her, "I don't have anything good and why do I need to dress up?" Sarina let out a sigh, "Because you are the Beta's daughter and maybe you'll meet your mate." That caused me to look up and scoff. I don't want a mate. I don't need a mate, especially one from the Lunar Shadow Pack. They have a pretty 'good' reputation I don't want to get involved with. "Fine," I gave a defeated sigh and stood up walking over to my closet. I skimmed through my dresses and smiled when I spotted a sleeveless black dress. It wasn't too much. I held it out to Sarina. Her face brightened as a huge grin grew on her face. "This is perfect!" She squealed and shoved me to the bathroom to change. I glanced at myself in the mirror before undressing . I slid on the dress over my head and it fit on nicely. The dress had fit on my curves nicely showing off my legs. Because of all the training I do, I have a strong body. I've been asked out numerous times but of course I deny them. I'm not exactly into dating or anything, but I have dated a few times. I'm not a virgin anymore and I regret it, but I can't take it back.

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