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Mia, the daughter of the Wolf King possesses a rare and powerful wolf. She is a skilled leader who prioritizes her pack's safety above all else. However, everything changes when her pack is attacked, leaving her as the sole survivor.

Atlas, a human, is a social outcast, who doesn't fit in anywhere. He lives on his late grandmother's rundown farm and refuses to sell it due to a strange feeling that he's meant to be there for something important. That something finally appears in the form of a white wolf with golden-tipped hair.

Atlas is Mia's forbidden mate, as their relationship goes against all the rules she has been taught her entire life. Will she defy these rules and accept the one who may hold the key to her survival? Can Atlas embrace his soul mate being a wolf, despite the danger he will face in order to be with her?

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MIA POV Smoke filled my lungs, choking me as sirens blared within the pack house, adding to the chaos. I jolted out of bed, disoriented and terrified. My room was a haze of dark smoke, making it difficult to see. Stumbling to my window, I was greeted with a horrifying sight. The entire pack buildings, one after another, were engulfed in flames. The crackling fire cast an eerie glow, illuminating the devastation before me. Amidst the chaos, screams of those who had yet to shift filled the air, blending with the howls of pain and sadistic growls of the attackers. My heart dropped as I took in the gory scene. Lifeless bodies of my pack members littered the ground. The sight was a knife to my heart, and I felt the pain reverberate through the connection we shared. Preparing to shift, I braced myself for what lay ahead. In my mind, my wolf, Inara, whimpered in anguish, echoing the pain we both felt. With a surge of power, I transformed, my fur shimmering in the flames. My white coat, adorned with golden tips, symbolized the pack I came from. Determined to defend my pack, I leaped out of the window and landed on the ground, the impact reverberating through my paws. Thudding footsteps marked my path as I made my way towards the screams. As the Wolf King's daughter, it was my duty to protect my pack. I was one of the strongest wolves, surpassing many male warriors, and my speed was unmatched. Fear did not grip me as I ran into danger. The cries of the she-wolves and children from our pack surrounded by rogues fueled my fury. Our fallen pack warriors lay strewn on the ground, their lives brutally stolen. Ignoring the odds stacked against me, I charged at the enemy, my teeth bared in a primal snarl. With every swipe of my claws and rip of my teeth, I inflicted destruction upon those who threatened the innocent. Some of the remaining warriors joined me, united in our desperate attempt to save those who were defenseless. My friend Leo joined in, his voice echoing in my mind. "You must leave, Mia. You must run," he pleaded. But I couldn't abandon my pack. Ignoring his words, I continued to fight, pushing back the enemy. And then, a new wave of enemy wolves stormed in, overwhelming us. The screams of the she-wolves' children filled my mind, a haunting nightmare. Focusing on the battle, I felt it, we all felt it. Our leader, our Alpha, our King, his tether snapped, signaling his death. A howl of pure agony erupted from deep within me, tearing through the air like a piercing cry of despair. The searing pain continued to ravage my body, as I then felt the loss of my mother, my brother, and my younger sister. I felt each connection snap, one after another, vanishing from existence, leaving me as the sole survivor of the once-mighty Wolf King's family. The weight of their absence pressed heavily upon my heart, as I realized I was now the last of the rare wolves, teetering on the edge of extinction. Leo forcefully collided with me, propelling me towards a small, weathered house nearby. "You must run," Leo's voice echoed in my ears, his urgent words mingling with the sound of battle outside. The scent of blood and burning fur filled the air, assaulting my senses. The weight of my responsibility to survive and protect the legacy of my kind bore down upon me. "You must leave wolf territory," Leo's voice urged. "You must go into hiding, Mia," he pleaded, his voice filled with desperation. I could feel the weight of his words, knowing that we were the sole survivors of our pack. "Come with me," I begged through our telepathic connection. "I will distract them, Mia. Your life is too important. Live for me, Mia. Survive," he said as he sprinted out of the house once again. My wolf whimpered, fully aware that our best friend was now sacrificing his life for our safety. If I didn't run now, his sacrifice would be in vain. Determined, I turned and bolted towards the dense forest, pushing myself to run faster than ever before. Tears streamed from my wolf's eyes as I sobbed within her, but we didn't falter. As we ran, I felt it—the final connection to Leo severed. I let out a scream as my wolf silently howled, crashing into a tree as the agonizing pain of our pack's destruction reverberated through me. But I kept running, pushing myself even harder, heading towards a forbidden place, the human realm. I despised this endless running, but I knew that I held the key to a new alpha's rise, the potential for a new king to claim power. I couldn't allow power-hungry beasts to possess this power. As the last of my kind, the rarest wolf, I had to remain hidden, and the human world was the last place anyone would expect to find me. Through the night and into the next day, I ran relentlessly until finally, I caught sight of it—the shimmering barrier that separated our realms. I held my breath and ran through, feeling the excruciating pain coursing through my body as the powerful barrier scraped against me. Pushing past it, I sprinted through a dense forest of humans, the sound of their footsteps crunching on the fallen leaves filling my ears. I crouched low, blending into the shadows, knowing that humans would see me as a dangerous beast. Suddenly, two men appeared before me, armed with hunting rifles. My hiding spot was bad, and they spotted me without hesitation. "Well, well, what a unique color this one has," one of them whispered to the other, eyeing my fur. Panic surged through me, and I darted away, but a deafening bang echoed through the air. A searing pain erupted in my wolf's shoulder, but I ignored it and pressed on. This was a foreign sensation to me, as weapons like these didn't exist in my realm. I increased my speed as the sky darkened with a storm. The rain began to fall, pelting against my fur as I raced onward. Eventually, I stumbled upon a dilapidated, abandoned farmhouse. A shed with a door that swung open caught my attention. I rushed inside, colliding with the wall, and my wolf finally gave in to the overwhelming pain, collapsing. I knew I had to remain in this form to heal, so I prayed that this rundown shed would provide enough shelter. The rain pounded relentlessly on the roof, drowning out the world around me as my wolf whimpered in agony. We were broken, shattered, and now stranded in a world completely unfamiliar to us. Curling up in a distant, dark corner, I closed my eyes, allowing darkness to consume me, succumbing to the pain of my injury and the profound loss of everything I cherished. In the pitch-black darkness, I lay awake, tears streaming down my face, concealed within the depths of my wolf. The haunting images of my family, whom I had shared a joyful dinner with just hours before the ruthless attack, played on a loop in my mind. Today was my sister's eighteenth birthday, the day she would have received her wolf. My brother, set to ascend to the throne in a month, had also been taken from me. They were all snatched away from my grasp. Time passed slowly as the storm outside matched the turmoil within me. The raging winds and pounding rain seemed to mirror the storm brewing inside my soul. It was a storm of my own making, for my kind possessed the power to conjure them, especially when consumed by emotions. My wolf whimpered, as if the bullet lodged within us had weakened our very essence. "Mia, it's silver," she warned, catching me off guard. Why would humans use silver in their weapons? Had they discovered the existence of our kind? Fortunately, I was stronger and could survive, but I needed to find a way to remove it. Just as I contemplated shifting, the doors of the shed burst open, unleashing a strong scent of human upon me. Normally, humans smelled repulsive, but this one carried the fragrance of a crisp autumn day, mingled with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Inara, my wolf, perked up, just as perplexed as I was. This human intruder was our mate, It was unheard of for a human to be bonded to us. Yet, my instincts would not deceive me. However, due to his human nature, I couldn't allow him to discover my true identity. Our worlds were not meant to intertwine. The man emerged into view, as I remained huddled in the shadows. His dark, rain-soaked hair was disheveled, and his tall, muscular frame suggested strength uncommon for a human. His shirt clung to his body, accentuating his form. "Who's in here?" he snapped, his voice laced with irritation, as he switched on a flashlight and scanned the surroundings. Finally, his light settled on me. I anticipated him to be startled, perhaps even attack, but all he did was mutter curses under his breath. "Damn hunters, shooting a f*****g wolf. I bet you did nothing to deserve this," he spoke, stepping closer. Inara growled, a reminder that despite him being our mate, we couldn't trust humans. Yet, he knelt down, displaying no fear, and extended his fist towards me, as if offering his scent for me to sniff, like a dog. He sought to assure me of his harmless intentions. Inera attempted to rise, but pain shot through us, causing her to fall. With caution, he inched closer. "I mean you no harm. I just want to look at your injuries," he spoke softly, his touch reaching out to connect with Inara and me. His gentle hand brushed against my fur, creating a flicker of electricity through my body. "I can't say I've ever seen a wolf like you," he murmured softly, his voice filled with wonder. His fingers traced the path of the gunshot wound on my shoulder, his touch both comforting and painful. "Damn bullet is still lodged in you," he growled angrily, pushing against my fur with force. A whimper escaped my wolf as the bullet was dislodged, a mixture of relief and discomfort washing over me. "It looks like you will heal," he said, a faint smile playing on his lips. He disappeared for a moment, then returned with several large blankets, carefully spreading them on the ground. "Sleep here, my shed is safe. Come morning, I will bring something for you to eat. I know you don't understand, but I hope you stay. I would hate for an injured wolf to be harmed yet again," he pleaded. With one last look, he stood up and left, leaving me alone in the now calming storm. "He helped us," Inara's voice echoed in my mind, filled with confusion. We shifted and curled up on the blankets, the rough texture against my skin providing some comfort. Naked and vulnerable, I covered myself with one of the blankets. I was still too weak to run, so I would wait until I heard his return before shifting back into my wolf form. For now, this makeshift shelter would have to suffice as I tried to find a way to survive in this unfamiliar world.

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