Owned By Her Triplet Bullies

opposites attract



"I can't do this. I can't deal with all this. You all have toured me so much that I'm sure you will make my life a living hell if I stay here as your mate,” I said, trying hard to control my tears.

“What do you mean by that?” Philip asks anxiously.

I stared at the three of them for a few minutes before saying what I had to say..

“I, Emma Garcia, refuse Julian Martinez, Philip Martinez, and Alexander Martinez as my mates. I refuse to accept them,” I finished, crying profusely. I saw their eyes widen in shock.

Growing up as an Orphan and an omega, Emma is subjected to bullying especially from her pack's Alpha's triplet sons and their best friend the Beta's daughter. All what Emma dreamt about and longed for was her 18th birthday when she is finally old enough to leave the pack but what happens when she discovers she is mated to her bullies: The Alpha's Triplet.

Will she ever forgive the Triplets?

How will the brothers successfully win her over especially when the Beta's daughter wants the boys only to herself?




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Emma's POV "Fat pig," I stopped in my tracks the moment I heard those words. No one needed to tell me who the person was, plus the cold chills that ran down my spine. Fear gripped me immediately, and I sighed, wondering if I should turn or just walk away. "We're talking to you, pig." I heard Julian's voice again and slowly turned to meet the angry faces of the triplets and, of course, Hailey's too. Their faces hardened as they saw my face. They hated me to the core and practically showed it to me every day. All my life, I've been mistreated and bullied by them and almost everyone in school. I was seen as the shrewd, unpopular girl who wore rags to school—a nobody and a pathetic Omega. This gave the students the upper hand against me, and they made sure to show me just how worthless I am. "What the hell were you saying about us?" Philip asked, and I furrowed my eyes, confused "I… I don't know what you're talking about." I stuttered as I took a step back. My eyes darted to Hailey as she stood with her hands folded, looking at me with that usual disgust in her eyes. What did she do this time? What lie has she told them about me again? Being bullied by the triplets was not enough; Hailey derived joy from making my life hell on earth. She used every opportunity she had to show me that she was better than I was in all ramifications, and I never argued. Hailey was perfect; she had the looks, the body, and the attitude. She was Beta's daughter and the definition of a spoiled b***h. The triplets hung out with her, and there was no doubt she was going to get mated to one of them, if not three of them, and she derived pleasure from telling it to my face every day. "We asked you a simple question, b***h. What were you saying about us?" Julian asked, and I quickly shook my head. He was the most ruthless and blunt out of the three, and I'd never want to cross paths with him. "I said nothing," I answered. "I really didn't say anything. I don't even understand what's going on here." I defended myself. I searched their faces, but all I could see was the pure hatred in them. While Julian and Philip looked like they'd kill me in no time, Alexander stood there with his usual calm posture, but his eyes were like lasers boring a hole through my soul. "I think we need to teach you a lesson first. Maybe that would open your mouth," Julian said as he approached me. I tried to run, but he grabbed my bag and shoved me to the ground. I screamed as he yanked my head backwards, pulling my hair along with it. "Please, let me go." My voice came out in a whisper as a result of the pain he was inflicting on me. The next thing I saw was Philip towering over me. "You had the guts to say filthy things about us." "Filthy things? No, I'd never." I replied immediately. Why would I say filthy things about them when I'm so terrified of them? This doesn't make sense. "Shut up! Hailey told us all the bad things you said about us, and Hailey doesn't lie." Philip deadpanned. I knew this was all her fault. I tried to look at her, but Julian yanked my head back again, making me scream in pain. "You better admit what you did before I show you what I'm really made of." Julian threatened, and I gasped. "I didn't say anything. I swear—" I was about to say something when Philip cut me off with a slap. My vision blurred from the impact, and I felt the sting on my cheek. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I could barely keep my eyes open. "You filthy rag! It seems we're too lenient with you, and that's why you think you can go about saying trash about us. You will definitely get punished for it today, pig." Julian dragged me up. My eyes met those of Alexander. He said nothing and only watched his brothers toss me around like a piece of rag. Julian kicked me, and I fell face first to the ground. I could already taste blood in my mouth, and I whimpered. "She's so pathetic," I heard Hailey say, and I looked up to meet her eyes. She had that devilish smirk on her face. Goodness knows what I did to her for her to hate me like this. After they were done beating me, Julian dragged me to the kitchen. "You see these dishes? Wash them again." He ordered. "But they aren't dirty." I managed to speak despite the pain I felt all over my body. Immediately after I said that, Alexander walked to the pot of soup on the electric cooker, picked it up, and emptied its contents into all the dishes. My eyes widened as I watched him pour the remnants all around the kitchen floor. When he was done, he took a napkin and wiped his hands before turning to look at me. "There, it's dirty." His voice was calm but vicious. How could he be so cruel? "To the car, right now." He ordered and left the kitchen. Julian let go of my hair with a scoff and walked out, followed by Philip, who snickered and poked my forehead. Hailey laughed. "I think you're going to be very busy and won't be attending the first and second periods."You should learn to control your tongue, pig. Maybe I might consider being lenient with you next time." She chuckled, and I frowned. I heard footsteps and thought she was leaving, but the next thing I heard was a splash of water on the floor. I gasped and looked up at her, shockingly. "Oops, my hands must have slipped." With that said, she cat walked out of the kitchen, swaying her hips as she left. I forced myself up as an excruciating pain shot through my body. Too bad for the pain relief I took yesterday before going to bed. I didn't even know if it worked because I still woke up this morning feeling sore all over my body, and now this? I dropped my bag on the counter and sighed hurtfully. I wiped my tears, not knowing where to start cleaning this mess. I knew I had to start somewhere, but where exactly? After looking around, I decided to start with the dishes. If only there was someone I could report to and he or she would help me yell at the triplets and Hailey for what they'd done to me, if only I wasn't an Omega, a weak one, then it'd have been easier for me to stay here. There was no one I could turn to because no one cared; not a single person cared whether I lived or died. The Alpha didn't give a damn, either. As long as I didn't lose my life, then there was no problem. In an hour's time, I was done with everything. I quickly grabbed my bag, hung it over my shoulder, and literally ran to school. I was damn late and in big trouble too. The school was easy to walk to, even though it was a bit far, but I managed to make it. Before I entered, I wiped my face, arranged my scattered hair and clothes, and then exhaled. I sighed as I got to the hall. Three periods were already done, and damn it, I missed the physics test. I knew that woman too well; she would never give me a makeup test. "Emma!" I turned to see John running toward me. "I've been looking everywhere for you. You weren't in class for three periods. What happened?" He asked, and I sighed. "You can guess," I answered, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes. "They bullied you again, right?" He facepalmed, and I nodded. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. This won't last for long," he comforted me. I managed to smile. Yeah, it won't, because when I turn 18 in a few months, I will definitely leave the palace and live my life away from those monsters. "It's lunch break. Let's head to the cafeteria," John suggested, but I was hesitant because I had no money in my student account, so there was no way I'd get food. "I know what you're thinking, Emma. Don't worry, bills are on me." He patted my shoulder, and I smiled. "Thanks." I muttered as we headed to the cafeteria together. John was the only person who was nice to me around here and didn't bully me. I don't know whether it's because we have the same personalities—calm, quiet, and yes, timid—but we met and became friends. When we arrived at the cafeteria, all eyes were on me instantly. The students looked at me like I was some garbage picked from the garbage can. I ignored their stares and followed behind John. Someone stretched out his leg, and I almost fell, but a pair of hands grabbed me. I gasped and looked up to see who had caught me. It was Alexander. I stared at him for a while but lowered my gaze, happy that he had broken my fall, but I spoke too soon because he suddenly let go of me and I came crashing to the ground.

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