Claimed By The Lycan King

opposites attract

Reject me!” She begs. “Reject me now!”His eyes are on the pitiful girl who is on her knees, begging for rejection. Her desperate tone makes his heart ache. He will do anything for this woman. Kiss her, love her and kill anyone for her. But reject?“You are stuck with me, my dear,” his silky voice resonates in her ears. His handsome face leans close, his scarlet eyes locked into hers.“You are mine, Anita and I will burn down this world if you go away...”In the kingdom of Eldrida where supernatural creatures rule over the humans, 18 year old Anita Nikolai a witch and a slave owned by the Lycan Royal Family. Ruled by the ruthless Lycans, Anita is forced to do their bidding until one day she was sold off to an auction for lecherous werewolves.And her world turns upside down when he comes to her life. Andre Cane, the Lycan King of Viola. Her master.Her mate.Elusive, sly and manipulative, Andre harbors a dangerous obsession for vengeance against his enemies. When his eyes set on Anita, he becomes her new master with a purpose in his mind.Scared by her new circumstances, Anita finds herself in a new land with no hope of the future.Yet, she finds herself drawn to the dangerous darkness lurking within Andre, a darkness which is about to plunge her into the depths of hell.What will happen when she finds out his true intentions?Can she redeem him? Or will she also drown in his darkness?

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Anita's POV “Hey! Get out of the way!” A taxi driver yelled as he honked so loudly that I forced myself away from the road and began walking very close to the bridge. Whenever I pass through this road, I cannot help but remember Casios. He was my best friend, and a sad smile spread on my lips. “Come on, Anita, not on the road,” I scolded myself. It's been years since he left me, yet I still cry every time I think of him. He left with himself some of me. The screech of a car pulled me back to reality and back to my surroundings again. The car came to a sudden halt in front of me. If the car had not stopped, I would have been hit, which I was sure of. But who the hell drives like that? The expression on my face changed as I prepared to give this driver the warning of his life. Two men came down from the car; they weren't the drivers because they certainly didn't come out from the front but from the back seat. "Hey, beautiful, wanna go for a ride with us?" I squinted my eyes at them. I was about to speak when one of them grabbed me from behind. I didn't know when he even got so close since I was staring at the other, ready to give him a reply. “Hey!” I yelled, “What the f**k!” I turned swiftly and landed a resounding slap on his cheek when I felt his dirty hand on my skin. I pointed my index finger at him in anger. “If you dare touch me again—" The man behind me grabbed my hands so tight that I whined. He pushed me against the car before saying, “You're under arrest for slapping my colleague." My eyes turned teary from the pain. They both chuckled, but I didn't find it funny at all. “You are not the police! Leave me now!” I yelled. But they kept speaking amongst themselves before they pulled me towards the back seat of the car. “Help! Help!” I yelled. They tried to push me into the car, but I lifted my legs so high to the roof of the car that I tried to get my hands off their grip. “Leave me alone!” I screamed as tears rolled down my eyes, “Casios, help!” The useless and childish part of me cried. He would have come; he always does, if not for the fact that he was taken from me. My cry became louder, and it seemed to piss the men off because the next thing I felt was a loud slap on my neck. My vision became blurry, and I felt so weak that I finally lost consciousness. The next time I woke up, I was tied; my hands, my feet, and my eyes were tied. My ears picked up the sounds of laughter and small talk. I wondered where I was and what the hell was going on. “Hey! Who's there?” I called, and one of them spoke up. “Oh, Princess Fiona has woken up,” and they all laughed. I would have rolled my eyes if I was in a good position, but I wasn't. Where was I? What is going on? “Please, let me go,” I begged. “We would; do not worry,” one of the men said again. “We would definitely let you go to meet your master tomorrow." My eyes widened as I gulped. What's going on? What master? “Please, I have not done anything wrong. Please let me go. I promise I won't mention a word to the police. I will never speak of this; just let me go,” I cried. I was shivering and nervous already. “You don't get it, honey,” he said, coming to stand behind me, and I could feel his presence. While I was on my knees, he stood behind me, “You are money. A lot of millions of dollars. I promise you, you'll be given a rich master."They all burst into rounds of laughter. I still don't understand what they are saying. “I beg you, do not sell my body parts. Please, I haven't done anything wrong in my entire life,” I cried, and they burst into laughter again. It was like they were having a feast next to me because I could hear the sound of music, glasses, and bottles. “I promise you, I'll give this fine body to your master in one whole piece tomorrow. This body…” As he spoke, his dirty hand creeped from my wrist up to my upper arm, causing me to cry louder. I have never been this harassed in my entire life. His nose sniffed my neck, and he sighed. His smelly, hot breath slapped my neck as he said, “You're one delicious human. I wish I could take you first.” Before I could speak, another one said loudly, “Hey, don't try it. You know how the game's played. Do not touch her. Or else you don't want your pay." Pay? Were they planning to auction me like I'd heard? These were the people? How the hell did I get involved in this? “Lucky b***h!” He cussed as he pushed me by the hair to the ground. I whined when my face came into contact with the strong ground. I coughed and choked on the dust. “Casios, you promise to always help me." Tears soaked the cloth they had used to blindfold me. I trembled as my lips quivered in pain. *** “Don't worry, Anita; when I'm finally Alpha and King, you'll be my queen and Luna. No one would dare harm you. I'll let you give all the orders you want, and I promise you, I'll deal with anyone who opposes you,” Little Casios says, and I giggle. “Really? I'll have that much power." I asked him as we walked beside the lake. He held my hand so firmly, reminding me that he was always there. “Yes. I'll give all the power to you when I become Alpha, and no one will be able to harm you.” **** “Casios!” I screamed as I cried louder. “Shut up! Shut the f**k up!"

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