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Her name was Brisa Dorsey. She was overjoyed at the upcoming marriage with her boyfriend, who she had been in love with for years. But just before they were to apply for their marriage license, she found out that her boyfriend had an affair with Brisa's stepsister. In a fit of anger, Brisa decided to pay a man to have s*x with her. Drunk as a skunk, Brisa shouted orders to the owner of the club she went to that night, wanting to have s*x with him. And when she woke up the next day, she found that everyone was calling her "Mrs. Johns". Shocked, Brisa found out she had got married! To whom? The terrifying "Cold-Face King" in New York, who was the head of the Johns family as well as the Johns Group! But rumor had it that he never hang out with women. Didn't he like men? Sure enough, those rumors were all just rumors...

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Chapter .1.
Call her Moon child Dancing in the shallows of a river Lovely Moon child Dreaming in the shadow of the willow. Talking to the Trees of the Cobwebs strange Sleeping on the steps of a fountain Waving silver wands to the Night-birds song Waiting for the sun on the mountain. She's a moon child Gathering the flowers in a garden Lovely Moon child Drifting on the echoes of the hours. Sailing on the wind in a milk white gown Dropping circle stones on a sun dial Playing hide and seek With the ghost of dawn Waiting for a smile from a sun child. -King Crimson; Moonchild *** The tension in the air was thick. Captured within the room and stuck there within the closed door as the few people present at the meeting sat staring at one another. A tall man rose, dominant above the others, clearly the Alpha of the pack. He looked at the faces of horror that spread across the couple that were sitting holding hands tightly. "John, you know I care for you and your mate and want the best for you both," The Alpha said, his deep, dominant voice trying its best to sound gentle at the moment. The sitting down male nodded his stunned head, while the female- his mate- let a sob escape her mouth. The man who sat across from them, an older gentleman who appeared to be in his late 40's cleared his throat, eyes downcast. "I don't know what else I can do for you," the man said, eyes looking up to show a deep sorrow. "Twin pups are rare as it is, but the way they are positioned and the fact they are both of beta blood makes further complications. There is a high chance you won't survive if you go through with this Grace." A snarl rose from Beta John's mouth as he took his hand away from his mates and paced. A look of hurt crossed Grace's face over losing the comforting touch of her mate. "What's the point of giving you these advance medical machines Doctor, if you can't even use them to keep my mate alive!" Beta John said with a fierce look in his eyes. Doctor Schulman looked back down at the table in shame. "You both already know Grace is frail. Her body can only handle so much and this procedure is very strenuous." "Whatever happens Doctor Schulman, I want my pups to come first," Grace said, her hands encasing her protruding, small belly, while her eyes looked on with love. A sob rose to Beta John's lips. He fell to his knees, grabbing one of Grace's hands while putting his other on her stomach. The two broke down in sobs, wrapped in the sorrow of what the future held for them. "Why would the Moon Goddess do this!" John said in anguish. Alpha Jay and Doctor Schulman left the room, giving the two their needed privacy. When the door was closed, Jay turned to the Doctor. "Is there no other way?" He asked. The doctor looked with blank eyes past the Alpha, after a few seconds refocusing them on his leader. "I'll ask around- maybe there's someone who is more experienced than me." Alpha Jay's shoulders fell. He and the doctor both knew Schulman was one of the best. "Maybe you can assemble a team? I'm willing to pay whatever to get doctors from other packs to come and help." Doctor Schulman nodded his head slowly. "It's not a matter though of expertise. This is about Grace's body and how she can handle the procedure. Grace is already having complications, and she is just a few months along. I can't image what it will be like for her when she gets past the six-month mark." "And she won't let the pups go," Alpha Jay said, feeling guilty for even voicing the obvious thought that was on everyone's mind. Doctor Schulman sighed again, "Alpha I know you already know this, but please make sure Beta John takes his anti-anxiety medicine. He and his wolf are going through a hard time. On one hand, he wants to protect his pups, overcome by paternal instincts, yet, on the other hand, these pups could possibly be the cause for the death of his mate." The doctor and Alpha looked at each other with dread in their eyes. "Please see if you can find someone, and let me know as soon as you do," Alpha Jay said in a whisper, before walking away down the hall and into his office. The doctor watched the exit of his Alpha. He wanted to help his pack leaders as best he could. When he transferred to the Alba Rosa Pack thirty years ago he was already a well claimed medical mind. The Alba Rosa pack was well within one of the top five packs in North America- he was proud to serve such a prestigious pack. The doctor's mind clouded at the thought that after all his years of service, he wouldn't be able to save those who he had worked hard to protect. He left the hall, silent except for the muffled sound of the couple crying in the next room. Their world-shattering. New determination filled the doctor. He would do whatever he could to save the pack.

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