Billionaire's Badass Bride

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office/work place

"I quit!"

"What!" He snaps.

"I quit!" I repeat, louder.

He bangs the table.

"You can't quit!"

"Says who!"

"The contract!" He snaps. "You must at least work for three months before you quit!"

"You're lying!"

"You're so stupid that you didn't bother to read the contract before signing it! Another reason I'm glad we didn't get married! Imagine you being the mother of my kids!"

I burst out.

"Screw you CJ! Screw you and screw this job and screw everything! I know what I did was messed up but it's me you should punish! Only me! Not my friend! My friend's husband just died and you're here acting like a dirty stinky asshole! She needs me right now more than ever and all I'm asking for is a leave! A freaking leave! So what? You don't want to give me the freaking leave. You don't want me to quit! What the hell do you want?"

CJ throws me a chilling look.

"For you to die."

That sends daggers to my heart.

"I wake up everyday and I wish you were dead. All this time, the only thing that kept me going is convincing myself that your body was in some dirty ditch, rotting away, a dish to the maggots. And then you came. And I have to look at you everyday and pretend like I don't wish to see you die. If only killing was legal... But then I remind myself that tearing someone apart is legal. That's what keeps me going. That's what makes me fake a grin every time that I see you. Knowing that I'll tear you apart like you tore me apart."

Free preview
•• PART ONE •• _ TAMING TERRA _ Shit! I have to hurry! I zip my leather jacket and put on a cap. I dash to the closet and take my suitcase. I'm going to need some clothes. A passport. And a briefcase to load thousands of cash. All that must fit in this suitcase. I'm forgetting something... oh my gun! I tuck the gun into the waist of my jeans. My phone rings. Can't believe I forgot to switch if off. s**t! I flash it down the toilet. I grab some dark glasses and slide into my sneakers. I have to get out of this place before they find me. Dragging the suitcase, I step out of my room. Everyone is staring at me at the reception area. What if they got here? What if they are watching me? What if they are following me? God no! My heart is pounding hard. Despite the chilly weather, I'm sweating so bad. I hold the handle of my suitcase tight. I have to be strong. Or atleast act like it. I ignore the creepy stares and exit the motel. A tall dark-skinned man walks up to me on the sidewalk. I slowly reach for my gun. "Hi!" He says, stretching his hand to me. "Hi." I say, my hand still on the gun. "I'm kind of new here." He smiles at me. "I'm trying to get to Melbury restaurant. Is it far from here?" "Not really." I sigh. "It's like three minutes away." I show him the directions to the restaurant. He thanks me and gets on his way. I kinda wish I could switch lives with that stranger. The only thing he was worried about was directions to a restaurant. He's probably meeting with his lover and they'll enjoy some coffee and cookies. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed coffee or cookies. How can I do that when someone is out there hunting me. Haunting me. Terra, FOCUS!!! Your life is in danger! A cab stops and I jump to the backseat. "Where to?" The silver-haired driver asks. "Airport." I fasten my seat belt. "Be fast. Please." He starts the engine, glancing at me through the rearview mirror. "I'll try my best, Miss." I'm looking out the window, wishing there was a way I could fly to the airport. Wishing there was a way I could teleport back home. That's the only place I won't have to run. The only place I'll be safe again. Too deep in my thoughts, I didn't realise when the driver got on the phone. "I've got her." What the f**k! "Yes sir." I snatch the phone and shove it in my jacket. I grab my gun and press it hard on the back of his head. "To the airport! Now!" He's freaking out and his hands are shaking. He starts screaming and begging for his life. Telling me has wives and kids. Well, good for him. "That's not the route to the airport!" I yell at him. I bang his head with the gun and he screams, his hands shaking on the steering wheel. "You won't be seeing your wives or kids if you don't get me to the airport now!" He cries. "I don't know the route to the airport! I'm not a professional taxi driver. I was just hired by-" "Stop the car!" I say, the gun still on his head. "What?" His voice is shaky. "I said stop the car!" He stops the car. "Out!" He turns to me, whimpering. "They are going to kill me! If I don't go back with you, they will kill me!" The poor man has tears in his eyes. With the gun still pointed at him, I take out the briefcase. He's shocked when I give him a bundle of cash. "Fly to a new town. Change your identity. Start a new life with your wives and kids. Those people will never find you." I smile at him. "They are too lazy." "Thankyou, Miss. Thankyou so much." "Say hi to your wives and kids." I smile. "Now get out." He steps out after giving me his blessings. Strange. The engine revs and I drive like a maniac. A few seconds to the airport, I decide to give him a call of victory. "That poor old man?" I chuckle. "Seriously? That's the best you could do to catch me? I feel so underrated." "Suzanna, I will find you." He says calmly. "And I will kill you. But before I do that, I will slice each finger as you watch, tears streaming down your eyes. You will beg for me to kill you. I promise you." I scoff. "I'm sorry you will never fulfil that promise. You will never find me, son of a b***h!" I hang up and toss the phone out the window. I won this game. I played him in his own game and won. And now, he will never find me. He will break locks and look for me under rocks. But that will be terribly unsuccessful. I pray to God that I never see his pathetic face ever again. I climb out of the cab when I get to the airport. I don't feel safe leaving the gun in the car. But I don't want any trouble with the security guys. The last thing I want is trouble. I just want to fly out of this country. It's windy and chilly as I drag the suitcase inside. My flight is in five minutes. My heart is racing as we wait to get on the plane. I keep looking around. Everything and everyone is so damn slow. No one seems to be in a rush except me. The pretty woman standing next to me must think I'm crazy. She gives me a concerned look but I look away before she starts asking questions. I'm definitely not in the mood to chat. Especially not to strangers... We finally enter and take our seats. It's a relief when the plane finally takes off. I take a travel magazine and flip through the pages. I'm not reading the articles, just admiring the beautiful breathtaking photos. A strong surge of nostalgia washes through me. I'm going back home... Home sweet home... Although I ran away three years ago, I'm finally going back. I had no choice. Home is the only place I could be safe. Safe from him. Going back home was the last thing I wanted to do. Especially after what I did to the man I loved. I know he hates me. He hates me so much. But not as much as I have hated myself every day since that awful day. I've had to live with it for the past three years... It has not been easy. I guess that's my karma. And even though I'm going back home, I'll make sure he never sees me. He'll never know I'm back. I know he has moved on. And I'm happy for him. I don't want to hurt him again. Ever! ****

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