Alpha's Beloved Luna


Olivia exchanged a kidney for her two-year marriage with Lucas. She also thought that she would be able to live with him, but she never thought that everything would change after that woman came back... In order to divorce her, Lucas treated her in every possible way. Tortured, but after the divorce, Olivia realized that the nightmare had only just begun. What's even more ironic is that on the eve of Lucas's and that woman's wedding, she was pregnant...

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Chapter 1
My name is Feya Lake and I am 16 years old. I belong to a pack of werewolves who are known for their skill in both tracking and taking down enemies, though the pack was far from the greatest out there. It was called the ‘midnight’ pack, it was my personal hell. You see I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world, far from it actually. I happened to be the only member of the pack who had not only raven black hair but strangely amber coloured eyes; it had nothing to do with my wolf coming through since I was just born with the rare eye colour. I didn’t like it; it was the source of the many jokes which were thrown my way daily after all. My complexion like nearly all werewolves was naturally deeply tanned, the genes which had been passed down to me from my parents being the reason why. The males also tended to be quite toned as well as the females, it was only predictable due to the exercise we used up when exercising and such. I didn’t mind, I was far from being ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’ as so many of them called me, as a matter of fact I was unhealthily thin. Years of starvation and rood rations will do that to a person. You see I was what most called me, the runt of the pack. I was short for my age, even at the age of 16 I was far from the tallest person in our pack. I was also quite petite, I didn’t have the largest chest or the longest legs and I wouldn’t have thought myself as ugly if it wasn’t for the years of conditioning I had been subjected to. It was impossible for me not to take their taunts and teases to heart, they had broken me long ago. Back to the subject at hand. My height wasn’t the only reason I was called the runt of the pack, you see while I was the daughter of the alpha and should have been treated with respect I wasn’t. I was hated in the pack, the reason unknown since as far back as I could remember I never knew what it was like to be loved. To be honest I wouldn’t have thought it existed if it hadn’t of been for me watching as couples mated over the years, it was both painful and amazing to watch. I didn’t think I would ever find a mate which was what made it painful. Do you have any idea what it is like to watch everyone around you live their lives in happiness, to find their soul-mate and yet take it for granted. They loved each other yes, but they argued over minor issues, they teased and taunted others who didn’t have the privilege but worse of all them seemed to make it clear to everyone present that they had found there other half. It was both disappointing and sickening to watch how they took advantage of such a blessing. Anyway I’m getting off track, but to put it both crudely and bluntly my family hated me. Again I didn’t know why, since I was sure I hadn’t done anything to offend them in such a way, but I cannot remember. I was treated worse than a slave, the reason being that it was my pack, my family, my parents who were treating me in such a way and not some random person I was taking orders from. It wasn’t a secret to the pack how I was treated, but the alpha was my brother and because of this they kept any thoughts on how I was taunted and beaten to themselves. My brother I didn’t believe to be a good alpha, he was far from tactical, far from being good with the pack expenses and finances and extremely lazy when it came both training and his duties. My so-called father was similar, and while I had strangely been apparently gifted in the traits needed to be an alpha I knew from experience not to interfere. You know it is possible for the alpha to stop you breathing without a single touch; an alpha order will do that to you. You see while everyone hated me, it was my brother that was the main cause behind it. You see I had been gifted with the colour white for my wolf, an extremely rare and prized colour that was the symbol of purity and love. Ironic though isn’t it, my wolf represented love yet I had never felt anything like it. It was a shame, but it was unfortunately the way I had to live my life. He was in charge, and while I could see he was running the pack into the ground it was seemingly oblivious to everyone else. It wouldn’t be long until they had to align themselves to another pack, give over control to another Alpha due to having no other choice. It didn’t bother me; I didn’t have that long left anyway.

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