Their Runaway Omega


“What?” I whispered.

“Bruce, is that not your old t-shirt?”

I took an extra look at Ana before she disappeared down the hallway, and I realized that was my shirt! My heart froze in my chest, remembering when I had given it to her, the day I had come back from Alpha training and seen her bullied. The fabric was very worn, which was why I had not been able to recognize it at first, and that meant the little Omega had been using it!

“Holy sh*t,” I whispered.

And here we had thought Ana hadn’t desired us as well or even thought much about us, always hiding and trying to get away as fast as she could. All this time she had been sleeping in my old t-shirt! At first, I couldn’t really breathe because the realization shocked and pleased me so much at the same time, but then I felt my entire body shake with delight.

I turned to Quinn, who was smiling from ear to ear, something he rarely did. I mostly got small smiles from him, but now he looked absolutely elated like myself.

“I can’t f*cking believe this,” I said before we heard Ana return, looking confused at us.

“Something the matter?” she asked, and it was obvious because of how sleepy she was, she hadn’t realized what she had put on.

“No,” I replied, my heart hammering in my chest.

“All right, then, didn’t you have work to do?”

“We did. You’re right.” I pushed Quinn forward, and Ana followed us to the door once more. Quinn left first, and just as I was about to pass Ana, I stopped, gazing down at her with a big smile. She looked confused up at me, not understanding what was making me this way.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Everything is perfect.”

“Um… okay.”

I stared at her for a moment longer, then I glanced down at her body. “Nice t-shirt,” I told her before walking out, and Quinn began chuckling as I followed him to the car.

When we turned, Ana stood frozen in the doorway, watching us with a shocked expression on her face, realizing what she had been wearing.

“She is going to think long and hard about that,” Quinn chuckled as we got inside the car.

“I couldn’t help it. It looks so good on her,” I said.

“I know. It’s going to look better on the floor though,” he said as we drove back to the pack house.


Anastasia is paying for her father's betrayal of her pack, despite her omega genes, which are meant to attract and protect her, causing werewolf males to desire her and want to mate with her. Instead, she finds herself at the bottom of the pack hierarchy, subjected to taunts and bullying.

When the young alpha sets his eyes on her, he keeps his distance, patiently waiting for the moment she turns 18 so he can claim her as his own. However, Anastasia's thoughts are consumed by one desire: escape. Tragedy strikes when her mother passes away, and Anastasia seizes the opportunity to prepare for her departure.

Bruce, the young alpha, is determined not to let her go and hastily mates with her, ultimately sharing her with his beta who also wants her. Yet, external forces intervene, separating Bruce from Anastasia as he is dispatched on a mission, leaving her vulnerable and with no option but to flee and start a new life.

In her new life, Anastasia finds employment with the notorious hybrid CEO, Gabriel, who is immediately captivated by her. Anastasia, however, remains cautious but cannot deny her growing attraction to Gabriel. Things take a turn when Gabriel invites her to a high-class society event, where she unexpectedly crosses paths with Lukas, the cold and engaged lycan crown prince. Their undeniable chemistry complicates her choices, but little does she know that her past is inching closer.

As she faces this complex web of desire and destiny, Anastasia must ultimately make a choice. Will it be Bruce and his beta, Gabriel, or Lukas? Or does fate have its own plans in store for her?

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Thank you for choosing to read my story. This is a werewolf why choose romance, meaning there will be multiple love interests. If this is not something for you, it may not be your book. This is not a "typical" omegaverse, breaking the rules a little around it. Also a little warning: be aware of bullying, explicit scenes, violence, and death. This book is also a drama, so it will both keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to pull your hair. If you're still interested in continuing to read, then enjoy! Please do remember to follow and vote for this story as it will be a huge support to this author and so new readers can come read as well. This will be a pay to read story at some point, so be prepared for that. Also if you're interested in finding more of my work come join my F@cebook group: Anne T. Thyssen: The Royal Pack. If this book is not in your interest, I also have 35 other books for you to check out and maybe choose to read. You can find it all on my profile. Now, let's get to the story!

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