Pregnant at 16: Whitney's journey.

single mother

What do I gain? The story follows the life of Whitney; A young teenager who was brought up by a single mother, after the death of her father. Mrs Newborn; Whitney's mom, single—handedly sent her to the most expensive college in LA ( Los Angeles) California, where they reside.

On Whitney's arrival to WA, she met Houston: the hottest guy in Whitehall, who explained the rules and regulations of the school to her before she departed to her class.

Entering her class, she meets with Williams, the smartest boy in her class and instantly falls for him. This love at first sight was from both. Whitney and Will fell for each other and became a couple. They also help Houston to unite with his love; Phyna.

After so many parties, romance and intimacy, Whitney became pregnant after she forgot to take her contraceptive pills, following Phyna's words " One cannot get pregnant with just one night of unprotected penetration" Whitney's mother found out and was disappointed but later accepted Whitney and her unborn baby.

Will, on the other hand, also accepted Whitney and her baby and everyone was happy and joyful. Until a decision was made to stop Whitney's schooling since it's going to be too much on her coupled with her pregnancy. Whitney agreed to stop her school while Will and the couples ( Phyna and Houston) were coming to visit her regularly until the turn of events.

Will saw a girl named Cynthia, and this started his dislike for Whitney. Will lost interest in Whitney after getting her pregnant and followed Cynthia.

Whitney was devastated but remained strong due to the comfort she got from Houston, Phyna, Annabelle and her mother who were on her side.

One day, Whitney and Phyna decided to visit the park, and this was the beginning of another realm of happiness for Whitney. Jayden, who was also at the park, fell in love with a pregnant teenager at first sight, not minding the situation. Phyna noticed this and let Whitney know but she opposed it.

After having so much fun in the park, Whitney also started experiencing labour pains and was taken to the hospital with the help of Jayden.

Jayden was with them all through and Will didn't even show up until later.

Whitney gave birth to a bouncing baby girl who was just as beautiful as she is.

After her deliverance, Whitney was diagnosed with Septicemia also known as sepsis, which led to her not being able to do anything or go to school for years. Read the story to know how Whitney survived and also for more intriguing and romantic scenes.

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First day at Whitehall; The kiss and Houston's coaching.
Whitehall Academy is an extremely prestigious college that everyone in Los Angeles, California aspires to attend. The college is well-known for its stunning buildings and bright pupils. Whitney's first day at Whitehall Academy in Los Angeles, South California, in the United States, and everyone seems to be bullying her except Houston, the hottest boy at Whitehall Academy, and things were already going well for Whitney on her first day of college. She began by being acquainted with Whitehall's rules and regulations, the first of which was the prohibition on violating any school rules and regulations. After listening to all the regulations presented to her by Houston, Whitney walked to her classroom, where she met Will, the brightest and cutest guy in Whitehall, who also happened to be her classmate, and they began catching up. Will held Whitney's hands and exclaimed, "Ring! Ring! That's the bell." They headed out to the cafeteria for lunch, and Houston greeted them. They returned to class after taking their lunch break. After several hours, the closing bell rung, and everyone was dismissed. Will and Whitney went on the bus together, while Houston drove his own car. *** Hello, Whitney. Hello, Houston. Have you seen William? Whitney inquired as she looked at Houston, who was focused on the cheerleaders. This reminded Whitney of their earlier conversation about Phyna, the cheerleader. Houston! Houston!! Yes, Whit, I am with you. What have you said? I asked, have you seen Will? Oh no, I just arrived. Not long. You guys took the bus together, right? Oh crap, he took the first bus since I got up late this morning and couldn't meet him. Whit Newbie. I requested not to be referred to as Newbie, as my surname is Newborn. Anyway, where were you? I looked all over this school for you. Houston cleared his throat. Sorry, Houston. "I and Houston searched every corner of this school for you." Haha I understand, Whit, and will make sure you get the bus tomorrow. Houston! Houston!! We're heading to class; don't spend the entire time staring at Phyna while she does whatever. yeah! yeah!! yeah!!! Guys I know. Will and Whitney lock hands on their way to class, leaving Houston in his world. Good morning, students. Good morning, Mrs. Phillips. We have a new student that we didn't recognize yesterday owing to an academic concern. Miss Whitney, may we kindly have you at the front? Sure, ma'am, as Whitney moves forward, hello, my name is Whitney Newborn, and I'm happy to be in Whitehall with you all. Thank you Whitney, welcome Whitney, hello Newborn, and pleasure to meet you. Miss Whit Newbie. I know it's you, Will; you're the only one who can greet me as Newbie. Wait till we're out of class; I'll deal with you while they both focus on their study. Students, let us now return to our major topic in mathematics. We are going to treat... Houston's lesson is shown, and he is seen giving his full attention to his phone rather than his teacher and book. Houston, I need you up right now. Houston remained focused on his phone while watching Phyna's display. Houston, submit your phone instantly and keep standing. This is when he learned that he had been carried away from the class since the beginning. The lunch bell rings, and everyone exits for the cafeteria except Houston, who is bawling over his phone. Houston's teacher called, and he swiftly responded, "Take your phone and make sure it is not used while lectures are in progress; if not, you know what to do." Houston responds, "Yes, sir," as he exits the classroom, only to find Will and Whitney at the entryway. Houston, what is your offense? Whit asked. Did you come to class late due of Phyna? Ask Will. No, I was caught using my phone, and it was stopped by Mr. Paul, and I believe if my actions are repeated, his next line of action is incarceration, As he had said. Don't worry, Houston; we'll show you how to approach Phyna so you don't have to watch her via your phone again, but rather through your windows. They all laughed as they proceeded to the cafeteria for lunch. Not long after they arrived, the bell rang, and they all returned to their respective classes for lectures. Houston couldn't wait to get home because of his coaches, and after a few hours, his prayers were fulfilled, and the three of them drove to Houston's house, singing all the way. At Houston's house, we can see the well-furnished sitting room down to the dining room, which is designed with curtains of different colors and the air conditioner doing its job at the edge, a chandelier with a Bluetooth speaker, and many other fancy interior designs. Now to Houston's room. A room with a heavenly design, a large bed, a wardrobe with lots and lots of different collections of cartoon figures on a particular drawer—from this sight, we can conclude that it was dedicated to only action figures and many other amazing characters. Anime characters, the latest comic books, and much more attractive stuff; we could also see his little aquarium. Wow, your room is dope said Will. is that anime character said Whitney as they both sit on the sofa in Houston's room and relax. Okay, coaching class begins a few minutes from now, so get ready, said Will, referring to Houston, who was buried on his phone. Oh, sorry guys, I will ask the help to bring some snacks, said Houston as he left the room for Whitney and Will. I never knew Houston's house was this massive, Whitney said. I always knew he was from a wealthy family, accounting for his brand of cars and clothes, said Will. Is your house this huge? Whitney asked, looking like a gold digger. Nope, big but not as massive as this. Okay, I can't wait to see your house and your handsome brother, Whitney said as she tried to escape Will's hand. I will get you, Whitney. Are you trying to say that my brother is more handsome than me? No, I was just saying... just saying what? As Will brought her closer to himself with his hands wrapped around her slim waist, he said, "Nothing, Will; I was just saying you are as handsome as your brother. At this point, Will was already bringing his head down to Whitney's level as kissing began. It was a deep French kiss that was later interrupted by Houston, who was perplexed to see the two in that position. Sorry for the interruption, guys, but the snacks are here, said Houston as he dropped the tray on the table. Come on, I want to know how it happened and when it started happening, said Houston. Do you want to know how it happened? or Do you want to be coached? they both said as Houston coaching began. *** It's a fresh day, and students are everywhere at Whitehall Academy (WA). Hey, baby, said Will, giving Whitney a back hug. Hello, Whitney. Turn to face Will as another lip connection occurs (a kiss). Guys, please get a room. Houston murmurs from behind. That's so funny. Will spoke to Houston as they each left for their respective classrooms. Hello, fellows, stated Mrs. Phil (Will and Whitney's instructor). Hello, Mrs. Phill, the pupils replied as the lesson progressed. Today we will discuss our experiences during the Children's Day break that you all experienced. Yes, Mrs. Philip. Okay, Mirabel, please take the lead. Yes, ma. I had a lovely experience and received several gifts from my parents and family friends. So, Mrs. Phil, my break was worth it. Wow, applause for Mirabel as she takes her seat. Yes, lady, the class responded loudly. Will, Mrs. Phil called. Yes, Ma. Mrs. Phil, it was the perfect break for me since I was able to chat to the person I love and she accepted me. I also went on a picnic with my family and had a great time. Splendid!!, Will now have a girl, class. Give him a loud applaud as he takes his seat. Whitney Newborn, please. Yes, mother, my experience is somewhat similar to that of Will. Whitney said, appearing shy. Ohhohhohh Whitney's break experience is comparable to Will's, which perfectly explains Will's love. Hahahaha Mrs Phill! Will called out. Yes, Will, are there any issues to my assumption? Huh? No, right? Ask Mrs. Phil when the lunch break bell rings. It's time for a break, fellows. Yes, ma'am, they all go out for breaks. Where do you believe Houston is? Ask Whitney, who was not present in the lunchroom. Will answered, "Um, I don't know," while they waited for their lunch to be brought. Whitney! Whitney!! "Look who's behind us," Will said as Whitney turned around to look. Oh, Houston is with Phyna, which is more like it. Whitney contacted Houston as he was still conversing with Phyna. Oh, Phyna, this is my buddy Whitney, and this is her boyfriend, Will. Okay, Nice to meet you Whitney, as well as you, Will, Houston told me a lot about your impending arrival. I'm good. I hope the train ride with you and the hottest boy in school goes smoothly. Yh, I... Guys, a secret," Houston remarked. Will and Whit asked, "What's up?" I discovered out today that someone (Phyna) was already interested in me but was waiting for me to make a move first, which explains why the school date went so smoothly. Guys, don't listen to whatever he says. Okay, Houston remarked as they headed to the lunch table for some more juicy chat. Please prioritize studying and completing assignments. Mrs. Phil told the students as they were all sent to their respective places. Okay, baby, let us go grab Houston and Phy. Hello, newbie. "Come back," Whitney cried as she hurried after Will. Will wrapped his arms around Houston, who was clutching Phyna's hands, and whispered, "Save me; Whitney is after my life." I warned you not to call me Newbie, said Whitney, who nearly jumped on Houston and Will before Will drew her in and they kissed. Ohhhh, the lovebirds are at it again, Houston said. "Stop it, Houston," Whitney murmured, blushing. Guys, can't you just leave the bus and come with me today? since my girl will be with me. Okay, Houston, let's go celebrate the new couple, Whitney said as they got into the car and drove away.

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