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Have you ever had a crush on one of your brother's friends? The one who sees you as his brother's little sister?

If you have, you know how I have been feeling since I was thirteen years old.

I am now twenty-five years old and I am an assistant in a dentist's office and single. I have been single for the past two years after my ex-boyfriend, Zack, decided to break up with me for no reason. Happens, right?

But despite me being with another man, William was the guy I always wanted to be with and I guess, that is the reason why I did not care when Zack ended our relationship.

Tomorrow I am going home, for the first time in over two years, to visit my mother and my brother, Derek, who has been living in England for the past six years.

Little do I know, that he is not coming back alone.

***Sneak Peek***

"Will," she says out of breath.

She is lying on the bed underneath me and I enjoy the view from up here.

God damn, she is so arousing.

I lower her dress even more until her whole breasts are showing and she moans.

Without asking for her permission, I lower on top of her and suckle on her right n****e and she moans even louder.

I'm gonna cùm soon. Very soon.

With my right hand, I tease the other n****e, making Chloe wriggle and moan.


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1. Chloe
Working at a dentist's office has its benefits. I work in a very clean environment with amazing people and tend to people's teeth. But, there are some disadvantages too, like getting groped while assisting the dentist. There is also inappropriate flirting, mostly from guys my age who do not even know how to floss or brush their teeth. Today, I had to deal with both these disadvantages in my workplace and I may have threatened one of the culprits. At least he stopped groping me, so I guess it worked. What's even weirder, this happens a lot more than you would think and from a lot of different men. Enough said about gross men with teeth problems and slutty hands. Tomorrow I get to go home for the first time in over two years and my brother Derek is coming back from England. Him I haven't seen in four years, but we video chat every couple of days. One time I called him spontaneously and a woman answered. Long story short, she called me a b*tch and hung up the phone. This, unlike the groping and the flirting, does not happen that often. What I forgot to mention is that my best friend Jessica is coming with me too. She has been to Savannah before, but we decided to make a tour of the cities nearby since we are staying there for a week. Jessica works in a pharmaceutical company as a microbiologist and tests new drugs. Now, that is cool. Right now, I am sitting outside on the balcony of my apartment and enjoying my sandwich and Bones on my tablet. It's my favourite series, starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. "Hello, my dear!" Mrs Zane called from the balcony on my right. She is a very sweet woman, who invites me every Saturday to her home to dine with her and her husband. She says I am too skinny from only eating sandwiches and pizza. Well, I only eat those out here on the balcony, because who can eat soup out here? "Hello, Mrs Zane. How are you?" Mrs Zane loves to complain, especially about her legs and sometimes her neighbours. That's a lie. She complains everyday about her neighbours. They are - according to her - very loud and rude and young to be living next to her. "Outraged, my dear. The Connors won't turn down that terrible, godforsaken music. All I hear are curse words," she hissed and watered her plants. "That's awful," I said trying to sound interested. "Don't even ask me about my legs," she complained and I hid my smile behind my half-eaten sandwich. "Are they hurting again?" I ask and take a sip of my water. "When do they ever stop hurting?" She sighed and went inside to fill the watering can. This gives me the opportunity to go inside before she comes out again and starts complaining about her children, who do not call her ten times a day. I grab my tablet and water bottle and head inside. Leaving the watter bottle and tablet on the coffee table, I march to the kitchen counter to grab my phone. Jessica has called me two times and left me messages so I call her back. "Where have you been?" She answers after two rings. "On the balcony, enjoying my sandwich." "Okay. I wanted to give you a heads-up before I showed up at your door." "You're coming over?" "Well, yeah! We need to catch the plane early and you're nearer to the airport." "You live twenty minutes away from Boston." "And you ten. I told you I should move in with you. It would be easier." I laugh because this is our weekly conversation. Every week she mentions that we should live together. The weird thing about me and Jessica is that we met each other through our boyfriends. My ex-boyfriend is best friends with Jessica's ex-boyfriend. Jessica ended the relationship with Marion seven months ago because she caught him texting other girls on Tinder. Both our relationships were disasters. I was two years with Zack before he ended things without giving me a reason. He was also the guy I lost my virginity to and I have heard from other girls, who were devastated after their first guy ended things with them. To me, it was a relief. Zack was that hot dude from the outside and a jerk from the inside kind of guy, so yes. It was a big relief when he left. Even though he was the one to break things off, two months later he texted me and wanted to have me back. Typical, isn't it? After I blocked his number, he showed up at my door drunk and tried to break in. I called the police and let them take care of him. Since that day I never heard or saw him again. "When are you going to be here?" I ask her but the question answers itself. "Buzz me in." I press the button with the key on it and buzz her in. "Can I hang up now?" I joke and she blows a raspberry. "Ha-ha, very mature." I hang up and open the door. My apartment is on the second floor, so it does not take long for her to come up. At least my apartment does not look like a hurricane barged in here and destroyed everything, but it does look like that during the week. "I hate traffic," Jessica comes in and closed the door behind her. I rush toward her and hug her. "I missed you this week," I said and she agreed. "This week was a disaster," she sighed and I let her go. "From what you told me, I believe you." "I mean, how stupid can someone be? He spilled the lab culture all over the floor. Quarantine for two days. Thank God we were out of danger. But enough with that. Are you ready for tomorrow?" She goes into the kitchen, which is separated from the living room with only a kitchen counter, and grabs a peach-flavoured water bottle from the fridge. "I only need to pack my make-up and shampoos. A couple of underwear and a bikini. Maybe the hair straightener too." "Have you even packed yet?" She took a cookie from my cookie jar and went into my room. "Only half," I shrugged and walked into my room behind her. "I'll pack the rest. You cook something. I am hungry." "Why didn't you eat before you came here?" "Because I don't know how to cook," she faked a grin and I threw a T-shirt at her. "You are lazy! That's why." "Go on, wench," she blew me a kiss and I gave her the finger. God, I love her.

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