Consequences for Madison


**COMPLETED** Falling in love is every female's dream, but what happens when you're tortured by your mate? Everyone knows second chance mates are rare, which leaves the happily-ever-after fairytale, an unspoken myth. Would you accept the consequences of your fate or choose a lonely life of solitude?

Madison is a 17-year-old werewolf who protects those who can't defend themselves. But on her journey to self-discovery, will she choose to gain inner strength at the cost of love?

*The sequel: Consequence for Max, will be posted in fall 2022!

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***COMPLETED*** Consequences of Madison is a fictional story that is created from the imagination of the author, SeaK. All rights are copyrighted. All characters and events are not based on real events. Copy or use of these characters or events is not permitted without the author's permission.  PROLOGUE (Madison's pov) Music bounced off the walls for over five minutes causing a loud yell from my mom down the hall, "Turn it off, please!" My hand escaped from under the warm blanket and smacked the alarm clock as Long Haired Country Boy by Cody Johnson continued to echo in my head. “Good morning, Cody darlin’,” I announced with a half-smile as if he was singing to wake me up. I’m not always a morning person, so this is my way to start mornings off on the right foot. As a 17-year-old werewolf, my life outside my bedroom is anything but glamorous. My brown hair and green eyes are bland compared to the blonde hair and blue-eyed beauties in our pack. I’m not gorgeous or ugly, I'm just not someone you remember, especially when all the other females are taller, smarter and/or sexier. Basically, I’m your average female that is commonly known by humans as a tomboy. Growing up, my household consisted of two awesome parents; my dad, who comes from a Beta bloodline with a history of strong fighters in the family, and my mom, who comes from an Alpha bloodline of respected leaders. When I was younger, I remember watching how they acted like love birds and hearing stories about their relationship being a typical love story; they met, fell in love then had kids. Everything was great within our family unit, until the summer of my ninth birthday when my dad found another mate and left us to fend for ourselves. Living without a dad created riffs between my mom and older sister Johanna, who chose to live in the pack house after dad left. She wanted to be around complete families; who had both parents. Johanna constantly tried to convince me to move into the pack house, but I chose to remain in our small cottage on the edge of the pack's territory with my mom Alice, stepdad Dale and brother Alex. Less than three months after my dad left, Dale moved in. Johanna said it was too soon, but our dad had already moved on, so I didn’t have a problem. At least not in the beginning. My sister always believed our mom cheated on dad, but there’s never been proof or anyone to corroborate the rumor. Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that I don’t like my stepdad but no one as ever asked why. He became controlling and started treating my mom like his property while his anger spiked when he drank. My brother and I got tired of Dale's "what could have been" stories regarding losing his mate and how he constantly reminds my mom that she's not his soul mate. My mom is just leftovers. I’ll admit that he never physically touches her, however, he abuses her with his demeaning words. Shortly after my mom married Dale, he started releasing his frustrations on me, especially when he was drunk; leaving blue, black and purple marks from his fists, belts or boots on parts of my body that could be hidden under clothes. He knew visible markings would bring negative attention to his position, overseeing the pack's eastern border patrol, which was regarded highly with respect. As you might have guessed, I hate being home, but I have never felt like I could move away from my brother Alex. With an open invitation from Luna Tessa, our Alpha's mate, I could have moved into the pack house, but I didn’t want to run from my problems or let Dale know he broke me. CHAPTER 1 (Madison's pov) Growing up as Dale's scapegoat, I needed a way to escape and defend myself. It didn't take much convincing, from my best friend Jackson, before I embraced our pack’s trainings. Working hard, I became one of the strongest female fighters. Requiring longer breaks between Dale's drunken beatings to allow my body to heal because my wolf endured most of the pain, I participated in trainings two to three times a day and forced my body to expand into a muscular fortress. It didn't long before I realized, my dad's choice to leave our family and my mom's choice to live with an abuser had opened my eyes to take control of my life and my future. As much as I love my sister Johanna, I still question why she chose to live a submissive life catering to her mate Tim, who adores her. At an early age, I chose to always remain independent and work hard to earn an invite to train among the elite warriors at the Citadel. Only the best receive invites. Females have never been invited, but it's good to dream of a better life. Preparing for my future was not easy because it took a toll physically on my body and mentally on my mind while occupied most of my time. I have been content and never complain about my grueling routine, especially when there's no time for a social life. I decided a long time ago that I would avoid dating and only engage with males during trainings. At school and in our pack, the horny males ignore me while I'm snubbed by the w****s. My looks may be ordinary, but my fashion sense is nonexistence. Hiding under clothes to keep my bruises covered, I remain within the shadows unless I'm with my best friends Lilith, Victor or Jackson. Lilith has a spunky attitude with an outspoken opinion thanks to her Delta parents (third in command of the pack), who push her to be a future female leader in our pack. Jackson is patient but built of pure strength thanks to his Beta parents (second in command of the pack). Victor, the son of our Gamma (fourth in command), is reserved, quiet and always preparing to become our pack’s future Gamma. My best friends are the future leaders of our pack while I'm just a fighter, but they treat me like an equal. At school, I’m keep to myself and stay close to my best friends unless weaker people, mostly omegas (the lowest rank in our pack), are in need of help. As you might have guessed, I’m labeled as a troubled teen with aggression issues from being raised in a broken home. And yet the rich b*****s, who live with both parents and bully others, are not labeled? Honestly, I don’t look for trouble, but when things are unbalanced, I have no problem stepping in and protecting those who can’t defend themselves. As far as being a student, school has always been easy for me, but at times it gets boring when classes are paced for the underachievers and don't challenge those who care about their education. Even though my classmates are werewolves from my pack, I'm only acknowledged during fights or training sessions because I’m not your typical teenager who drinks or sleeps around. I'm constantly teased about eating healthy foods, avoiding adult beverages and staying pure for my mate, an old werewolf tradition that many choose to ignore. Basically, I'm not cool. UNFAIR REALITY (Madison's pov) My 18th birthday is in less than two months and there’s a good chance I’ll meet my mate. As werewolves, the Moon Goddess gives each werewolf someone who completes them, someone who was made for them. I remember my sister stressing out before her 18th birthday claiming her life would have more meaning with her mate. I thought her mate was her boyfriend Jackson, but she knew early on that he wasn't the one and chose not to tell him. Now I'll admit Johanna’s mate is a good guy and treats her like a princess, but finding a mate who will expect me to be submissive is not part of my plan. Most stories of discovering one’s mate are based on fairytales with experiences of love at first sight and a lifetime full of happiness. But there have been a few disastrous stories where one mate rejects the other and forever severing their souls in half. When people insist that having a mate is the only way to live a long and happy life, I roll my eyes because my parents were mates and yet my dad still left our family. Even after all these years, the story of their breakup is unclear because no one talks about it. I believe they were chosen mates and not soul mates. Now, there are options for werewolves who discovered their mate was killed before they met them or believed they will never find a mate; they have the option of choosing a mate. Selecting a chosen mate is accepted by our pack, but it could create problems if one of them accidently finds their soulmate. I have a feeling my dad left because he found his soulmate. Soulmates are unique and special because they are the other half of our soul. When I was younger, I believed in the power of the mate bond that pulls two wolves together like a strong force. But after our family unit fell apart, I decided to accept reality and no longer believe in fairytales or choose to rely on a mate for my happiness. Being the best female fighter and an instructor at the Citadel will bring all the happiness and respect I could ever imagine.

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