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Luna is a sweet girl, a nerd, who is focused only on her work. Well, that’s what she tells herself, because deep down she wants what everybody wants. A man who loves her, kids… the whole nine yards. But she cannot seem to achieve that. And she is embarrassed to say she is a 22 years old virgin who cannot seem to able to get her groove on.

But she never bargained for what happens when she decides to let her guard down and enjoy life.

Meeting Tlou Mogale feels like a dream. He’s everything she ever dreamed of in a man, but with him comes Tau his twin brother. They do everything together, run business and even…

“We share, and we want to make you ours.” Tlou said changing everything.

Will Luna take their offer or deny the dream she’d fought hard to find?

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1 Game night
Luna   I don’t know why I still host Truth or Dare game night!  I groaned as I listen to the cacophony that is my friends laughing away at truth someone just revealed. I’m in my bathroom by the way, sitting on the toilet bowl like I’m about to do the business when in truth I’m hiding from them. I just can’t deal. We meet every Thursday to make each other feel like s**t. We all hate each other for one thing or another; we are a bunch of sad women that pretend to be happy for the benefit of others. Tonight the vibe is on a different level; my living room floor is the party station and them bitches have their nails out. I can feel them way over here, they are coming for me, like a bunch of cackling hyenas on a scavenger hunt. “Luna, come play or are you hiding from your truths,” screams Carol from my dining room floor. The whole room giggles confirming my thoughts. Fucking bitches, they were out for my blood. They were all here to torture and laugh at me, as if we were all still in our stupid girls’ clique from high school. We literally all went to the same high school and were friends then, till now.  But I think we all need new friends. Different friends, “this we’ve known each other since kindergarten” s**t needs to end. Mindy hates Carol’s guts because she slept with her boyfriend once. Yolanda hates me because she wishes she was further in her career, even though she doesn’t put any effort into anything. I work hard. Harder than any of my colleagues at my University, and the fact that I’m considered for a tenure as the youngest professor in residence didn’t just happen. I worked hard, skipped some grades and landed a scholarship that took me to the most prestigious University in South Africa. I was studying while all of them were out there going to parties and they hate me for that. Well, the feeling is mutual. I hate all of them for making me feel like a wall flower. But we hangout anyway. Better the devil you know, and all that bullshit, I guess. With a sigh, I stand up. I need to bring this night to a close. Taking a deep breath, I flush the toilet to keep up with pretenses. I walk out into the hallway. They spot me, and stare expectantly. Shit, it’s now or never, I think to myself as I plaster a brilliant smile, I don’t feel on my face. “Okay, let’s play,” I say smiling at all of them as I take my seat opposite Carol on the cushions. Mindy and Yolanda look at me eagerly. They’ve definitely been waiting for the pound of flesh. “Truth or dare?” Carol says staring at me. “Truth,” I say taking a sip of my wine. “On a scale of one to ten how good was Richard in bed?” Carol asks a smirk of satisfaction plastered on her face. Shock radiates through my body at the mention of my so called ex. f**k, Carol and her torturous ways. My face burns as I feel embarrassment coming on. Carol and Mindy are the reason, I still have to talk about Richard and our supposed relationship. Here is the truth, Richard is not my ex, in the sense that an ex means. I mean, having dated, kissed or even f****d. Richard is my friend and colleague at the University. He’s the sweetest man that I pretended to be in a romantic relationship because Carol and Mindy saw me once with him at a coffee shop discussing a paper. They asked me about him and I never corrected them. Well, I haven’t corrected them because we are still talking about him. I’m glad I had the foresight to think up a breakup before things became complicated because Carol and Mindy just would not shut up about Richard and when they were going to meet him. “8,” I lie.  The room erupts in laughter. They all scream at once. The running joke among the group is that, Richard and I’s relationship lasted ‘less than a week’ because the s*x was terrible. I let them have their moment. I’m glad they don’t know the real truth. That there was never a relationship and the other secret that I was holding so close to my heart…that I am 22-year-old virgin. I’m taking that secret with me to the grave, I don’t think I’ll be able to take their mocking as it was. It hurt me that I couldn’t find a man to be in a relationship with as easily as my friends. Ever since I could remember I’ve never had a connection with someone that warranted me having s*x with them. And my biggest fear was that I will end up alone. “Okay, my turn,” Mindy sing-songs pulling all the attention to her. I breathe a sigh of relief as their eyes shift from me. Mindy rubs her hands together excitedly ready to dig into Carol.  “Truth or dare Carol?” “Truth,” Carol answers still giggling.  “Do you wish Tau was marrying you instead of Sade?” Mindy asks going for the jugular. The moment the words spill out of Mindy’s mouth the rooms starts buzzing with tension. She smiles in satisfaction and watches Carol squirm under her laser eyes. I bite my lip waiting… Oh s**t… Carol’s escapades with Tau are a nuclear bomb that never went off and everyone in the damn village know to avoid it. But I guess tonight Mindy is feeling brave. Tau is the ‘one-time-f**k’, Carol never got over. He is the one half of the Mogale twin brothers. They are rich, successful and handsome. They are every woman’s dream. And for a long time Carol was one of the few lucky women to breathe the same air as a Mogale. Even if it was for one night, a very epic night if you hear her telling it. The girl was definitely on cloud number nine and saw her herself as Mrs Tau Mogale, not a forgotten one-night stand that was discarded without a thought. Because the word is out. Tau is getting married to someone else.                                          

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