Forced To Carry The Alpha's Child

escape while being pregnant

My screams in desperation were loud in my head, my voice wasn't enough when the choice was taken from me.All I ever wanted and hoped for was destroyed by someone else's hand. Finding myself on the run, pregnant with the alpha's child, I had only one goal in my mind, escaping his ruthless treatment and hoping to start over. Being an omega no one cared about my life, I was used only to serve their purpose, no matter what I wanted or to what cost and I found out just how little they cared about me. Running for my life and my unborn child's, I find myself caught up in the biggest lie of my life, one that turns my life upside down. When the ruthless Alpa finds out the truth, will he ever stop hunting to find me, no matter what's at stake when all I want is to be free?Or does he come to take what's his?  This book is part of the Second Chance series but can be read as a standalone.

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Chapter 1
Kaylee pov "There isn't any other choice for you! You will get pregnant with him, and if you refuse to take Liana's place I will make sure you get thrown out of this pack this instance." The Luna says, and I feel how tears start to prick behind my eyelids. It doesn't matter what I say, I have no voice to count for, I know that. Being an omega without a family leaves me with no rights. I haven't turned eighteen yet. I know my birthday is sometime next month, and until then I can't shift and run. I would be an easy prey out there with no money and no family to seek shelter with, and then it leaves me to try and survive on what I can find in the woods. If I got my wolf, then I could at least hunt and eat what she kills. Tears start to run down my cheeks when I see the Luna look at me without even the smallest bit of sympathy or sorrow for my sake. For all the years I have known her and worked in the pack house as a maid, I have always seen her as the most beautiful woman I have ever met with her long red hair. She has always been kind to me and made sure I've been treated well. I thought she truly was a good Luna to this pack and cared for everyone in it, even us Omegas. Today, I see another side of her. A side I didn't think existed, and it makes her look ugly. That's the only thing I could describe her as, ugly and a horrible person to force me to do this against my will. "Liana, make sure she is properly cleaned and put your clothes on her," I hear her say from a distance. "Please, Evie, I don't want to," I say in a low voice when my bottom lip starts to tremble. I see her take fast steps over to where I stand and grab my hair at the back of my head. She pulls my head slightly back with force, and I have no way to get out of her grip when she moves her head closer to mine. "That's Luna to you! And you will do what I tell you to do without making a fuss, or I'm throwing you in the dungeons with the other rogues to do what they want with you," she wheezes to my face. Anger radiates out of her when I try to find my words. Her grip on my hair hurts, and I can't stop the tears that run freely down my cheeks. I just stand there with my lips trembling when she growls at me, but I have nothing to say in response. Just standing there, begging her with my eyes she will see my pain and change her mind. "Is that understood?" She spits, and all I can do is look at her and try to give her a nod. She holds my gaze with hers for a little bit longer before she drops her hold on my hair and takes a step back. Looking to the side, I see Liana, her daughter, averting her eyes and looking at the ground instead of meeting me. She has a pained expression on her face, and I know she doesn't want this, but they are forcing me to do this instead of her. She was the one who was supposed to do this, but this morning when I stood in the kitchen and tried to get the breakfast ready the Luna ordered me to come to her room right away. I had to leave my chores the way they were and get right up to her quarters in the pack house. When I got here, Liana closed the door after me. The Luna instantly spoke up and dropped the bomb on me. I couldn't get the information in my head, and she had to repeat it to me several times when I just stood there and tried to get a grip on it. When she said I had to take her daughter's place because we looked alike, I turned my attention to look at Liana. Ever since we grew up, we have looked alike, she used to even call me her sister, and we were the best friends for a while. "Have her done in half an hour, we will be leaving then," I hear Evie say before she turns around and heads for the door, stopping in the doorway. "Don't think about running, I have guards standing outside and around the whole pack house. Two will be up here and carry you to the car if you refuse to walk on your own," she says. I have nothing to say in response when she just walks out of the door before she closes it with a bang. I try to swallow several times when I can't get my body to move even a bit. "I'm sorry, Kaylee, I never wanted this to happen," Liana says when I still can't find any words. I see her quickly walk over to me and grab my hand in hers, while I just stand there looking at her like she is a complete stranger. The Liana I thought I knew would never let this happen to me, she would speak up on my behalf and try to stop this, as she has done before every time anyone has picked on me. But not this time! This time she thinks only of herself, and let me take the fall for it, let me be the victim in their plan. I can't stand her touch and pull my hand from hers when she looks pained at me. "I'm sorry, I can't do anything about it. If it's any comfort, he hasn't been able to produce a child before, no matter how many times he has tried. I'm certain he won't be able to impregnate you either," she says, like it would give me any comfort. How could it? "Don't make me do it," I say with a lump in my throat, and see her shake her head. "I can't do anything about it. I have tried to tell them not to do it, but they just tell me it's decided whatever I say. I have pleaded with them," she says, and a part of me wants to believe it, but I can't. "This is so wrong," I say, taking another step back so my back hits the wall. "I will try to talk to them again, I will do my best. But for your own sake, it's better if you get washed up and take on some of my clothes. If they find you here like this in your maid's clothes, you will be in worse trouble, and I know the guards will hold you down and strip your clothes off you before they throw you in the shower. I know they won't hesitate to hurt you," she says, and I know it too. "I can't do it," I say when she walks over and grabs my arm. "I will help you get ready, I can't see you getting beaten up for this. Then I will go and talk to them," she says, and starts pulling me along with her to the bathroom. My legs just follow her lead while my mind is in chaos, trying to go over my options again when I feel myself shutting down. For several years, I wished Liana was my sister, to have someone as my own family. I have always been an Omega, and I have only been told my mother was an Omega as well, who died giving birth to me. They have no idea who my father is, and when I came of age, I got to take my mother's place in the pack house as a maid. I haven't had any problems with it until today. I'm numb and don't register anything until I see her leave the room and I'm prepared. Two guards come walking inside while I stand rotten to my place, unmoving when I see them walking further inside. They grab my arms and start walking with me out of the room. In their grip, it doesn't matter if I move my feet or not, I'm like a small child in their hands and they pull me out of the room and down the hallway. "You can't do this! It's not right." I hear Liana scream on the top of her lungs when they pull me out the front door. Two cars are parked in front of the entrance when they pull me down the stairs. Hearing some loud banging on a window, I turn my head and see Liana desperately banging on the window on the second floor while she is crying and screaming. I see the alpha grab her from behind and force her away from the window. That's the last I get to see when they push me inside a car and close the door after me. It feels like a blink of an eye when the car stops outside a building and my heart starts to beat hard in my chest. Panic starts to rise in my stomach. My car door is opened, and all I can do is look at them with dilated eyes when one of the guards reaches inside and grabs my body before he drags me out of the car, and they both pull me over to the entrance. "Get her inside." I hear Evie's voice from behind. The door is opened in front of us by a guard when they walk inside with me and start to head down a hallway. I hear a deep, dark, dominant voice talk from the other way, and I don't know what it is that has me jolting out of my daze. It stirs something in my body when I turn my head and look that way. My eyes land on a gorgeous man who's walking down the hallway from the side, a bit ahead of us. He is tall and dark, with big muscles that move under his dark suit. He looks dangerous, and I can see him walking like he owns the world. There is no doubt he is an Alpha, but is it him? I follow him with my eyes for as long as I can when they walk ahead and turn down the hallway. I can't seem to tear my gaze away from him until he disappears out of my sight, and it has me snapping back to reality. "No, No, No!" I start screaming and trying to get out of their grip on me. I can't let them do this. I have to get away from here. "Sedate her," I hear Evie's cold voice say before I suddenly feel a sting in my neck. Trashing in their grip, I try to get away, but the guards have a hard grip on me. My body starts to go slack and I can't move my arms or legs. I'm only dead weight while I try to fight my body to stay conscious, I can't let them do this! Trying my hardest to fight it when Evie comes into sight and grabs my jaw in her hand with a hard grip. "Stop fighting it," she says, angry to me when it almost feels like she will crush my jaw with how hard she is holding it. Trying to hold out, but her angry face is the last I see before I lose the battle and darkness takes over instead.

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