Dark Avenger Second Season!

magical world

After marrying his beloved Fiancées. Trevor, Rushia and Lina is facing a new challenges. While Rushia and Lina is pregnant.

Trevor is facing the consequences of killing the 7 Prince of hell. Which is the threat of the 7 Prince King and the Hell God.

Now, Trevor is going to defeat them to make sure the world where his Kids can live without worry. But will he be able to do it? Or will he struggle despite being one of the strongest Creature in the world?

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Chapter 1: Prologue.
Many Days after Trevor killed the 7 Prince of Hell (Lucifer etc.) Deep on the Hell... "Damn it! How dare he! Killing our Kid like that! The one who's going to rule over all the hell! I swear that Human will feel the wraith of me!" A Flaming Figure is speaking with other flaming figure. "Agreed. We shall take revenge for our kid by killing the human. But how is the question. Unlike them, We didn't have any catalyst to teleport to the human realm." "Hm? That's easy stuff right there. If you're talking about catalyst. We can just possess some random human and force them to kill many more human so that it's enough soul to bring all of us back to the Human Realm." "Yup. That's a really great suggestion. I was about to offer you my idea but, that's better in my opinion." "Well then. If that the case. Let's prepare ourselves. We need to do it as discreet as possible. If we get caught leaving hell without any permission. The Hell God will kill us." "We know. Let's plan it fast!" Evil. Is on the move. Lurking deep on the hell trying to attack Trevor. Only Trevor. And for that, They need a sacrifice... But will that plan work? Let's go back to Ignaceo, The Human Realm. "Guuh! You are really hard to go through!" "Nyehehe! Of course Tre~ You can't win against me~" "Mumumu..." Ruu and I are training as usual. We're fighting each other. It's been couple of weeks since our marriage... And things have been going really well. "Come on Tre~" Ruu prepare her White Hope once again. I smiled awkwardly and grab my Masamune and Muramasa tighter than before. I dashed to the Right side. And then I go back to the center line. I was running so aggressively that my speed increased. But Ruu anticipated that and she appear right in front of me. She slide her foot under my feet and I was tumbling forward. My Katana disappear and I reach to the floor to launch myself up. But faster than that.. Ruu grab my shirt and pull me back. She push my head lightly forward and I flew away. And then. She appear right behind me again. "Okay. This is my win again right?" "Nope~ This is not!" I said with excitement. I turn into a Black Mist and then appear right behind Ruu. "Nope Nope. I win." But as expected... My Compatibility with Ruu is bad. She manage to hit me and drop me to the ground. "Gaaah!!! Why!!! Why do I never win against Ruu or Lina?! Why!!!" I screamed. Lina drop down for the spectator seat and immediately pat my head. Ruu hug me from the front as well. "Well. As I teach you long time ago Tre. It's about our Style Compatibility. Your style of rough and overpowering your opponent is not working against my refined and countering my opponent move..." "Yup yup. Also, The factor that we're a woman is also playing part here Trevvie... You know... We are the mother of your child... And your wives as well..." Both Ruu and Lina smiled after seeing that. I melt down and muttered. "Guuh... I think that's the reason... I don't want to hurt my precious babies... Anyway... Speaking about babies. You guys told Sir Evan about it yet?" "No. Not yet. I've been wanting to speak with dad about it. But he's always busy. And I never get the chance to talk to mom about it." Ruu explained. Lina nodded. "Uncle has been busy with the Academy Exam it seems like. When Ruu and I visit him, He look extra tired like he just want to stay quiet and sleep." "I see... So Sir Evan is busy... But it's rare for Miss Aqua to be busy though right? What's her matter?" I asked Ruu and Lina. Ruu immediately explained. "It seems like mom has just open a new business in town. I think she open a Drug store..." "Ah. I see... So Miss Aqua is finally going to become drug store owner again huh." "Yup." I see... That's good then... Seeing them working really hard... Oh, About those babies... Mom already knew because we tell her about it a long time ago. And also we tell her as soon as we confirmed that Ruu and Lina is pregnant. We still wondering what their gender is though. I'm hoping that it's both Boys. Because I want them to be the protector of the little ones later on. And I do want them to grew up nicely so... I will have to either cut my adventure time short, or take them to an adventure along with me. But, it's still too early to think about that. "Tre/Trevvie?" Both Ruu and Lina look at me worryingly. I smiled at them and hug them. "I'm fine. Let's go back to the house." I suggested with a smile. They nodded with a soft and sweet smile and then the three of us walked back to the house with really light atmosphere and mood between us. We sit down on the Living Room and turn the TV on as usual. To our surprise, There's an international conference between Guilds and Trinity is not on there. There's those people from the Alliance of Power. "Hm? How can they get invited but we didn't? Even though our power is greater than them?" I muttered in curiosity. Ruu and Lina sighed. Ruu pointed to the TV. "Eh? This... Is... A past Recording? Crap. I'm idiotic." "Yup." They agreed once again... Uggh.... It's really hurting me how honest my wives are... It's really killing me from the inside... We change the channel of the TV to something more nicer... It's a Concert. "Hey. That girl looks very cute. The one with the cat ears and pink hair. What do you think about that Tre?" Ruu asked. Lina immediately stare me down along with Ruu. "I mean... Her voice kind of nice. Now that you're saying that... I want to pet a cat now..." "Buu... Pet us instead Trevvie..." "Hm? Okay. You guys wanted this~" I immediately hug them both and rub their head. They snuggle on me and then I just snuggle back on them. I kiss their cheeks and then they lick my cheeks. "Nyaa~" They said. Ugggh... T-Too Cute... Too Precious.. My Face is blushing really hard and my eyes are closed... I grip my chest and just hold the pain. And then... "Master... There's a Letter for you." Baal come into the Living Room and hand me a letter. It's from Charlotte.

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