Crazy Stupid Love

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Great minds think alike but barely get along. A love that lasts a lifetime is only but a dream and one step away.

Many people search a lifetime for true love and some don't even find it but some do.

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The Morning Glory
Isabella's POV Everytime I try to sleep the barking keeps me awake at night. It is certainly worse than my nightmares. "Please let the barking stop..." My voice kept on playing repeatedly in my head. The neighbours’ dog was always the main cause of my insomnia at night. I look over at my bedside clock and its 3:00 am. This dog does this almost every night at the same time. "Oh God I need a better place to live..." I whispered as I slowly made my way out the bed while I cursed under my tongue . I still had four hours of sleep before my busy day starts again. I was still on a job hunt. I had been working as an intern at some small Magazine publishing house with a douchebag as a boss. That man was awful. Everything was fine until the manager decided that he wants to shag me. I must admit that I'm not a virgin but sleeping my way to the top was not going to work for me. There's always a fine line to be drawn. I have worked hard for everything I had and if I get a good job, it will be because I had earned it. I quit my job and left like yesterday’s paper. There was no ways I was going to keep on working for a man like that, it had become uncomfortable to be around him. I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I was not expecting to find my roommate and sister April in there but she was still awake working on her laptop. "That thing is going to be death of you, you should go to bed April..." I was feeling sorry for her. How hard she was working to get herself through college but mostly to impress my mom. I adored her so much for her hard work. "I have to submit this in the morning before work, I’ll probably pull an all nighter." "Hey! Why are you up so early?" Not that she even looked at me when she asked me that. She was busy with her work that I was even surprised she had heard a word I said to her. "That stupid dog won't let me sleep, it's been weeks now..." I yawned as I made my way to the fridge. "Water?" I asked April holding the jug in my hand. It was a hot summer's night and this ice-cold water was just what the doctor ordered. "Yes please" She murmured back. I poured myself a glass then poured her a glass and put it next to her. "Going to bed already?" she asked me this time lifting her head for a second to look at me. "Yes I am, I have an interview in the morning remember?" I kissed her on the forehead " night Chika" I walk to my bedroom and tuck myself into bed. A few minutes later, I was still up. I took up the book I was reading. "Good girls don't wear pants" and I continued where I left off. The dog was still barking as loudly as it could possibly be. "I will have to talk to the neighbors about that damn dog in the morning; her crazy ass knows pets are not allowed in this building..." I murmured as I took my reading glasses and put them on I had not slept properly the previous night but I had an interview and I had to get up. Not that I needed the job but I wanted to be free of my parents controlling ways. My mom has always taken care of us but that came with a lot of rules. I often wished that I could just disappear off the face of the earth and start afresh in an island somewhere. I walked down to make some coffee in the kitchen hoping that a caffeine boost will wake me up a bit. I was surprised to find April was still busy on her laptop. She does not look like she has slept a wink. "Good morning babe" I walked up to kiss her on her forehead. "Morning to you too" she rubbed her eyes, yawned and stretched out both her arms and legs at the same time. “Coffee?" I asked her as I went to switch on the coffee machine. "Oh god you're heaven sent, I’d die for a cup right now..." she stood up and started packing her papers, clearing papers off the table. I took out two cups and placed them by the breakfast bar. I went to fridge to take out some fresh cream. "So what are you wearing?" She asked as she also went to the cupboard to take out cereal "muesli?" she asked. "No thanks dear, I’m already late I don't think I’ll have time for breakfast, I’ll probably get something after my interview." I poured coffee in both mugs and placed one on the table. "Please find me something I can wear while I shower, I'd really hate to look like a mess at my interview..." Okay let me tell you about April. We grew up together. We are both from humble beginnings and then my parents won the lottery. Yes, my parents are loaded. They left the projects for the suburbs and because she and I where inseparable they adopted her officially and she became my sister. We have always been together and when she got accepted at NYU, I could not let her come to the big apple alone. She was a semester behind as I had already got my degree in multi media studies. She was majoring English and Latin literature. I moved here with her hoping that I would find a decent job here while she did her last year. Finding a job in New York is anything but simple. Ask me I would know. Been here six months and I still had nothing but I kept on going to interviews hoping that someone would give me a chance. It was difficult more especially that I had no working experience at all. My parents agreed to pay for the house and feed us while we are still trying to find jobs but on conditions that they can come anytime without calling us first and that, it would have to be in a place of their own likings. We ended up in an uptown penthouse. Lots of security and very expensive. Even if I got a job, I do not think I would be able to pay for this place. Not even if April helped as well. This place was beyond our pockets but my dad was paying so I was not complaining. I went on to take my shower, after that I found that Linda had already laid out clothes for me on the bed. She gave me two choices. A white lace blouse with a navy pencil skirt that has a silver slim belt or a black body con figure hugging dress and next to it was a was a red jacket. For the skirt, she had my nude Jimmy Choo Mary Jane’s and for the dress, she took out my Red Prada stilettos. I went with the dress. I loved my petite self and how good April can make me look in almost everything. "You look like a knock out, I hope your boss likes it" April was smiling with a smile that touched her eyes when I walked out of bedroom. "That's because I have a stylist that keeps me looking great, Thanks Chika" I was very pleased with her selection as always. I was not like her. I was more of a tomboy. I liked my torn jeans and Converse sneakers. Linda loved dressing up. She knew what was hot in Millan before it hit the runways. "Are you sure you can't grab something before you leave?" She said with her "I’m-worried-about-you voice." "No I cant Chika, I’m already running late, if I’m to beat the traffic then my ass gots to leave now" I grabbed my keys on the breakfast bar. "maybe we can go for lunch later hey, we can go check out that Italian restaurant that just opened up down our block" I have been meaning to go there since my mom gave us complimentary vouchers, one of the owners is her friend. "I can't do lunch, I'll probably be sleeping by then Chika, maybe dinner?" She said as she took a scoop full of muesli in her mouth. "Dinner sounds great, I’ll see you later Mamasita" I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek just before I ran out the door at the realization of the time. I have to make sure that I get there on time. I have been here trying to get a break and after all the Interviews I had I'm surprised that I still got to these things. I have learned a lot from everything that I have been to, everything that has finally brought me to this point in my life and this place. Everyone has a past and I just that I could just erase mine completely. I do not want to find myself stuck in another situation like I had with Brian. I am still young and with time I can hopefully forget that Brian ever existed. At this point I'm not even thinking about dating. I'm not like other people, I just love too easily sometimes so it's better to just stay away from things like relationships. They are not built for everyone. I had decided to move here hoping to get a fresh start and I secretly keep on hoping that Brian would forget about me. I have been seeing a therapist for the last two years and I must say that we are not even close to getting to the bottom of things, I don't know if I'm coming or going half of the time. As much I wouldn't admit this to anyone, I know it for a fact that there's things that I have to sort out within myself. Kenny POV Everyone thinks being a boss is easy and I must say that this s**t is very hard. There's a lot that I have to deal on a daily basis. I thought that I had a good morning until Christopher showed up at my house very early with with a law suit from a client who allegedly slipped and fell at one of my many buildings. As if thats not enough, I have to use the service elavator because my private elevator is not working somehow. I also have to deal with the fact my father still thinks he has the right to call me his son. I have once again had to pay off yet another one of his laons. This man would have me broke of it was up to him. I don't even know why I still give him money most of the time. "Hey man, Chin up..." Christopher says as we are about to enter the Base. I can't remember the last time I walked these floors, I saw a lot of people staring when I come through the building, most of them are surprised to see me here. There's people who have been working for years in this building and they have never seen my face before today. I need to fire someone for that broken lift. I don't have a problem with my employees I just don't want to make a lot of stops on my way to the top floor. At least with my own private lift I don't have to make unnecessary stops. We were heading to the lift when my phone rang, It was my brother. "Hey bro, what's up?" I asked letting Christopher know that I was on a call with my brother. We walked towards the elavator and I see it about to close when a beautiful woman holds the doors for us. When I say beautiful, I mean breathtaking. By this time my brother had hung up on his end but I still kept my phone in my ears. I heard her greet but I was mesmerised by her beauty I couldn't find the words to say to her. Instead I pretended that I didn't see her. I can already see the look in Chris eyes. He wants her and if he didn't already belong to someone then it wouldn't be a problem. The lift goes up and the stunning lady goes out the lift leaving me with Chris who looked like he was ready to pounce on her. "Damn man! did you see those legs?" He said with a sly smike. " I have to have her." he said. "You do remember why you don't have a female assistant right." I asked him. Christopher had a reputation in the office. He has been known for preying on new female staff, after his last assistant I had to put a stop to it. Christopher was more than just my lawyer and employee, he was a good friend of mine, we have been friends for a lot of years. I know how he operates and I could already see that he is well on his way to taking advantage to yet another new girl. Things where different with this one, She didn't seem like the normal girls who usually throws themselves at him. She's just different, special in a way. "I want you to stay away from her Christopher, I mean it." I warned him. "Yeah whatever man..." He said as we got off the lift and went to our offices. I like that girl. I took my phone and called SPH, I told her boss to hire her. She said that if she didn't do her job then she'd hold me responsible. I normally wouldn't do that but I had to know more about this girl and if she leaves here without employment then I might never see her again.

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