Supreme Killer: An Eye For An Eye

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Amos, the man who was known in the African mercenary world as the “Smiling Death” and who had killed dozens of elite rebels in the past few years, decided to back home and enjoy some peaceful life.

But when he was back, his adventures with women began. Cold beauty, arrogant debutante, domineering lady, and kawaii loli...

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Chapter 1 The bumpkin and the goddess
In a mysterious oasis in the heart of the Sahara Desert in Africa, outside a secluded building, two men stood facing each other against the setting sun. “Boss, do you really plan to go back to America to live an ordinary life?” Alan looked with regret at the other man, who was younger than him, but made him be most willing to call him “Boss”. The young man was about twenty years old, whose eyes were full of vicissitudes, as well as, a perverse spirit. “I just want to enjoy life quietly now.” The young man smiled. His name was Amos. Since leaving that island, he had come to this damn hellhole for 3 years. But thanks to the tough time, he now became a real man from a brat. Although there were a lot of his brothers on this land, Amos knew, he did not belong here. “Are you… are you still upset about Zoe?” “Enough!” Amos’s facial expression changed suddenly. He looked like a fierce wild animal and stared at Alan murderously, seemingly like that he was on the prey, being extremely horrible. Alan was surrounded instantly by an invisible pressure with cold sweat running down his back. Realizing he had said something wrong, he lowered his head carefully, swallowing, and did not dare to speak a word. This Zoe girl may be the one and only forbidden zone of the man known in the African mercenary world as the “Smiling Death”, who had killed dozens of elite rebels with a smile on his face. It was a terrible mistake to mention that girl’s name when all he had wanted was to keep him stay! But after all these years of risking life and limb together, Boss won’t just shoot me, emm… will he? After a long time, Amos’s eyes finally softened down. He took a deep breath and smiled bitterly at Alan apologetically. “Alan, I know what you are thinking. But I’m really tired from this life. And with the ability of you and the other ones, I believe that even without me, the position of HELL will be unshakable.” Alan surely knew his boss’s stubborn temper. As long as he set his mind, no one can change his views. Thinking of this, Alan sighed dejectedly and said with a bitter smile, “Boss, you should be the only king on this piece of land. Such a pity… But, everyone has his own ambition. I hope you’ll have a better life in the future. Let me see you off.” Amos waved him away and said: “Oh come on! You haven’t drunk enough last night? Want me to drink you down again? Bob will take me to the airport in a helicopter later. You tell others not to come and see me off. All good things must come to an end.” Saying that, Amos backed his luggage bag, and climbed smartly onto the helicopter waiting for a long time on the rooftop, leaving Alan alone with a look of disappointment. Watching the M-24 flying away, Alan shook his head and sighed. “Boss, you weren’t really to blame for that accident.” … “Beauty, two more this roasted chicken. The spaghetti is also good, and this soup, UM! One more helping of both! Thanks!” On a flight to New York, a young man in a black T-shirt with a drumstick in his mouth was asking for more food from the beautiful stewardess. And now it was his third extra meal. Such behavior immediately drew scorn from many passengers in the business cabin. One middle-aged man, wearing a large gold bracelet and a jade pendant around his neck, sneered and said, “What a yokel! It is beneath my dignity to fly with such a person around!” “Well, I don’t know how a man like that can get in the business class. He’s not going to be a mugging, is he?” “Well, nothing is impossible. See what he is dressing. He looks like just run out of the refugee camp in Africa. I have a reasonable doubt that his ticket was brought by stolen money.” Facing the ridicule of these people, Amos took no notice of it, indulging himself in gobbling, but with a disdainful sneer and a thought in his heart that how can you these idiots know the preciousness of food. It's not that Amos craves these delicacies. In fact, what can be so good about an airplane meal? But whether it was on the island, or in Africa these years, Amos spent most of his time between life and death. Killing on an empty stomach or even while eating a compressed nutrition bar was a common practice. During the days of living in blood, no matter how strong you were or how good your skill was, only to eat as soon as possible and restore physical strength was the way of survival. “Hic... So full...” Amos, full of food and drink, comfortably rubbed off his shabby leather boots and stretched himself cozily to get ready to sleep. However, when he just lay down, he heard a cold voice with a little disgust. “Please be polite! It is a public place. You can sleep, but you can’t do such a poor quality of thing to affect others. Thanks a lot!” Hearing the straightforward words, Amos smiled blushingly and turned his head to notice that sitting next to him was a girl. And to his surprise, not bad looking! A white blouse and a waistcoat set off the beauty’s cool temperament incisively and vividly. A pair of majestic weapons lurked from the shackles of the clothes, and a pair of slender snowy white legs with a navy-blue hip skirt made it much sexier. If this girl’s beautiful body was worth nine points, then the perfect combination of her delicate features was ten out of ten. Though she was only about 20 years old, her catchy eyes and red lips made him feel the urge. Have not seen for a long time such a sexy beauty, for a moment Amos was lost in thought. The most he had seen in Africa was either a group of butch female commandos or the black race. Such a typical blonde bombshell with a remarkable temperament was the dream lover! He congratulated himself on his good fortune in meeting such a stunning woman on a random flight he had chosen flying home from Europe. It seemed that the 10-hour journey won’t be boring at all. Feeling the fervent gaze of the man with bad manners, Rebecca frowned with disgust. She was so used to this kind of scene. And with the cold nature, she just did not bother to say a word but just being indifferent. But she still regretted that if she had not given up the deluxe first class for some special reason, she would not have been sitting with this uneducated yokel at the moment. Rebecca in the heart some regret, if not for some special reasons to give up capacious luxury first-class, and choose to sit business class, at the moment won't and this had no quality of yokel to sit together. Such bad luck! Feeling the hard feelings, Amos came back to his senses, put on his shoes with a smile, and slowly closed his eyes in a comfortable posture.

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