Tainted desire

age gap
love at the first sight

" P-Please..s-st-stop."

I shuttered in a horse voice which was cracking down a bit but still he didn't stopped.

He didn't stopped hurting himself.

Even after all the unhealed bruises and wounds present on his body, he still punched the wall in full rage and crushed the alcohol bottle in between his fists which only resulted into dripping of more and more blood from his palm.

" Y-you are hur-hurting yourself."

I whispered and that's when he tilted his head to meet my eyes.

With murderously scary look on his face he took a step closer to me till our nose started touching each other.

" Why Do You f*****g Care?"

He yelled and I shivered in fear whilst looking at my feat. His intimidating figure took a one more step near me.

" P-please?"

I added.

" Fine I'll not hurt myself."

He said calmy and released a hot breath near my neck.

" But.."

He added and placed a kiss on my jaw making me completely off guard.

" But for that you'll have to let me f**k you."

Free preview
ARIA'S POV Cold breeze kissed my skin as I moved past the empty street. Clutching my student identity card in my sweaty palm which was hanging down from my neck, I took a small glance towards the sky which was now covering up with dark clouds. Closing my eyes for few seconds as a cloud thundered and a bright lightning strikes, I adjusted my backpack properly over my shoulder. Seems like it would be raining in few minutes. " Faster." I chanted as my steps automatically paced up. The sun has already gone down leaving behind the traces of darkness and in such scary weather, walking alone in the vacant street doesn't sound so good. I should have not stayed so late in college's library, reading another romance book which was supposed to be finished in at lest few days but before that could happen, I completed reading it in few hours whilst bunking my classes and staying up this late in library. After numerous debates crossing in my mind since I was twelve that why I have such a huge obsession over reading romantic fictions, still I was struck with no conclusion to this. Well what else one can expect from an eighteen year old, ordinary girl who believes that one day her prince charming will come and than they will live happily ever after, since the day she had heard her first fairy tale? Frankly I don't want anything else from my life except a boy who will promise to love me forever. " Jesus!" I looked up in panic as drops of rain landed over my face. Relax. "Deep breath Aria, you'll reach home before it rains heavily." Calming down a little, I started taking more big steps towards my destination. My shoes made only sound apart from my erratic rate of breathing. " SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LIFE, MOTHERF-CKER" I flinched at the sudden strong voice which echoed from the ally near me. Who could be here at this time? Usually that ally remains vacant. I gulped down my saliva and took few steps from where that sound had came. My feet froze when I saw two huge figures with gun in their hands. My heart started hammering in my ribcage and without thinking twice, I decided to run away from here but before that could happen, I felt a big hand on my shoulder. This is it. I am going to die now. " Alex, look what we've got here." The man who was behind me screamed in a dangerous voice making my heart sank. I clenched my eyes shut and waited for them to unload their bullet at me. " You're planning to get laid with this little girl? Grow up some f-cking standards Rico." Another voice boomed. " What? No man. I was just- You know what let's take her to boss, this b***h might have witnessed us killing that f-cker." The man whose name Rico, I assume, spoke. Panic strike it's way through my chest and I tried to wriggle my shoulder from his tight grip but instead of anything, a muscular palm tugged my wrist and started dragging me. I closed my eyes and prayed to every single god for saving my life. I don't want to die this early. He pushed me in the back seat of his car and adjusted him on the driver seat while another man, occupied the front passenger seat. My rough breathing was audible with the momentary sound of my beating heart. No words were touching my lips, only fear was trembling over my parted lips. I don't want to die. Swallowing a thick lump down my throat, I shifted my eyes to outside of the window. Temperature was dropping down making the atmosphere more dense and cold. " P-Please..." I breathed out, once the car stopped and they pulled me out. My knees went weak; without any strength. Pressing my eyes shut, I inhaled a deep breath to quench my lungs which were burning out of air. Rico tugged my wrist ruthlessly which automatically caused a slow gasp to escape my mouth. Hot tears burned over my cheeks and I dared to pull my gaze up to their level. They both were huge, almost of six feet. The man Rico, who had his grip on my wrist was way more scarier then the blonde one whose name was Alex, I guess. Indeed they are some kind of serial killers and now I am their next prey. Chocking at my own thought, I glanced over the big house in front of me. It wasn't just house, it was a mansion. In spite of my terror, my jaw dropped in surprise at the beauty of this house. I get dragged by him till he entered inside and then all at once, my nerve froze. There was this dark aura around which was generating goosebumps on my body. Please, let this all be a nightmare so that when I will open my eyes, everything will became normal. I might have rough life but it was still better then the idea of dying. They went still, once they reached huge hallway. Before I could think anything else, my eyes fell on the strange view in front of me. Near thirty men were stood in row with their head bend low. Huh? Who actually are these people? What I've gotten myself into? " Boss will be here in anytime." Rico spoke to them in a sudden dominating voice, sending a wave of fear in me. He removed his grip from my wrist. I suppressed a sigh and looked in between Alex and Rico who were exchanging secretive look with each other. Will I be able to walk out of here, alive? I am not those who aren't afraid of dying. I do fear death. Never in my consciousness I've thought of being in such terrifying situation. Everything about these people screams scariness. Now I can clearly see my fate with me being on their gun point. I tried my best to control the tears which were all ready to spill down my cheeks, once again. " P-Please, d-don't k-k..kill me." I shuttered, feeling all helplessly. Rico ignored me as if I haven't said a word but Alex fixed his eyes on my face as if he was calculating something. I blinked my tears and silently pleaded him with my eyes. He didn't said anything, just shook his head and turned his face in different direction. Please god, save me. " Boss, before you start the meeting, share a minute with us." Alex's word made my heart to jump out of my chest. Boss? Is he the one who's going to kill me? I froze with my nails digging on my thigh. "Chi cazzo è?" (who the f-ck is she?) A loud voice echoed all around the hallway making me startled. I blinked to recover from shock and then shifted my eyes to the owner of that voice. There was another huge, intimidating figure. He was in black Armani suit and due to his tall figure which maybe of six feet or so, I needed to screw my head up for a clear look of his face. My lips parted in surprise. Holy Jesus! He was not just a man, he was a s*x god. Even he has blank; emotion deprived face, his face was sinfully delicious. Those messy locks of his jet black hairs were perfectly aligned. He has angular jaw with clean shaved subtle. My heart beats with an uneven pace as my eyes drowned in the pool of pleasure after having the sight of most handsome man I've ever seen. How could a killer like him be so hot? "Questa piccola cagna ci ha visto uccidere quel figlio di puttana." ( This little b***h saw us killing that f-cker.) Rico mumbled something in foreign language which I assume was Italian maybe. I didn't get a bit he was saying but from his expression it was clear that I was the only topic of their discussion. And just like that, my amusement of witnessing a hot specimen vanished into fear for my life. My chest contracted in terror and all the hot tears returned to fall on my cheeks. " Hai fatto?" ( Did you?) Italian rolled from his tongue like a thick valvet making my eyes wonder over his lips. Seriously Aria? Here this man is planning to kill you and you're admiring his face? I licked my lips in nervousness when I realized that his eyes were fixed on my face but they held no interest. Well, why would he look at me with interest? After all by his look, it was clear that his taste might be into well grown beautiful woman instead of a teenage girl like me. Frowning at my own thought, I ducked my head low in fear. Before dying, the only thing I want is to feel the real romance, just like something I read in cheesy novels and cliché movies. But I know, now everything will end. They will kill me today and I will die before having my own knight in shining armor. " Boss asked you something." Alex said, pulling me out of my trance. I bite my lips and swallowed a thick lump down my throat. " I-I..don't u-understand I..Italian." " Oh, kill this slut already." I gasped in fear at Rico's blunt statement and automatically took a step back only to stumble and land on the floor. I clenched my eyes shut and an audible sob escaped my trembling lips. They will kill me, just like that? Don't they have any humanity? How could they kill me, when I did nothing wrong instead of being on the wrong place at wrong time. " Fare quel cazzo che entrambi vagliono fare con lei." ( Do whatever the f-ck you both want to do with her.) His melodic voice again drummed in my ear. What did he said? Did he said to kill me? "Devo prendere la sua casa per un certo divertimento?" ( Should I take her home for some fun?) Someone from those thirty men said making my heart shrink in fear. Are they all discussing over taking my life? " SHE'S A LITTLE GIRL. NESSUNO, RIPETO NESSUNO PENSATO A QUALCOSA DI SIMILE DISGUSTOSO." ( No one, I repeat no one will thought of something disgusting like that.) He all of sudden raised his voice. The only thing I got from his words was him referring me 'little girl'. Does he really think of me like that? A small girl, is that what I am? B-but I am eighteen already and from what I know, my age is legal for an adult. Oh, shut up Aria. Stop whining over your age after all you're going to die at eighteen only. " Take her to spare room. I will decide later, what to do with her." He added this time in English and turned only to walk towards the center of all those men. My body automatically went relaxed at his words. He's not going to kill me, at lest for tonight. A breath of relief passed but again panic returned when I felt strong fingers grabbing my wrist and dragging me somewhere, against my will. I struggled and tried to move away but Alex shot me a look to be still and soon shoved me into one of the rooms. I paled and looked at him with fear in my eyes. He was Alex, the one who was less intimidating then both Rico and their boss but still he was with them and the way his eyes were blazing mercilessly, it was clear that he was against the idea of not killing me tonight. " Take rest and who knows, it might be your last night to do so." He stated and with that locked the door from outside, leaving me alone in this room. I pressed my fingers over my temple and started into blank space with nothing but only those pair of deep blue eyes haunting my mind.

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