The Ideal Mate (completed)


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I am the next alpha of our pack and the moment I turned eighteen, the throne immediately was mine since my dad died and they only waited for my coming of age. I, obviously, am the oldest son.

And aside from being an alpha, I was also looking forward to finding my mate. I wanted a strong yet kind and dependent one. But it turned out to be my childhood enemy, and what's more?

My mate's a fvcking male!


(First book of the werewolf series)

2. Zach's Light

3. Hear Me Say

4. It's Complicated

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Chapter 1:ENEMY
K U R T "Yar a f*****g coward!" Colin shouted at me with that annoying kind of accent. My two friends were holding both my shoulders so I couldn't attack him and I could see his friends were having a tough time restraining him as well. "You're dumb! Get your head out of your ass!" I shouted back and struggled against my friends' grip that was holding me in place. "Let go of me! I'm going to wring that petite neck of his!" I tried to let go of their grip but they tightened it even more. "Kurt, just stop it." Charles, my younger brother, whispered. "Don't go down to his level." "What are ya whisperin' about, ha? Ya gay brothers!" Colin said and something just snapped inside my head. "You're dead!" Charles said and let go of me, dashing towards Colin and so was I when someone grabbed my ear strong enough to pull me back making me hiss. "Ow, ow, ow!" I cried. It was mom and she was also holding Charles' ear with her other hand as well. "Mom! That hurts!" Charles groaned. I rolled my eyes and saw Colin being lectured by a girl who was the same age as us. Pffft! He just cowers to a little girl and I glared at him when our eyes met. Mom dragged us back to the pack house, still holding our ears. It was so embarrassing because they were all looking at us as we passed by. I even saw a pup laughed upon seeing us. "How many times did I say it already?" Mom said with fury in her voice as she pulled us inside the living room. "A hundredth? Didn't I say not to pull a fight with that pup Colin?" I rolled my eyes and mom threw us to the couch. We both bounced as our asses dumped on the soft couch. Yes, I think it was already a hundredth times I had a fight with Colin. I just hate him. There was something in him that I hate and stirs the anger inside me. Every time I saw him I got that feeling of just wanting to punch him so that I could see his damn face all bloody and broken! And I felt it every single day because I always see him at school and I think the feeling was also mutual. In short, we hated each other. He was truly my rival and that would never change. "Kurt!" I jumped when I heard mom called my name. "What?" I whined. "You're turning thirteen!" Mom exclaimed and I just frowned. Thirteen. It is the age when we are going to become one with our wolf. I mean a wolf, a real werewolf. The shapeshift year, one of the turning points of a werewolf's life and I couldn't help but feel as excited as I would get to bite Colin's neck and snap it in half! I smiled of the thought. "And I don't want to hear any news about you two fighting again! Because if I do. . ." Mom's ash green eyes glowed and turned into golden yellow, scaring the s**t out of the both of us. "You'll see the consequences." She said and walked to the kitchen, leaving us, brothers, shaking and terrified. Women are scary. But I was glad dad wasn't there, or else, we would both die for sure. I glanced at Charles and I stifled a laugh. "Dude, you're shaking." I said and he snorted. "Look at the mirror and you'll see who's shaking!" He barked and stood up then ran to his room. ** C O L I N "Will you stop talking like that?" Sam said, annoyed. "You sound like a jerk." I rolled my eyes to my childhood friend. "I just wanted to piss that kid! Ouch!" She slapped my head. "He's not a kid! He's an alpha!" She corrected and I sneered. "Alpha? He doesn't look like one! And so what? He's still a d**k!" I caught her fist that was aimed at my face, grinning smugly, but she still hit my stomach with her other fist making me groan. "I'm going to tell your mom and dad." She said and I was alarmed. "Oh, s**t! Don't you f*****g dare." I growled but she sticks her tongue out and ran ahead. "Samantha!" I called and started running for my life. My mom wouldn't like it if she know about me having a fight again with the Alpha's son, and especially dad since he was the current lead warrior. Even though it was Kurt who started it, they would still lecture me for long hours until my eardrums gave up from exhaustion, and the worst case scenario, it would explode! I didn't understand Kurt. He just, one day, barked at me and started a fight without me knowing the reason why. It really caused me a lot of trouble. As in, a lot. And from that day onwards, seeing him every single day would make me mad. He made my werewolf blood inside me boil and I just wanted to punch his face until it was unrecognizable. And maybe if I have claws, I could dig his heart out from his chest. Yeah, it be would be so awesome. I smiled from that thought. I will f**k my ass— I mean, train my ass so hard and became a warrior and kick his alpha ass. Sounds cool, huh.

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