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Humans and shifters have gone missing from Harred Kingdom, so the kingdom’s own council seek the help of Aragon’s infamous Shadow Knights.

The twins, Damon and Diana Krueger being shifters and from the said Kingdom was sent for the mission. They were sent to investigate the disappearances, but while doing their job memories of their painful childhood came back to haunt them as their former family member showed up.

Secrets were unraveled and the answers to the mysteries of the disappearances are already within reach. Everything is starting to come to light if only Diana had not gone missing.

Being kidnapped is one problem, but being rescued by a man that infuriate her and made her heart skipped a beat at the same time is another. Who is this man? Who is her knight in black armor? Can she finish her first mission as a Shadow Knight?

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   In the middle of the night, two children around the age of twelve, twins, a boy and a girl, silently crept towards the kitchen. The twins with dirty blonde hair felt their stomach rumbles as they haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. “Damon, I’m hungry.”The little girl cried. “Ssshhh. We need to be quiet. If they hear us, we’ll get punished again.”The little boy pacified his sister.   The two of them began looking around for food, but all they found was empty pots and pans. The little boy sighed in defeat, as his sister began to sob. The little boy pulled his sister to his arms. “Don’t cry now Diana.”He cooed.   But the two children were startled when the kitchen door opened, and the cook came in. She was surprised to see the twins, that she began looking around before approaching them. “What are you doing here?”The cook asked. “We’re hungry.”The boy said.   The cook’s face softened and motioned the twins to come closer. As the twins did as they told, the cook rummage through the pantry cabinets and pulled out a piece of bread. “I saved it for the two of you. I’m sorry I cannot give you more.”The cook told the twins.   The boy took the bread and broke it in half, giving the other half to his sister. “It’s alright; you have given us more than enough, thank you.”The boy said, taking a bite of the bread. “I just cannot understand how your parents can do this cruelty to both of you.”The cook said, looking sadly at the twins. Ever since the twins turned ten, their parents began mistreating them, starve them, and locking them up. “They can because we are not like them. My sister and I cannot change like them.”The boy said. “Yes, you are not like them, because you both have hearts of gold.”The cook said, smiling.   The cook even offered the twins some milk when they’re done eating the bread. ************************   When the twins are done with their meal, they silently went back to their room, which is the manor’s tower where it is cold. But on their way up, they stopped in their tracks when they saw their parents standing at the bottom of the staircase.   The boy immediately hugged his sister. “You little thieves!” Their mother screeched, raising her hand and slapped the twins.   The boy and the girl fell on the floor, cupping their throbbing cheeks. “We’re sorry mother, we’re just hungry.”The boy said. “Don’t call me mother! I don’t have abnormal children!”Their mother exclaimed, and then she turned to her husband who was glaring at the children on the floor. “Dear, the tribe council will be arriving tomorrow. We cannot let them see these mistakes. I don’t want them to laugh at us.” “Don’t you worry my dear wife, I have a perfect solution.” The twins’ father paused and pulled out a gun.   They boy’s eyes widened and hugged his sister tightly. “F-Father...” “Shut up! Don’t call me father! I did not give life to two useless piece of garbage! Give us a favour and disappear forever!”Their father roared and pointed the gun on his children. “Father, n-no –“   The boy’s plea was cut off when their father pulled the trigger, shooting him and his sister twice. He felt the bullet hit him in the chest when he fell on the ground.   His sister was unconscious, with blood splattered on her little face. He looked at his mother pleading for mercy, but instead she kicked them several times. Before the darkness overcomes his senses, he saw his father called in his trusted henchmen, and ordered them to throw him and his sister. ******************   The little girl gained a bit of her consciousness when she felt she was being carried. She could hear voices talking around her, but she cannot make up the conversation.   When she felt like she was placed into something soft, she tried to open her eyes. When she did, she turned to her left and she saw her brother unconscious and several people wearing white working on him. “D-Damon...”She softly called her brother.   She tried to get up and go to her brother but her body is in so much pain. Tears poured out her eyes, as she continued to call for her brother.   Then a figure appeared in her line of vision. It was a woman with black hair and silver eyes. The woman smiled at her, and somewhat her smile calms her. “Don’t worry child. You and your brother are safe here.” the woman said.  “W-Who are you?” The girl asked, and the woman smiled.   “My name is Helena Ashworth.”        

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