Alpha's Magical Mate(Book 1 of Mate series)

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BOOK 1 of 'Mate' Series.

Sorceress X Werewolf Romance.

"Naomi. Please stop!" I shouted as she looked at me. Her eyes were glowing bright blue and there was so much power coming from her.

What happened to her?!

She tilted her head sideways before dropping the warrior she was strangling.

"Amor" she smiled wide before flying to me.

But she stops midway as the rest of the warriors came into view. Her eyes suddenly glowed even fiercer as she hissed.

"Everyone stay back!" her brother shouted.

"Railey. She only recognizes you. She won't hurt you since you are mates. You have to lure her in. Talk to her. I will try to cage her." he said breathing heavily.

Nodding my head I started taking a slow stride towards her.

"Naomi. My love, look at me" I called, immediately grabbing her attention. She stopped destroying everything before turning fully to face me.

"Naomi, This is not you. I know you are there. I know you are fighting. I'm sorry for how I behaved to you earlier. I can't thank the Moon Goddess enough for such a perfect mate and... and all I want to say is" I stopped before taking a deep breath.

"I love you," I said looking at her unfamiliar eyes.

"My Amor..." she whispered as she advanced towards me. I felt myself falling into a trace.

Red bars immediately appeared around her as she screamed. She was caged in and Nate walked next to me as he controlled the cage with his hands.

She touched the bar before hissing and backing up.

"Amor..." she whispered and my heart broke into a million pieces as a tear fell from her eyes.

This is for your own good my beautiful Mate

Alpha Railey Quarter has always been in search of his mate. His pack was going restless without a Luna and so was he. But one day she unexpectedly bumped into a beautiful girl with dark curly hair and mystical blue eyes.

To Railey, his mate was a quiet human girl who traps herself in a visible shell. He was determined to break the barrier and bring her out. But breaking her shell means discovering her deepest darkest secrets.

What will happen when he finds out that his mate is not a human but a mythical creature thought to be extinct hundreds of years ago? What will happen when the people who want to kill her find her? Will he be able to protect his princess?

Mate Series

Book 1: Alpha's Magical Mate(Completed)

Book 2: Beta's Second Chance(Completed)

Book 3: Female Alpha's Human Mate(Completed)

Book 4: Alpha's Dancer Mate(Completed)

Book 5: Sorcerer's Dying Mate (Completed)

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(Naomi POV) "Naomi Lightstorm, I hereby declare you exile from the Kingdom Of Amarz. You are no longer considered to be royal blood. You have an hour to pack and leave the territory. Entering the premises of this dominion will lead to a merciless execution" King Savior, my father said with a void voice. But I could see it. His eyes held many different emotions. Hurt and betrayal being the most evident. My mother, Queen Vivian was beside him crying and whimpering for the loss of her child while Hayden, the man I believed to be my Amor had a sinister smirk of victory. The guards present in the room looked upon me with disgust and disappointment, and my best friend, Neon's body lay lifeless in front of me. Everything changed so fast. Everything went down the hill with just a blink of an eye. (Half an hour ago) I was laying on my king size bed, rubbing my aching head. Today's training was very intense and it took a huge toll on me. I had to use a lot of strong spells, and I was really tired and drained. My father wanted me to be as perfect a queen as I can be and I'm determined to be what they want. I want to be the queen everyone is proud of. I want to be the queen everyone feels safe with. My name is Naomi Lightstorm. I am the youngest daughter of King Savior and Queen Vivian of the Dominion Of Amarz. I am also the next heir and Queen to the throne. What am I? I'm a sorceress; A moon sorceress to be exact. I am predicted to be one of the most powerful sorcerers to be born in the century. I am born with the chosen mark. Born with the mark means destined for something unpredictable. Their action is the path to the future. They will be crown the next ruler no matter the status. Every sorcerer is born with an Amor, another half. We start sensing our Amor at the age of 21. I'm currently19 years old but my Amor, Hayden is turning 22 in a few months. On the day he attained the age of 21, he was able to sense me as his Amor, and ever since then, we started dating. He is the head warrior of our army, one of the strongest in our realm, so us being Amors was not a big surprise. Besides, the realm needs a strong king to rule. I jumped in shock as I suddenly heard a series of knocks. I got out of my bed and opened the door to find Neon, my best friend shirtless and panting. "Neon!! For God's sake, what are you doing here in an ungodly hour? And where in the world is your shirt!” I exclaimed surprised. "Naomi!" he shouted grabbing my shoulders. "Naomi! You are being tricked!” he continued panting between each word. "What are you saying? Tricked on what?" I asked before looking at the corridor. "Come on in," I said as I pulled him inside my room before closing the door. This is wrong. I know what I am doing is wrong. I know I am not supposed to bring another man who is not my Amor into my room, especially, in the middle of the night but he seems to be in some sort of trouble. "Naomi! You are being tricked. He is not your Amor! He is not your damn Amor!! I saw him talking to Victoria. He kept calling her his Amor. He told her she should wait as he will kill you before your 21st birthday. He will be crowned king and later when the ceremony comes where he has to choose a bride to provide the next ruler, he will choose her. It's all well planned!" he said as I stood there trying to process the news. Hayden is not my Amor? He lied to me?! No!! It's not true! But Neon will never lie to me. Suddenly loud banging echoed around the room making me freeze. "Naomi! Open the door!" Hayden's voice rose. My whole body began to fill with rage as I walked towards the door, my hands made into a strong fist. I opened the door as I punched him right in the face. "You traitor! How dare you lie to me?! You are not my Amor. I will kill you." I shouted as he wiped his b****y nose. "Oh, so you found out huh? Too bad. I didn't even have fun in bed with you. But all the better, now I don't have to tolerate being with you anymore" he said, his voice filled with poison. I stood there shocked as I saw the man I thought I love, change into a monster. I felt my heart shatter into millions of pieces.  Tears started to fill my eyes. All our happy moments came flashing before my eyes.  It was all a lie... Every single one of them was a lie! I was so occupied with the whole situation that I failed to notice the fireball directed at me. "Noami! Look out!" Neon shouted as my attention went to him. My eyes widened in horror as I saw Neon jumping in front of me. The blow sent him flying to the wall. “Neon!“ I screamed running to him. His breathing was labeled and his skin was burned. I put his head in my lap and cried. Neon is a lesser water sorcerer. He is very weak as compared to Hayden who is a greater fire sorcerer. Neon is a commoner while Hayden is a warrior leader. "How could you cheat on me? I am your Amor, Naomi!" Hayden suddenly started shouted making me snap my head in his direction. "What?" I said confused but then I saw my parents run to my room. They were followed by a few guards. "I loved you, Naomi! How can you go around screwing other people" he continued as my mother grasped. "What in the world is going on!" my father, the King of the Dominion of Amarz, shouted in his dominant voice. "My King! I just caught my Amor, your daughter, red-handed guilty with Neon." He said as my eyes widen. "No!! That's not true!" I shouted but was cut off by Hayden. “Really? Then why is Neon in your bedroom at an inappropriate hour and that too without a shirt?!" he shouted. I opened my mouth to protest but before I could open my mouth, I was cut off by my mother. "How could you, Naomi! After everything! You are the future queen! This is not how we taught you to be!" my mother shouted crying. "Please no!! *coughs*She is innocent your highness. She..." Neon tried to protect me but my father cut him off. "Stop it. How dare you, Neon. We looked upon you as our own son and this is how you repay us?! You are to be executed immediately. Guards kill him!" he said as my eyes widen. "What? No! Neon didn't do anything! It was Hayden!" I shouted covering my best friend's injured body. "Don't! Please!" I cried as the guards approached us. "Wait!" Hayden suddenly shouted making the guards pause. "I want to finish him myself, my King," he said stepping forward. My father looked void as he nodded his head. "No... No!!!" I shouted as five of the guards held on to me while the others raised Neon to his knees. I immediately conjured my power and broke free from the guards but I was suddenly brought to my knees by a powerful binding spell. I once again conjured my power to break the bind but was stopped mid by my father's voice, "Don't you dare" he said, his voice filled with power and authority making me go weak. Hayden walked up to Neon and raised his hand. His element sword appeared in his hand.  I screamed as he plunged the sword deep into Neon's heart as the latter screamed in pain. With a loud thud, his body fell lifeless to the ground. (End of flashback) "I still love you, Naomi. Even if you broke my heart into pieces! I still love you. Because you are my Amor and I respect that." Hayden said as I looked up at him with hatred. "f**k you" i growled as the binding around me tighten.  He then took slow steps towards me.  He bends down and hugged me before whispering his true intentions to my ear, "I always win Naomi. Now I will be the king. I won't let you live longer. I will hunt you down and kill you."  He released me from his hug and looked at me with fake tears. "I love you," he said loud enough for everyone to hear. Fucking traitor! I stood there shocked and betrayed.  No one believes me! I'm not the accused! I'm the victim! But no one believes me. They look at me with disgust and disgrace. I once again tried to open my mouth. To explain what happened but the force my own father put on my body forbid me. I looked at my father with tear-filled eyes. Why is he believing a random guy over his own daughter? He always loved Hayden and found him perfect for the next king but he should value his daughter more! At least hear both the side! That is how a king should work! 'hear both sides' I wanted to scream to him but his binding spell forbid me from opening my mouth. It hurts! "Go" father suddenly said waving his hand. The force on my body lifted and I fell on my knees. I looked up at him but he was didn't dare look at me. I formed my hand into a fist before I ran. I ran out of the castle into the f*******n forest of Artou.  I never turned back.  How can I? No one believes in me. My father believed someone over his own daughter! I ran for hours. My leg hurts. My heart aches.  I stopped at a clearing catching my breaths. I looked up to see two trees whose branches bent to form some kind of gateway. I recognized it right away.  The Chasm Gate.  Ever since young, we have been told to stay away from the Chasm realm Gate. The gate that leads to an unknown world. A world that is considered to be hell. A world with no magic.  I looked back in the direction of the castle before looking at the gate. Without hesitation, I walked through the gate. Nobody cares or believes me. I'm exiled from my kingdom. I don't know what will happen to me but I know it will be better than this.    

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