Alpha's Magical Mate(Book 1 of Mate series)

Alpha's Magical Mate(Book 1 of Mate series)

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BOOK 1 of 'Mate' Series.

Sorceress X Werewolf Romance.

"Naomi. Please stop!" I shouted as she looked at me. Her eyes were glowing bright blue and there was so much power coming from her.

What happened to her?!

She tilted her head sideways before dropping the warrior she was strangling.

"Amor" she smiled wide before flying to me.

But she stops midway as the rest of the warriors came into view. Her eyes suddenly glowed even fiercer as she hissed.

"Everyone stay back!" her brother shouted.

"Railey. She only recognizes you. She won't hurt you since you are mates. You have to lure her in. Talk to her. I will try to cage her." he said breathing heavily.

Nodding my head I started taking a slow stride towards her.

"Naomi. My love, look at me" I called, immediately grabbing her attention. She stopped destroying everything before turning fully to face me.

"Naomi, This is not you. I know you are there. I know you are fighting. I'm sorry for how I behaved to you earlier. I can't thank the Moon Goddess enough for such a perfect mate and... and all I want to say is" I stopped before taking a deep breath.

"I love you," I said looking at her unfamiliar eyes.

"My Amor..." she whispered as she advanced towards me. I felt myself falling into a trace.

Red bars immediately appeared around her as she screamed. She was caged in and Nate walked next to me as he controlled the cage with his hands.

She touched the bar before hissing and backing up.

"Amor..." she whispered and my heart broke into a million pieces as a tear fell from her eyes.

This is for your own good my beautiful Mate

Alpha Railey Quarter has always been in search of his mate. His pack was going restless without a Luna and so was he. But one day she unexpectedly bumped into a beautiful girl with dark curly hair and mystical blue eyes.

To Railey, his mate was a quiet human girl who traps herself in a visible shell. He was determined to break the barrier and bring her out. But breaking her shell means discovering her deepest darkest secrets.

What will happen when he finds out that his mate is not a human but a mythical creature thought to be extinct hundreds of years ago? What will happen when the people who want to kill her find her? Will he be able to protect his princess?

Mate Series

Book 1: Alpha's Magical Mate(Completed)

Book 2: Beta's Second Chance(Completed)

Book 3: Female Alpha's Human Mate(Completed)

Book 4: Alpha's Dancer Mate(Completed)

Book 5: Sorcerer's Dying Mate (Completed)

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