The Prodigal Thug Lord

friends to lovers
female lead

Jayla has been used and abused for the last 5 years since her father died. She had no idea what it was really like in the outside world until she was put out in the streets by her own mother after being assaulted. Luckily for Jayla, she made some amazing friends since she moved to Miami.

The very first day she met Ace had her star trucked she could barely keep him out of her mind. She started looking for a job when she got one at a diner, only to find out Ace was her employer.

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Chapter One
Ace's POV My name is Ace Trevaunte Diaz. I'm 23 years old. I was born on January 6. I'm half black and half Puerto Rican. My father was Puerto Rican and my dead beat mother is black. I have clear, light skin. My dad was plain Puerto Rican with clear skin, almost white and my egg donor is light skinned so that should explain it. When I was 12 years old, I came home from school to the bodies of my father, Clarence Trey Diaz and my older brother Brian Tremaine Diaz. They were both murdered by a group of men that are no longer alive today. Ever since that day I became numb to emotions. I couldn't find it in me to love anyone after that because it felt my whole world shattered. Gina Mitchell. The crack head that gave birth to me. She wasn't always a crack head though. Ever since my dad died she stop caring about life. Her and my father were never married. Growing up she never fail to let me know how much she hated me. She abused me physically, mentally and emotionally whenever my dad wasn't around. When they died she told me that she wished I was the one that died with them because she was sick and tired of seeing my face. Just imagine how I felt. I was only 12 years old haven't even started highschool yet so I was so heartbroken. I wished I was dead so many times and she just never cared about me. She chose drugs over me. She quitted her job after their funeral and started doing drugs. Slept with almost every drug dealer to get high. 2 months passed and she started sleeping with some thug about 21 years old while she was 38 years old. She didn't care if I ate or not. I go to sleep hungry and wake up the same and this went on until one night she told me her boyfriend was moving in and he doesn't want me there. I was like what the f**k? Where am I supposed to go? After a few days of spending the nights on the streets, I moved in with my Grandma, My father's mother. She lived alone. My dad and my Uncle Zane were her only two kids. Her husband died a few years before from an heart attack. After living with grand mother for 3 months I found out she had cancer. She have been fighting it for 6 years and it was the last stage. Everyone I could ever loved left me in this cruel world all alone. How could I cope? Couple months after, I joined an underground fight club. I decided that I'm no longer going to be the whiny little wimpy kid everybody bullied and push around. Oh God I wish a motherfucker would try that today. Ha. Anyways... That was my first source of income. I used the money to help pay for my fpgrand mother medicine and treatment. At this underground fight club, I met Roc, who is now my right hand man and one of my closest niggas. Roc is 3 years older than me. He's 26 years old. I have been selling dope for his father when I younger. At first it was a bit scary, you know with the cops on the streets and all that s**t but after awhile, I got used to all that s**t and be grinding. When I turned 16 years old I became an assassin known as Knight. By that time ain't s**t that could scare me. My first mission was killing the low life criminals that killed my brother and my father. Don't get me wrong though I don't kill innocent people. More like thieves, rapist, murderers etc. I became the most feared assassin in my city. Some say I'm a hero, some say I'm a coldblooded killer. It would count if I gave two f***s what bitches and b***h boys gotta say. I clearly don't. The only way I see it is helping people the government neglects. My price is pretty expensive though. A couple times I'll give the client the option to tell me how they want the target to be killed. Burnt alive, left headless, remove their limbs, you name it. I find it relaxing. Listening to their screams, pleads and cries. I laugh when they do such things. Imagine what the person they hurt, raped or killed felt like when they do things they didn't deserve. How can you look at a female and rape them? Heck, not even just females. They are so many hoes willing to f**k you for free and you tryna rape someone daughter or son or brother or sister or mother? Nah bruh. After working for Roc's father for a few months, I went solo and started doing my own s**t and mixing my own. I started seeing myself moving up the ladder. I was still a straight A student in school. So a student in the day and drug dealer by night. At first it was hard going solo cause you know you in the game by yourself but it's better knowing nobody gonna f**k you over. I graduated top of my class With a 4.6 GPA and got a scholarship and went to college to get my degree at age 17 because I skipped a grade.I earned a degree in Business and Management and Finances. At 18 I owned a bar and 2 diners but I didn't stop there. When I turned 19 my grand mother passed away. That s**t hurt a lot but I learnt to move pass that. I have had 1 girlfriend during all this. When I was 16 I was dating this girl name Traycè (Tracy). I was really feeling her, she was thick and caramel skin. So we were dating for about 8 months. She would complain about me being on the streets so often and what I'm doing is straight up dangerous but I couldn't listen to s**t she got to say. I got locked up a few times but nothing too serious. One night we got into an argument and she left my apartment mad. I couldn't give two f***s cause she trying to control my life. She never supported me being a thug but as soon as I get her ass some expensive jewelry or some she be all up on me. So the next day I went to school I saw a car pulled up and she got out. I wasn't thinking anything of it until I saw who the driver was. The dealer my egg donor was sleeping or is sleeping with. So I asked her who he was and she said nobody important so I dropped it. That evening she came over my house and we chilling. I started get all handsy', feeling on her and s**t. We started making out and I took her shirt off and there were two big ass hickeys on her breast. When I say I was beyond pissed, I was beyond pissed bro. I wanted to f**k her ass up but I told her to get the f**k out my house and we done. A few weeks later she told me she was pregnant, I knew it wasn't mine cause I always wrapped my s**t. She said it was for Ray, the dealer who my egg donor was with. She also told me she had an abortion and she leaving for Chicago. I don' know why this hoe telling me all that s**t after she f****d another dude. She been for the streets I was just too blind to see that. Well enough of that s**t now. I am now 23 years old and the most successful businessman and Drug Lord in Miami, Florida. I am well known by almost everyone and people walk far, their eyes widen with fear and they make way for me. This is just some stupid s**t though cause I ain't gonna hurt nobody that didn't f**k with me or mine. My businesses have expanded. Both legally and illegally. My name is all over the city and to me it's a good thing. Now people know what the f**k is up and not to f**k with me or mine.

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