The Alpha's Mistake

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Silver Forest Series:

Not Your Typical Alpha (Book 1) | Completed

The Alpha's Mistake (Book 2) | Completed

The Alpha's Dragon Mate (Spinoff | Book 3) | To Be Announced

Sir Noah (Stand Alone | Short Story) | To Be Announced


Alejandro Blackstone and Reina Stone are the most powerful alphas and couple in the country. After so much hardship to be together, they defeated the odds. They managed to find their happily ever after. Or so they thought.

What will happen when Reina realizes that she will have to pay for mistakes from the past that may take everything from her and when this mistake is associated with very powerful warlocks?

Will everyone from the Silver Forest pack make it out alive this time?


Alex helped me up, making me smile. “You know that I am supposed to be helping you?” I told him, making him chuckle.

“Why? I’m as good as new.” He said as he licked his lips.

“Alex! You are not getting any until the doctor says that you are good.” I told him as I stopped his descending lips.

“But wifey.” He pouted, making me smile at him.

“One kiss.” I whispered as I moved my hand away.

“Let’s make it a good one.” He said in a husky voice as he wiggled his eyebrows.

I smiled as I leaned forward slowly but released a gasp of surprise when he gripped my neck and crashed our lips together.

“Fūck, I missed your lips.” He mind linked me as he deepened the kiss, causing a moan to escape my lips.

“Alex.” I moaned when he pulled me on top of him to straddle him.

“Reina.” He replied as he gripped my asš cheeks tightly, forcing me to dry hump him.

I pulled away to gasp for air as his lips made their way down to my neck.

“Fūck.” I moaned, gripping his arms tightly.

“I would love to.” He chuckled as he bit his mark on my neck, making me cūm on the spot.

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Chapter 1

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*Reina’s POV*

“Did you miss me?” He asked me with a smirk as he pulled a gun out. Knowing his asš, it was a gun with silver bullets. I gulped as I took a few steps back. 

I could hear the chaos everywhere as pack members fought to protect their loved ones, but I was only focused on what Xander was doing. 

“You know that I have thought a lot and I think that…” He said as he cōcked the gun. “If you aren’t mine, you shouldn’t be anyone’s.” He said as he pulled the trigger. I stood in shock as I watched everything unfold before my eyes in what seemed to be slow motion. 

My eyes grew wide when Alex’s body made it in front of me before the bullet. I watched his body bounce back from the shot, making me release an earth-shaking scream. Then I heard the mother fūcker of Xander shoot nine more times before Alex fell on my lap. 

“No!” I screamed as tears flowed down my face. 

I held Alex’s head on my lap as I screamed for help. “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” I screamed as I rocked him.

Noah ran to my side as the war continued around us.

“Reina! Reina! Look at me!” Noah yelled. “He will be fine.” He said through tears. 

I wanted to go after Xander, but I couldn’t leave Alex. Why? Why would he do that? 

Noah noticed my hesitation. “The twins went after him, Reina.” He told me. 

“Baby.” Alex choked out blood, making more tears flow down my face. 

“Why Alex?” I cried as I cradled his head. 

“I love you, Reina. Don’t forget that.” He struggled saying. 

“Don’t you leave me, Alex!” I yelled at him before looking at Noah in panic. “Get Chloe and Zoe now!”

Noah ran to get them as I looked around. A few pack members were injured but it didn’t seem too serious. What the fūck did they want and why was Xander with them?

Pollo ran up to me with Winter hot on his heels. “What happened?” Winter yelled as she reached me.

I just cried harder while shaking my head. “Please help me with Al—" I was saying as Alex choked on more blood. 

“Take care of her Polo.” He choked out as his eyes closed. 

“No, Alex!” I cried, slapping his face gently to keep him awake. “Don’t do this to me. Don’t you leave me and our pup alone. Please.” But he wasn’t moving. 

I looked at him with wide eyes. “Alex, wake up.” I shook his shoulders hard. “Please, Alex!” I was scared to feel the excruciating pain from losing a mate.

I’m not going to let him die. We need more time. 

I screamed in anger, panic, fear, whatever you want to call it, but I screamed. I heard the windows from the pack house shatter and the earth open up from my scream. 

“Reina!” Chloe screamed as she ran towards us. 

“Chloe, please, we have to save him.” I pulled him up as I yelled to her. 

“We need to get the bullets out and get him to the pack’s clinic asap. You know we can’t do anything if there is silver involved.” She frowned. 

Chloe and Zoe finally reached us, holding hands, before they placed their hands above Alex’s gunshot wounds. 

“How many bullets?” Zoe asked me. 

“I think I heard ten.” I replied as I held Alex’s hand. It was growing colder, making me more scared. 

Zoe and Chloe closed their eyes as they chanted a few words. One by one, the bullets came out of his body and right into their hands. 

Bite his neck.” I heard a voice whisper. 

“Boys, pick him up so we can teleport to the clinic.” Chloe told Noah and Polo. 

“Wait!” I yelled before leaning forward to kiss his lips. “You will not leave our side.” I whispered as my canines elongated before piercing his skin. 

I felt myself growing weaker as I transferred my strength to him. The last thing that I remember was Chloe yelling for me to stop before everything turned dark. 

*Summer’s POV*

*Happening at the same time as Reina’s POV*

As soon as all hell broke loose, I picked up Jade and Jake and ran towards the bunkers. My mates told me that Ruby had grabbed Jace and Bella and would meet me there. Our warriors were protecting us as we ran to safety. 

The babies were crying as we ran because of all the noise around us. People were screaming and crying while things were blowing up. Those in wolf form were growling at the invaders. 

I still can’t believe that we are being attacked by witches. I have a feeling that it has to do with the necklace. I hope that Reina hid it in a safe place. 

As soon as we made it to the bunker, the two warriors that protected me and the pups on our way here, stationed outside. 

Emily and Avalise ran to my side. “How are the pups?” They asked as each one of them grabbed one.

“I think the pups are fine.” I whispered. I was still shaking. 

My other pups, mates and family are still out there. My aunt ran to my side. Thank goddess that she had made it here. 

“Where are the girls and the other pups?” She asked me in panic. 

“I-I.” I was hyperventilating now. 

“Relax, princess.” She rubbed my back.  Winter ran in with Seth in her arms and Ruby was right behind her with Bella and Jace in hers. “Thank goddess that you grabbed my baby.” I cried as I grabbed Jace from her arms and kissed him all over his tiny face. 

I squeezed him tightly, releasing the breath that I was holding. I don’t know what would have happened if I lost my baby. 

Aunt Scar massaged my back. “He is fine, sweetie.” She whispered to me before walking over to Winter to take Seth from her. 

Winter turned to leave but I yelled for her to wait for me. I was walking back to Ruby to hand Jace back to her, but Winter said to stop. 

I furrowed my brows as I turned do face her. “Stay here with the pups, Sum.” She sighed. “It’s bad out there.” 

Ruby walked up to me to hand Bella over. “I need to go with her and help.” 

“But—" I was about to complain when they both shook their heads. 

“No buts, Sum. We want you and the pups safe.” They said before turning around and running out.

What the hell was that? I turned to Aunt Scar, and she frowned. “Sorry, sweetheart.” 

“But I’m gamma. I should be out there.” I told her.

“We need you in here too.” Avalise said. “If they get through the warriors outside, then you need to make sure that they can’t make it to the pups. Of course, we will help, but out of all of us, you are the strongest.” She said.

She was right. I can’t let anything happen to the pups. 

I walked over to the nannies that had made it to safety and I handed Bella and Jace to them. 

“If anyone gets through, you take care of them with your lives. You run if the rest of us are taken down.” I told them.

“Yes Gamma.” They said as they cradled the pups to calm them down.

I walked towards the entrance and paced as we hoped for the best. 

After an eternity, Aunt Scar came up to me. “Dear goddess, Summer, I’m about to lose it with your pacing.” She giggled.

“Sorry, Aunt Scar. I’m just so scared for everyone out there.” I stopped, nibbling on my nails.

I suddenly froze when I felt a sharp pain on my stomach that caused me to scream. I grabbed unto my stomach as I doubled over. I looked around and noticed that I was the only one that felt this sharp pain. 

I couldn’t breathe from its intensity. That could only mean one thing.

“My mates!” Tasha and I screamed at the same time. 

I cried from the pain before everything turned to darkness.

*Chloe’s POV*

*Happening at the same time as Reina’s POV*

As soon as I heard the alarms, I knew it was Damian and his followers. I knew he’d do this shīt which was why I told Alex and Reina about these alarms.

Noah didn’t want us to split but I had to. I had to make sure that Damian didn’t get into the pack house. He’s here for the necklace and I know it.

The problem is that you can sense the magic emitting from that damn necklace if you get close enough. 

Zoe and I ran at top speed to place a boundary spell around the pack house. That meant that no one that wasn’t part of this pack could enter the pack house.

“South side is secured.” Zoe’s voice appeared in my mind. I still can’t get over the fact that we could communicate like that.

“North side is too! You take the east, and I will take the west.” I told her as I teleported there. 

We had run to the house previously so we could freeze a few of the witches and warlocks in place so they couldn’t hurt anyone, but now I was on a mission to prevent that fūcker.

As soon as I made it to the west side of the pack house, I came face to face with Damian.

He smirked as he approached me. “As beautiful as always Chloe.” He said as he looked me from head to toe. 

Ew! Creeper status to the max!

“Listen here creepy Joe, your games stop here. Why the hell are you here?” I hissed at him. 

Zoe was talking to me in my mind, but I couldn’t lose focus right now.

“You know why I’m here. You can just hand it over the easy way or the hard way. Which one is it?” He asked me. 

“Who said you get to decide?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Why don’t you just join us? You can be the most powerful witch at my side. Not some little helper like you are here.” He smiled as he got closer.

“Shut up and—" I was shouting at him when the ground shook and the windows shattered all around the pack house. 

That damn distraction caused me to lose sight of the fūcker as he sprinted towards the pack house. 

Thankfully, Zoe had secured the whole building while I was arguing with the asšhole.

She smiled at me from in front of him as he looked between the both of us in confusion. 

I smirked at him as I approached her side. “Wasn’t expecting to be outsmarted I see.” I mocked.

“This isn’t over!” He hissed at us.

We were about to cast a spell to hold him in place when he vanished, taking all the followers with him at once.

“That’s not good.” Zoe said with wide eyes.

Yeah, he’ll be back and I’m sure it’ll be with more people. I really hope we can stop him before he does.

“Baby!” Noah yelled as he reached me.

“What happened, Noah?” I asked him in panic.

“Alex was hurt. Badly.” He shook his head sadly before running towards where I assumed Alex was hurt.

I grabbed Zoe’s hand and ran right behind Noah. I hope we make it in time. I have to admit that Alpha Asšhole has rubbed off on me. 


*After Reina’s POV*

“Ruby!” I called her over quickly. 

Noah and Polo had picked Alex up while Winter had Reina in her arms. As soon as Ruby and Rafael joined us, Zoe and I teleported all of us to the pack clinic. 

The doctors and nurses were already expecting us, taking Alex and Reina to the back quickly.

“Has anyone confirmed our numbers?” Polo asked the group. 

“We tried to help as many pack members as possible into the bunkers. All the elders and children were secure before we left.” Ruby said. 

“Where are the twins?” Winter asked with brows furrowed.

Before someone could answer, Zoe’s mate ran in. “Baby!” He ran towards her, hugging her tightly. 

“Whose blood is this?” She screamed as she pushed him away.

“Don’t worry. It isn’t mine.” He told her before turning to the rest of us. “We have a lot of pack members injured. We have managed to bring a lot to the clinic, but there are still hundreds out there.” 

“Any fatalities?” Polo asked quickly. 

“It is hard to say. Some injuries were quite bad and there were a few that weren’t moving.” He frowned. 

“Who was helping you bring them here?” Zoe asked him. 

“Maverick and Derek.” He said before turning. “They were right behind me with some warriors who were badly injured. 

“Where are you taking them?” I asked. “We need to go help heal the ones that are the worst before they die on us.” 

“Follow me.” He said as he turned to lead Zoe and me there. 

Before we could leave, Maverick and Derek rushed inside the clinic yelling. 

“Help! We need help! We are losing him!” Derek yelled in panic as Maverick held a shirt against the bloodied bodies’ stomach. 

Winter gasped before Polo and Noah rushed to them. 

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