04 | Survival

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*Chloe’s POV* I had the map spread out on the conference table as I paced the office. “That would be too easy, don’t you think?” Zoe asked me as she tapped her chin. I asked Zoe to teleport here to help me brainstorm about how to find those assholes faster. Two brains always work better than one. “I know. I know.” I sighed as I placed the marker down. “What other choices do we have?” I asked her. “I mean, we would be wasting valuable time by visiting everyone that knows him. Even if they knew his location, what makes you think that they would help us?” She asked. “You have a point.” I muttered as I slumped on the chair. “Hey, baby.” Noah said as he joined us. “Hey, Zoe.” He walked straight over to me before he kissed my forehead. “What do you have here?” He asked, sitting next to me before he pulled me into his lap. “Noah.” I mumbled as the rest of the guys and girls made their way into the office. As soon as I saw Reina walking inside, I stood up and pulled her in for a hug. “Hey,” I whispered. I’m terrible at these kinds of conversations. I mean, what do you say? How are you feeling? That one is an annoying, but common one. Or do you know I am here for you? I mean she knows that. “Hey.” She replied as she made her way to the map. “I was talking to the guys last night.” She said as she looked between me and the map. “I want to find these fūckers as soon as possible.” We all nodded as she continued. “They said we don’t have an update?” She said as a question. “Well…no.” I said, sadly, before shaking my head. “Damian is great as going invisible. Last time that I found him was because he let me find him.” I rolled my eyes. I really hated to admit that he was good at that. “Where are our trackers?” Reina asked Polo. “We have several search parties, but they haven’t come up with anything.” Polo replied, shaking his head. “You have to remember that the warlocks and witches can use distractions and eliminate the scent of those that joined them.” Zoe chimed in as I nodded in agreement. “Fūck.” Reina said as she rubbed her face tiredly. “I need something that can actually help us. Does anyone have any ideas or strategies?” She asked as she leaned on her hands as she placed them flat on the conference table. “Um…” I whispered as I pursed my lips. Noah growled lowly from beside me, making everyone look between both of us. “I don’t agree with her whole idea.” He mumbled as Reina turned to face me. “Well, let us hear it.” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “So, we can agree that he is after the necklace. I was thinking that I could try to replicate the necklace. It obviously won’t be as powerful, since we don’t exactly know what the necklace does. But just enough to trick him.” I said as I looked at everyone. “That isn’t so bad,” Winter said, leaning forward on her chair. “Oh, she is missing the important part,” Noah hissed. “Wolfie Mate.” I mumbled as I ran my hand through his soft, brown hair. “What important part?” Raf asked. “The part where I deliver it personally to draw him out of his hiding spot.” I shrugged. “No,” Reina said. “I don’t want anyone else to be hurt by them. If someone has to deliver it, it will be me.” She said, making Winter slam her hands against the table. “The fūck you are!” She growled at her, surprising us all. “For goddess’ sake, you are pregnant!” She yelled, making everyone gasp. Reina sighed. “You are right, but —” “No, buts. You are carrying the future alpha and we aren’t exposing either of you.” Polo said, making Reina squint her eyes. “And what do you want?” Reina shouted as she got up. “Do you want them to attack again? What and this time kill someone closer to you? Like Winter or even Seth?” She said, wiping her tears. Polo growled before pulling Winter into his arms. “It’s my mate in there. Fighting for his fūcking life! I will get his revenge even if I have to sacrifice myself.” She wiped away her tears angrily. “No one will be sacrificing themselves.” Noah said tensely next to me. “We can and we will find them. Then we will all go and get rid of all of them once and for all.” “We need to find them before they attack again, and I have a feeling that it is sooner than we think.” Zoe said. “What happened to your mentors or those people that raised you?” Reina asked Zoe. “She said that she didn’t know anything but would like to see the necklace herself.” She replied, making me squint my eyes. “Why?” I asked suspiciously before Zoe shrugged. “How about we figure it out ourselves?” Reina asked us. “What do you mean?” Noah asked her. “Like let’s get that thing in here and see what we can figure out.” She shrugged. “We tried that when you first showed it to us.” I reminded her. “Right, but don’t you have some weird witch stuff that you can do? Maybe ask it questions or summon someone to help?” She asked me. “We could try.” I replied as I looked over to Reina. “Good. Get everything ready, while I go visit my mate.” She said as she walked away. *Winter’s POV* Polo and I walked after Reina as soon as she left the office. “Wait up!” I yelled down the hall, making her stop and turn around. I jogged towards her as she bit her nails impatiently. “Hurry up, Alex is waiting for me.” “Reina.” I shook my head at her as I reached her. “You need to eat and rest. This won’t help Alex or the pup.” I told her softly as I reached for her arm. “I’m fine. I’m not tired or hungry.” She mumbled before turning. I quickly grabbed her arm, stopping her. “Winter.” She growled lowly. “I know you aren’t tired or hungry, but you need to make yourself do it. You don’t want anything to happen to your pup.” I told her as her eyes grew wide. Her hand reached for her belly as she shut her eyes. “Okay,” She whispered. “I will request something to be taken to Alex’s room.” She mumbled before leaving. I sighed as I looked up at Polo, who wrapped his arms around my waist. “Maybe we should rest for a bit too. We haven’t actually slept since this started.” He whispered before pulling me towards our bedroom. It could take Chloe a whole day to get everything ready, so why not sleep for maybe an hour? Seth was staying with Polo’s mom for the day. As we went into our bedroom, Polo turned to me. “Bath or shower?” “Definitely bath.” I replied as I massaged my stiff neck. “Then I will get it ready.” He said as he leaned forward and pecked my lips. I grabbed us some clothes before joining him in the bathroom. As soon as I walked in, I saw a naked Polo bent over checking the water. I whistled at him, making him chuckle. “That is one nice asš you carry around.” I said as I bit my bottom lip. “Come join me.” He smiled before pulling me closer himself. “My clothes.” I giggled as he pulled me into the water fully clothed. “Oh, I can help with that.” He whispered against my neck, making me purr in delight. He held me tightly around the waist as he pulled my back against his front. His fingers trailed slowly until they reached my breasts, making my breathing pick up. “Baby.” I moaned as he teased my nīpples above the clothes. Polo ripped my button-down dress open before his hands trailed lower into my lace panties. He teased my clīt over the panties as he nibbled in my ear. “What soap do you want to use?” He whispered in my ear. “Huh?” I moaned out as my back arched. What the fūck was he even saying? “Soap?” He chuckled. “Vanilla or Coconut?” He asked. I grumbled as I realized what he was doing. He was about to pull his hand away, but I held it in place. “You better not think about it.” I said, as I looked up at him. I smiled when I looked at his dark lustful eyes. “What are you smiling about?” He asked lowly. “I love you, Apollo Wright.” I whispered before pulling his face down to lock our lips together. I stuck my tongue in his mouth as I grabbed his hand and rubbed my clīt with it. He pulled away before squinting at me. “You think I don’t know how to please my woman?” He asked in a husky voice. “Oh, I know you can.” I replied before locking our lips again. I released a gasp when I felt my panties rip. “You caveman,” I said as I pulled away. “Caveman?” He asked with a smirk. “I will show you caveman.” He said before flipping me over to straddle him. It was so fast that I was still blinking in confusion. He stood up, wrapping my legs around his waist as he got out of the tub. “You are wetting the carper.” I complained, making him laugh. “That isn’t all I am going to get wet.” He growled in my ear, making my eyes roll back. “Fūck it.” I muttered as I crashed my lips on his. It was a hard and desperate kiss. It has been a few days since I have gotten any action from my mate. First, the wedding planning left us drained and then organizing everything after the attack. We deserved this moment. I licked his lips, requesting access to the inside of his mouth, but he refused to give it. I was about to bite him harder when he threw me against the bed. He then grabbed me by my thighs, spreading them as far apart as they went just as he pulled me to the edge of the bed. He dug in just as fast, making me moan out his name. I closed my eyes as I let his tongue and the sparks take me over the edge. His mouth did some very glorious things. “Holy fūck, Polo. I’m about to cūm.” I moaned loudly as I pushed against his mouth while his fingers got to work. “Fūck!” I yelled before soaking his mouth completely. “Now, that is how you eat gourmet.” He chuckled as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He spread my legs further, forcing my knees to rest on either side of me. He brought his nose close to my pūssy, making me squirm. “Mmmm. I love that fūcking scent.” He said as he trailed kisses up my legs. “Oh, goddess, Polo.” I tried to fight against his hold, but his grip tightened. “My impatient mate.” He chuckled as he whipped out the beast and thrusted in, mercilessly. We moaned together as his head fell on my neck. “Still so fūcking tight.” He struggled, saying as he pulled all the way out before thrusting right back in deep and fūcking me hard. “Yes, baby.” I moaned softly as I dragged my nails on his back. “Like that?” He asked while he licked around my mark. My pūssy gripped his large cōck tighter, making his eyes roll back. “I fūcking love you!” He grunted as his thrusting picked up speed and he fūcked me mercilessly. “I love you too, Polo.” I replied between moans. As soon as I cām, Polo flipped me over in a rush before he continued thrusting me. “Polo!” I moaned as his hand reached forward and rubbed my clīt gently as he fūcked me ever so hard. My hands gripped the sheets tighter as my pūssy clenched him again. “Fūck!” I moaned one last time before I cām all over his fat cōck. He released a loud growl right after as he coated my pūssy walls. All you can hear now is our heavy breaths as we came down from our high. Polo finally pulled out as I fell on the bed tiredly. “Now, that is a great start to a good nap.” I mumbled, making him chuckle as he walked into the bathroom. “Come back.” I complained with my eyes closed. He returned quickly before spreading my legs and wiping me clean. I felt myself drifting off by the time he returned to bed. The last thing that I remember was him scooping me up and kissing my head. “I love you, Win-Win.” He humbled in my ear. I could swear I replied to him how much I loved him, but he just chuckled as sleep overcame me. *Reina’s POV* I finally reached Alex’s room and sighed, finding everything the same. I don’t know why I thought that maybe I would be lucky to find him awake. I rubbed my face as I approached him. “Alpha.” The doctor walked in seconds after me, greeting me with a smile. I nodded at him as I gently traced my fingers along Alex’s face. “Why isn’t he up yet?” I asked the doctor. “Alpha Blackstone is very strong to have survived. By the time Chloe removed all the bullets, the wolfsbane had spread throughout his whole body. You, transferring your energy to him and her, removing the bullets before he came in, played a key part in his survival. We just have to wait for his body to kick the wolfsbane completely out of his system for his healing to start.” He said with a frown. Fūcking wolfsbane and fūcking Xander. I know that Chloe has tried to heal him but hasn’t been able to. I understand that it can take a long time for it to come out of his system, but I need my mate. I need my husband by my side. “And that can take how long exactly?” I asked him, already knowing the answer. “It all depends on him.” He sighed. “We have done everything that we could already. Our treatments can only do so much when wolfsbane is involved.” “Thank you.” I told him as I climbed into bed with my husband. I’m done with bad news. I’m done with half answers. I’m just done with everything. The doctor walked away as I snuggled into Alex’s side. I kissed his bare chest before placing my head on top to hear his heart beating. I placed my hand on my stomach, closing my eyes. “He will come back to us. Don’t worry.” I tried to comfort my pup.
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