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*Apollo’s POV* “That’s my boy.” I nuzzled Seth before I put him over my shoulder to burp him. “When will I get my chance to hold him?” Winter huffed and puffed from the bed, making me chuckle. “It isn’t my fault he likes me more.” I shrugged before peeking over to find her glaring. “I’m just kidding, princess.” I chuckled. “Too late. You won't be getting any pūssy for a week.” She smirked at me. “First of all, language.” I glared at her as she rolled her eyes. “Second, I call bs.” I said as I stuck my tongue out at her. She scoffed before getting up from the bed. “Want to bet?” She whispered in my ear, making me shiver. I furrowed my brows as she slid her hands down my chest. I quickly pulled away while I continued burping Seth. Poor guy almost saw his mother rāpe his father. “Can I get him now?” She pouted with her hands extended. I sighed before kissing the top of his head and handing an almost passed out Seth to his mother. She smiled as she grabbed him and continued burping him. I watched her in awe as she walked around the room and whispered sweet things in his ear. Every time I look at Winter, I fall more and more in love with her. She is the best mate and mother in the world. “You are so beautiful, baby.” I whispered before pecking her lips. Being with my son and my mate makes me forget everything going on outside of these walls. The people that didn’t make it, those that are still fighting for their lives, and the danger still lurking. Not that they don’t matter, but they make me forget. Within a few minutes, Seth was knocked out. Winter walked over to the crib to lay him down gently. She turned around and sighed. “I should go help Summer.” She frowned. “Even though she is awake, she can’t handle the triplets alone.” I quickly nodded at her. “Go help your sister. I will have mom watch Seth for a bit. I have to discuss our next steps with Noah, Derek, and Raf.” I told her before pulling her in my arms. “Have I told you how much I love you?” I asked her, making her giggle. “Only like every five seconds.” She smiled, getting on her tippy toes and kissing my lips. She got frisky really quickly and I had to pull away before she got any further. She grumbled in annoyance until I pointed at Seth. “Right.” She sighed. “See you later. Love you.” I grabbed my phone quickly to text my mom to watch Seth. She answered within seconds. My mom and I may not be so close, but she is always there for Seth. I was cleaning his bottle in the bathroom when I heard a knock. I walked over and opened the door to find my mother. “Where’s my boy?” She asked with a smile, peeking over my shoulder. “Still sleeping. I should be back in about an hour.” I told her as she followed me towards the crib. “Did you bathe him?” Mom asked me. “Like three times, mom.” I replied, rolling my eyes. “He looks like he threw up on himself.” She mumbled before squinting at me. “He just ate and fell asleep right after we burped him.” I replied. “So, you didn’t bathe him.” She stated with pursed lips. “You know what? I got to go.” I sighed as I walked away. I don’t have the patience with her questioning right now. *Summer’s POV* If it weren’t for my pups, I would be lost right now. My mates are still in the clinic, fighting for their lives. It was so close. I almost lost them. I grabbed Jade, bringing her to my chest before sobbing. “Sum.” Ruby whispered as she walked towards me. Everyone has been checking in and helping me with the pups. I’m so grateful for them because I couldn't do this alone. I’m barely alive right now. “I’m trying so hard.” I sobbed. “Let me grab her.” Winter said as soon as she joined us. She grabbed Jade from my arms and cradled her. “They look just like their dad.” I sobbed. “They will be fine, Summer. You will see.” Winter whispered to me. “The doctors already told you that Brad is out of danger. You just have to have faith that they will be okay.” Ruby said as she rubbed my arms. “And Chad?” I cried. “You should have seen him,” I said as I covered my face with my hands. “I know, baby girl,” Ruby said. One of my pups started crying, forcing me to wipe my tears away as I made my way to the crib. Jace had his eyes wide open as he quietly looked over at me while he sucked on his little thumb. I smiled at my handsome son. He looked just like Brad. I turned to Jake, who was crying up a storm. I picked him up gently as I tried to calm him down. Since I had gotten up, Jake had been crying more than usual. If I’m honest, I was worried that he had probably caught a bug, but the nurses said he was perfect. “Shhh. Jakey, everything will be okay.” I whispered as I walked the room. I tried to control my emotions when I carried them. I didn’t want them to feel my emotions and get scared, but it was becoming harder and harder. Jake cried louder, making me nervous. “Baby.” I whispered with brows furrowed. “Let me grab him.” Ruby said as she walked over to us and cradled him gently. After a few minutes of trying to calm him, she looked up nervously. “I don’t know what else to do.” She whispered as I grabbed him again. “Please Jake.” I whispered as I rocked him. “I’m going to mind link Aunt Scar. She can stay with Jace and Jade while we take him to the clinic.” Winter said as her eyes glazed over. I know the nurses told me that he was okay, but things could change. He wasn’t calming down. Aunt Scar rushed to the room as soon as Winter mind linked her. “Thank you.” I whispered to her as she grabbed Jade from Winter. “No, baby girl. You know I’m here for all of you.” She smiled sadly. Jake hiccupped before crying even louder. “I have to go.” I told her as I grabbed his pacifier from the bag. He hated the damn thing, but it was worth a shot. Aunt Scar kissed Jake’s head as I walked towards the door. Ruby decided to stay with Aunt Scar and my pups while Winter walked to the clinic with me. “He will be fine.” She whispered as she rubbed my back. I nodded but bit my lip as I tried to control another sob from coming out. “Gamma Summer.” The nurses ran to my side quickly. “My son hasn’t stopped crying. He cries himself to sleep and wakes up crying again.” I told them as they tried grabbing him from me. I pulled him closer to my chest. “I go wherever you want him.” I growled lowly, making them bare their necks. “Summer. Please calm down. They are only trying to help.” Winter whispered as she rubbed my back further. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “But I want to be where my pup is.” “Okay. Please follow me.” One of them told me as she walked down the hallway. I followed slowly as I watched my son’s face grow red from the crying. I was worried sick. I may be a new mother, but this is not normal. The nurse quickly settled us into one of the rooms. I placed him on the crib-like bed that they had in here just as one of the doctors walked in. “What do we have here?” He asked me. “My baby has been crying nonstop. He is usually the calmest of the triplets, so it is very unusual that nothing calms him.” I said, not able to hold the sob in anymore. “Okay, Gamma. Please give me a little room to check him.” He said as he approached him. I watched from the corner while Winter hugged me. After the doctor ran a few tests, he returned. “Everything came back normal.” He sighed as he looked through the results. I closed my eyes. I don’t get why he doesn’t calm down. “He misses his father.” Tasha whimpered, making me furrow my brows. This is the first time that she talked to me since we felt what happened to our mates. Regardless, I wasn’t going to question her. She had been right thus far about everything she had told me. I quickly grabbed my pup, thanking the doctor on my way out. I tried putting the pacifier in his mouth as I made my way to Chad’s room. Jake loved both of his daddies, but he had a special bond with Chad just like Jace had with Brad. After a few seconds, I gave up on the pacifier, handing it to Winter. As soon as Winter noticed where I was going, she grabbed my arm. “I will be in the waiting room.” She said with a smile as I nodded. I turned and walked through the door of Chad’s room. I tried not to let it affect me as I saw my mate, lying in the bed in those conditions. I walked closer to Chad and sat on the side of his bed as I moved Jake up so he could see his father, but he cried louder. “It’s okay Jake.” I whispered. “Daddy is going to be okay.” I told him, closing my eyes. How I wish I could convince myself to believe that too. “Lay them together.” Tasha advised before I stood on my feet. I pulled the sheets further down his torso, exposing Chad’s bare torso before leaning forward and placing our pup on top of him. To my surprise, Jake instantly quieted down. I held him by the small of his back as I watched Jake slowly fall asleep on his father. By now, I was full-on sobbing. He really did miss his daddy just like I did. I moved my face towards Chad’s mouth and kissed his lips gently. “Please come back to us.” I whispered, before picking Jake up again. He fuzzed a bit, but he settled down as soon as I rocked him again. I smiled at Jake before whispering to Chad. “I love you. I will see you in a bit.” I promised as I made my way to the exit. I walked over to Brad’s room, which was right next to Chad’s. I smiled as I reached his side. Brad looked a lot better. I just hope he wakes up soon. I need both of them by my side. Our pups need them. I made a mental note to bring the pups to see their father in the morning. I leaned forward to peck his lips before whispering. “I love you.” I turned to walk out when I heard him reply, forcing me to stop and my eyes widen. I turned around in a rush, making sure to hold on to Jake’s little back and head. Brad was smiling weakly as his eyes fluttered open. “Brad.” I whispered as the waterworks started again. “Baby.” He croaked, making me smile. “Winter! I need a doctor in Brad’s room, please.” I mind linked her before closing the link. Within seconds, a doctor rushed in with Winter hot on his heels. I motioned to my pup so they wouldn’t make too much noise. “I’ll take Jake. You stay here.” Winter said as she reached for my son. I kissed his tiny hands as I set him in Winter’s arms. Thank goddess, he didn’t wake. She walked out of the room as I made my way to Brad. I grabbed his hand, bringing it to my lips as I sobbed. “Baby.” He whispered as I shook my head. “I’m sorry.” I replied as I wiped the tears. “I just missed you both so much.” “Both?” He asked with brows furrowed. *Reina’s POV* “Reina.” I heard at a distance. “Reina, wake up.” I heard again, making me grumble. “Reina.” They said again before my eyes finally flew open. I looked up to find Polo, Noah, and Raf. I smiled weakly at them before my heart started pounding. Did something happen to Alex? No, please goddess, no! I sat up abruptly, immediately realizing that I was still in the clinic on Alex’s bed. I sighed in relief when I looked over at the heart monitor. “What happened?” I finally asked them. “We know you need more time, but we need our alpha or –” Raf stopped before completing his sentence. “Or for me to hand over the title,” I replied, before looking at each one of them. “Yeah,” Polo whispered. “Can we have a moment with you?” “But Alex… I don’t want to leave him alone.” I told them as my hand reached up to Alex’s face. “Derek was checking in with the doctor, but he should be here any second to stay with him,” Polo said, just as Derek walked into the room. I sighed before leaning over and kissing Alex’s forehead. “I will be back soon, baby.” I whispered before Noah helped me get out of the bed. As soon as we walked out of the room, the boys led me to the waiting room. I was glad about that because I couldn’t be far from my mate. I took a seat before looking at them and gesturing them to start. “So, father told us that he spoke with you. We are getting ready to lay all those we lost that day. Everything is scheduled for the end of the week,” Noah said before turning to Polo. “We want to know if we should plan…” Polo closed his eyes before clearing his throat. “Plan Alex’s too.” I rubbed my hands over my face tiredly. I know I am not the only one hurting, but I can’t help it. That is my husband. My mate. “Fine.” I sighed. “We will have a funeral, but I can’t.” I sobbed. “I can’t plan it.” “Of course, we wouldn’t put you through that,” Raf quickly stated. “About the other thing.” I paused as I looked at Noah. “I will continue being alpha. Give me a few days and I will be ready to face our pack.” They all nodded before Noah sat next to me and rubbed my arm. “I’m glad you chose to be strong. Alex would be so proud.” He whispered as he wiped away my tears. “I don’t feel strong.” I choked out. “But we see it. And so will the pack.” He replied with a smile. I took a deep breath before facing the guys again. “What do we know about that asšhole?” I asked through clenched teeth.
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